Time Capsule: One Owner 1962 Ford Galaxie

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It is surprising to see a sixty-year-old car like this 1962 Ford Galaxie that looks like it just drove off the showroom floor. It is an all-original, one-owner, 48,000-mile survivor that is a true time capsule. In fact, there are some aftermarket companies that will purchase original cars like this to have a reference to make reproduction parts that are as close to original equipment as possible. This amazing car can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $35,000. Located in Yuma, Arizona, the seller says it is originally from Colorado and comes with a clean Colorado title. Take a closer look at this beauty.

The interior still retains the factory plastic seat covers and floor mats! As long as no moisture has been trapped under the covers, I bet the upholstery is still in amazing condition. I believe the color of this car is Silver Moss Iridescent, which is a really nice shade of green. The seller doesn’t say much about the interior, but I suppose it speaks for itself.

While the engine compartment isn’t as clean as the interior, it still appears to be very original. The engine is a 390 cubic inch V8 backed by a Cruise-o-Matic transmission. The seller says it runs and drives, so hopefully, the new owner can hop in and go!

Overall, this car is really cool and has an awesome stance. It almost looks lowered and if it was mine, I’d probably upgrade the car with some aftermarket wheels and tires. How about you? Would you do anything to this car or drive it as-is?

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  1. "Edsel" Al leonardMember

    Beautiful ride…would love to see the data plate and see if everthing is correct…….

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    • Will Fox

      I’d bet this `62 redefines “correct”. Probably the most well-preserved example of any `62 I’ve seen. The seat covers are the only question in my mind; 61 years old, and the plastic doesn’t even yellow or show age on the shoulders of the seats? I think they are newer than the car, but look fantastic. I myself would leave this AS IS, and enjoy a driveable collectible! This is a head-turner at any show, and worthy of ‘most original’ awards. Wish it were mine.

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    • Dave

      My first car was a 62 wagon. 352 three on the tree.

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      • John Hoyt

        The car I learned in was a also a ’62 wagon with a 352. A Country Sedan in Heritage Burgundy with three rows of front facing seating. The real big distinction was the factory 4-speed.

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    • Dave

      Site won’t take my tweet but you will do!LOL. My dad bought a new 62′ two door H.T. and traded in our 57′ two door Fairlane 500 in on it. Powder Blue— blue interior.i tried talking him to the XL with no success.The plastic on the seats was not a option along with the blinds in the back. The left mirror is not factory correct and the color green I had never seen b/4. The hubcaps look pristine and why change its petigree with different tires/wheels???

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Someone loved their Galaxie. Those crazy plastic seat covers, but they sure did preserve the upholstery. Nice shade of green, maybe it will come back someday. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  3. angliagt angliagtMember

    Must be ’62 Galaxie week here.

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  4. HoA Howard A (retired)Member

    Blinds in the rear window a nice touch. I’m not sure how much they loved the car, it was just an appliance, like the sewing machine, and more like just rarely used. I live in a small central Colorado town, and I have met many people that never left the town their whole lives. I know it’s hard to believe, not depending on a car everyday, but these folks had no reason to go outside the city limits. The “little old lady to church on Sundays” ( and Walmart on Mondays), is all they did with their cars. The 2,200 mile ’64 Caddy I saw was a good example. Obviously spent it’s life inside, I bet there’s still all kinds of cars like this, waiting to be ungaraged and exploited, just as soon as grandma dies. There’s a lot of garages out there. It’s a neat find regardless.

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    • Harry

      It definitely still happens, Howard. Grandpa died last October, and we inherited his 2014 Corolla… which had 3500 miles on it (no, I did not omit a zero). Still smelled like a new car. Thought about shrink-wrapping it, but son needed a car and it was perfect for him.

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  5. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    It’s wonderful to see these Ford Galaxies popping up on BF! I can’t remember seeing plastic covers on the seats except my family in Florida on there couches!!😂 This is a beautiful ride and the rear binds are really cool. Good luck to the next owner! 🐻🇺🇸

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    • Steve

      I just returned from Cuba and most of the classics have plastic on their seats, likely been replaced as most are used in Taxi service. Took a 55 Ford into Havana, 56 Chev into Veradero. All plastic covered, 1000’s of classics, most converted to updated diesel motors and disc brakes.

