1970 Oldsmobile 442 Experimental Wagon!

UPDATE – Reader Matt R let us know that this 442 Wagon has been relisted here on craigslist, this time without a price. Hopefully, the seller is actually ready to let this Olds go, so be sure to check… more»

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass W-31 Project!

If you’re looking for an Oldsmobile “W” car project, this may be a decent candidate to consider. What we have here is presented a 1970 Olds Cutlass W-31. The best part about the car is that it’s supposed to… more»

Big Bad Orange Project! 1969 AMC AMX

The ’60s, what an incredible time in automotive history when virtually every automobile maker was diving into the muscle car market! The American Motors Corporation was no exception and they certainly came up with their fair share of good… more»

No Reserve Vintage Truck! 1953 International R130

Buying a vintage farm truck from a place called Sweet Grass, Montana just sounds totally appropriate! The original purpose for light duty pick-up trucks was to serve as a practical workhorse for all the variety of jobs and duties… more»

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Project!

This car just goes to show that there seems to be no shortage of popular muscle car projects still waiting to be discovered out there. The question remains, can you still obtain desirable cars like this at a price… more»

Easy Project! 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T

If you’re looking for a straight forward project, perhaps something you could do with your son or daughter, this might be a good prospect to consider. It looks like much of the work is done on this Dodge Coronet… more»

Boss Business Coupe! 1938 Dodge Project

If you were a traveling salesman in 1938 this Dodge Business Coupe would’ve been a great way to travel the countryside with your sales samples in the huge trunk. Today this is a great piece of automotive history in… more»

Neglected Nash: 1926 Nash Advanced Six

If you’re looking for a relatively simple and economical entry point to get involved with an old car, you might want to take a look at this decent old Nash. Here we have what’s listed as a 1926 Nash… more»

Three Amigos! Dodge Power Wagon Trio

Here’s a rugged trio of vintage Dodge Power Wagon trucks. The original Dodge Power Wagon was an incredibly durable early 4×4 workhorse of a truck. And they just look so incredibly cool! This is a group of two 1957… more»

Deluxe Darrin Survivor: 1954 Kaiser Darrin

A lot of the cars we feature here on Barn Finds require some form of time, patience, elbow grease and likely some modest investment. But if you’re working to fill out your high-end car collection and you need to… more»

No Reserve Super Duty! 1973 Pontiac Trans Am SD

I was quite surprised to see this desirable Trans Am Super Duty listed in an auction with no reserve. That’s a bold move in my book. I guess the seller is confident that the bidding will meet expectations and… more»

Project With Style: 1936 Hudson Terraplane Pickup

If you’re looking for a project this Hudson Terraplane pickup may be a great candidate. The 1930’s Art Deco period produced some great iconic styles, especially with the automobile industry. This Terraplane pickup is a nice representation of that… more»

Makin’ Tracks: 1926 Ford Model T Snowmobile

Old man winter seems to be upon us in force this year! It’s actually snowing today where I am, so it seems appropriate to present this original version of a snow machine. This is a 1926 Ford Model T… more»

Rock’n Rocket 88: 1950 Oldsmobile Club Coupe

There are hotrods and resto-mods and then there are one-off unique customs like this custom 1950 Olds Rocket 88 Club Coupe. In my opinion, this awesome Olds is a very special combination of early, period correct hot rod performance… more»