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Three Panhandle Owners: 1964 Studebaker Cruiser


This neat-looking 1964 Studebaker Cruiser is on its third Texas Panhandle owner, who purchased the car from its previous owner when they were 92! It’s currently in Estelline, Texas, and is listed here on eBay with a buy-it-now of only $2,500.


The seller suggests that you could buy this car, fly in and drive it home–high praise for any $2,500 used car, let alone a 52-year old one! It’s wearing five new tires that have less than 300 miles on them despite the seller driving this car at least one day per week. I have to admit, someone that keeps an excellent spare tire on a car has me grading that seller a little higher in my book. I’m guessing that at least one door has been repainted at some point in time, but I’m wondering what would happen with some compounding and waxing. Josh, I’ll bet you could make this one shine!


The chrome looks surprisingly good to me as well, and the seller states that there is no creeping rust underneath or body filler. There is one spot of rust, but the seller details that well.


And here it is. The seller calls this “the Studebaker rust spot,” and I have seen other similar cars with rust in the same area. While this won’t be the easiest repair, it certainly is within the capability of a home restorer with a welder.


The ad states that the interior is way above average, and I’d have to agree there as well. Not only is the chrome and dash nice, but the gauges are even pretty comprehensive considering it’s a family car. You can still see signs of Studebaker’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz in how clearly this dashboard is laid out.


Seats look comfortable and are in exceptionally nice condition. I’m a little puzzled why the carpet on the door panel is a different color than the floor carpet, but considering how nice the floor carpet is, it may well have been replaced.


I’m not sure if this is a “factory” or an add-on air conditioner, but I’m happy to see it either way! The seller states that it works after being charged, but only for a short period. I think it would be well-worth taking it to a specialist to have whatever is leaking repaired.


Underhood looks terrific as well. No, not new, but certainly adequate for a classic driver. Besides, you need to have something to do once you drive this great classic home, right?


  1. Blindmarc

    The best deal I’ve seen in a long time. Cheap daily driver that’s very easy to work on.

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  2. Dairymen

    Esteline is famous for 1 thing: always in the nation’s top 10 for speed traps! 1 cop with a fancy car in a little town! Obey speed if you go look or buy this car.

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  3. Crazydave

    Glad to see the 289 in there. My Dad had a ’64 Commander with the small 6 and automatic. It couldn’t get out of its own way.

    Fix whatever is wrong with the A/C and this is great driver!

    I spy an Avanti in the garage – must be a Studebaker fan?

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      According to the ebay ad the Avanti is for sale 15K firm. The Avanti maybe the one the seller thinks you would be able to drive home….

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  4. Vince Habel

    A/C looks factory. Color appears to be Moonlight Silver. It will never shine even with compound. I had a 64 hardtop this color. Usually the interior is green with this color. Have never seen blue with it but anything is possible in 64.

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  5. stillrunners

    What Vince said – this under dash unit – is the factory A/C. I need that blue dash if it’s a good one…..

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  6. Ed P

    In my experience, if none of the hoses are leaking, I would check the dryer next. I’ve had several that rust on the bottom. Speaking of rust, that right front fender makes me leery of the left side.

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  7. Mark S

    IMHO this fender rust is an easy repair, remove them weld in new metal of a slightly thicker gauge ( makes the repair easier and keeps the rust way for good ) and reinstall. The car is going to need a repaint anyways, and I would go with a single stage paint and do a driver quality job on it in any colour other than this ugly silver. When it comes to these old Studabakers there isn’t many left in this condition in either 2 or 4 door and I think that this old car is worth saving. I also think that this would be a great entry level car to some younger person wanting to get into the vintage car hobby. Not to pricy and not to much work to do.

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