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      • Joe S.

        Sadly, most of those ‘classics’ were confiscated by the Cuban government from their original owners.

        After a certain date (August, 1960?), people, if approved to leave Cuba, could only leave with one suitcase of belongings. Many lost everything before being evacuated. A substantial foreign population (mostly Americans) still lived in Cuba during this time frame.

        Many nice, middle class subdivisions were literally abandoned by their original occupants, most still full of furnishings and the previous owner’s belongings. Same situation in upper class neighborhoods.

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  6. K. R. V.

    A very nice surviving coupe! There’s only two things that could make it perfect. While the color is nice and in fantastic condition, I’d rather see a black, or white on red. Or a wagon with the wood graining and chrome roof rack.

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    • Rixx56Member

      K. R. V.
      Love the color! Plenty of bland out there!

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  7. Araknid78

    Very nice car. Brings back fond memories.

    My dad had one of these he bought new. 4-door, black with red interior. 390 T-bird motor. Car would go fast. I buried the speedometer once on a long straight stretch in eastern Washington. Scary though cuz it was kind of floaty. Looked just like the one in the photo

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  8. Greg Gustafson

    Those plastic seat covers are gauche. All they do is protect the seats so that the next owner can enjoy them.

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    • Rixx56Member

      A darn good reason, in my estimation…

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  9. Ford fan

    I was ten years old when my parents bought the exact same 1962 Galaxy 500 coupe (no pillars!). Ours was beige. Loved that car with the widest trunk I’ve ever seen. I still have the manual.

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  10. Joe S.

    I’m reminded of a ’61 Galaxie Town sedan for sale locally several years ago whose first owner lived nearby in a neighborhood that no longer exist.

    Not quite as nice as the car depicted in the ad, but had similar mileage and with many more options. The ’61 had power windows, seat and the under dash Select Aire ‘factory’ a/c.

    The ‘lost neighborhood’ fell victim to airport expansion and noise abatement rules during the early 1990s. Nice, 1950s brick ranch style homes – only 2 still exist from this particular neighborhood.

    I still find myself imagining the car being ‘special ordered'(?), delivery at a local dealer, and arriving home in an area that was still relatively new at the time.

    I still recall riding with our family in a 1959 Fairlane 2 door sedan to pick up our brand new 1960 Fairlane 2 door sedan. The last car my dad would own.


    If the above 1962 ad Galaxie could speak, it would have many stories to tell!

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  11. Larry D

    That would be a big N O from me on the aftermarket wheels and tires! Some body designs just lend themselves to their origins and this is one of them. Part of that is because of the colors on the car. That’s just not the kind you put bling on.

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  12. Chuck Dickinson

    Manual brakes are not unusual, but PS would certainly have been a welcome addition!

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  13. Alan Henry

    Leave this car alone, no custom wheels. They don’t even look good on the brand new vehicles. The color combination is perfect, no need for a change.
    I found a two tone light yellow and metallic green ’59 Impala Sport Sedan on one of the sales sites, I posted on Facebook. A friend said it would look better in a factory color combination. It WAS factory.
    Whoever gets this, enjoy it like it is, they’re only original once.

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  14. Bob

    My aunt’s 1957 Chevy 210 had plastic seat covers. Her son took the plastic covers off 8 years later and the seats were rotted.
    I drove a new ‘62 Galaxy 500 390 column shifter. Very fast car for the times.

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  15. PaulGus

    My grandfather drove early 60’s Galaxies and what I remember about his White 62’ with red interior was, he was in a carpool so depending if it was his week to drive my mother drove grandma cause GMA never drove but always wanted to, from a different era, so mom took GMA over a relative’s house and GMA start bragging that she got her license, I know but this was her. She asked mom for the keys and took off down the road with my brother and me in the big backseat. Next thing you know she has to turn around in a small area and she drove into a neighbors bushes and couldn’t move she froze. Us kids ran back to the house to get mom. And their relatives all laughed. Mom used to throw the keys to me too once I got little older but I never drove into a bush. Used to take off in dad’s 65’ Mustang convertible. Man if we knew then if that car was put away in its new condition you’d enough keep you feeling comfortable as long as you live in your means.

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  16. Rex B Schaefer

    Too bad it’s not a 406!

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