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Time Capsule Coupe: 1977 Cadillac Eldorado

Cadillacs and their competitors at Lincoln are no stranger to being parked in the garage with nominal miles on the clock, saved as either potential collector’s items down the line, or simply unused due to their popularity among the retiree set. Either scenario is believable for finding these cars with minimal miles on the clock, but few are captured so well as this 1977 Cadillac Eldorado listed here on Facebook Marketplace, which is listed for trades only along with a wide variety of barter fodder to bring to the negotiating table. The Eldorado supposedly has only 23K original miles after being parked in the 1980s following the owner’s death.

The photos that clearly show the Cadillac in a garage without electricity only add to the excitement the seller must have been feeling upon pulling the curtain away for the first time. The top photo shows the discovery from the outside, where the Eldorado was clearly parked in a private residence, with the seller noting they had to cut down several large trees to open the doors. These discoveries always fascinate me, as the seller describes going on a tip from the neighbors that the Caddy was inside – but who knows if it actually would be? All that work to cut down the trees and then discovering a golf cart would be a major blow; fortunately, that’s not the case here.

The exterior photos aren’t the most exciting, namely because the paint is tired and there’s dirt and grime all over the body and the vinyl roof. But then you see the interior photos and there’s little doubt this is a car with less than 30,000 original miles. The leather seats front and rear are in beautiful condition, and the wood trim looks exceptionally fresh, even on areas that tend to deteriorate quickly like the steering wheel. Other pictures show original owner’s manuals, brand new keychains (at least, that’s what I think they are), and the last windshield registration sticker as being from 1978.

The Cadillac comes with the monstrous 425 CI, but no word on whether it still turns over freely or moves by hand. The seller notes there is no rust on the car, anywhere, despite residing in Ohio and having Pennsylvania registration stickers – two areas not known for being overly kind to vintage tin. The seller doesn’t provide a price, seemingly adamant that he’s only interested in trades for a wide variety of vehicles and services, ranging from a reliable car for his daughter to commute to college in to a Ford E350 passenger van to a squarebody Chevy – heck, if you can paint an American flag mural on a building, he’ll trade you the Cadillac in exchange. An interesting listing for sure, and what looks like a fun discovery to have made.


  1. Jack M.

    I probably wouldn’t use the word monstrous to describe a 425 cubic inch engine. Especially since Cadillac offered both a 472 and 500 cubic inch engine just a few years prior to this one.

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    • Ralph

      They downsized to merely 7 liters for 1977…….a tiny motor.

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  2. jwzg

    The paint might be dirty, and possibly not “tired”.

    • Glenn C. Schwass Member

      Wonderful interior. Quite a beast.

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    cost? bottom line

  4. Nate

    What qualifies a car to be considered a ‘time capsule’? The term seems as ambiguous as ‘patina’ is when used to describe a car that needs to be painted.

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    • Steve Clinton

      There’s something fishy about this. Listed 24 weeks ago for $614.00. and is nowhere to be found on ebay.

    • Steve Clinton

      What used to be called rust is now called ‘patina’.

  5. Adam

    It appears there is a fair amount of moisture in the garage from the pictures. I would there would likely be a good bit of damage to the vehicle being in that atmosphere for decades…just a thought

  6. Lou Tripper

    When looking at the ramshackle it’s stored in and the obvious moisture leaching into the floor it’s fair to expect some rust and possibly mold. Then again if your really wanting a smogger boat from the mid 70s it may be worth a look. The interior looks pretty clean a “plushy.”

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  7. Steve Clinton

    How difficult would it have been to wheel this out, take a hose to it, and then take pictures?

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    • Chris M.

      Apparently for that seller a very difficult task indeed. Perhaps they feel the photos “shadowed” create an air of mystery?

  8. Rich C.

    I think this beast also has the optional built in CB radio?

    Wish it had a moonroof, then it would be on my list.

  9. chrlsful

    agreed, can’t C da car. Isn’t this ‘the last convertible made in usa’? I remember back in the day NHTSBoard said ‘no more convertibles’ & for awhile the Britz (1 el die model) claimed that title. Or was that in the ’80s?

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    • E.L. Puko

      ’76 was last ragtop. Had one. Loved it. Got totalled.

    • chrlsful

      yeah, musta been da ’80s

      • chrlsful

        oh, urs just showed up,
        OK… ” 1976 “

  10. brent r lister

    Looked back through the Seller’s Facebook listings and he listed this same car a year ago?

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  11. dogwater

    Was it in the French Connection??????????????

  12. Terry

    Interesting FYI. I took the front split bench and rear seats and side panels and installed it into my 73 Impala custom coupe and mounted it bolt for bolt and hanger clips. Only modification was hooking power to both seats. The Chevy original was a bench seat with now power. The Eldorado had hump cut outs in the seat. Did it twice 12 years

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