Tiny Barn Find: 1991 Geo Metro LSi

The seller of this 1991 Geo Metro LSi convertible says to “Think barn find”. I like that idea. This little red devil can be found listed here on eBay in beautiful Bradenton, Florida with a current bid price of $1,050 and there is no reserve!

Being fairly short of stature (not) I have a major thing for tiny cars. I can’t fit comfortably in a lot of them and I can’t fit at all in some of them (Subaru 360, I’m looking at you, mister). I’ve always wanted a Geo Metro convertible, maybe because I’m a fanatic for three-cylinder engines and because I just love small cars. They’re so easy to store and a person can hoard, I mean, collect a few of them without taking up too much room.

You can see some fading on the plastic parts but a quick jaunt through YouTube will show you how to restore those plastic parts to like new condition again. The seller says that the “body doesn’t have much damage at all, but there are a couple of small blemishes typical of a car this age. It would be a fun car to restore and wouldn’t break your wallet.” If rust isn’t an issue, and hopefully it isn’t, this would be a fun little project for someone shorter than 6′-5″ tall (not bitter). The trunk is equally small so don’t expect to carry too much back there.

The interior looks good other than some faded plastic again, which is usually repairable. They say that the “built-in air conditioner doesn’t work. We’re not sure if it needs recharging or additional work because, it’s a convertible. The top is in okay condition, but the back window is gone.” I love that it’s a manual transmission, a lot of these Metros are automatics and it’s always nice to be able to row your own in a car this small. Of course, that means that your knees can’t hit on the bottom of the steering wheel when you’re operating the clutch (not bitter, again). Also, it’s nice to hear that the “dashboard is not cracked, but a button or two are missing. The cloth seats do not have tears.”

The Geo Metro was a Suzuki Cultus under the skin and Geo badges and a buyer in North America could get one from 1989 to 2001, but 1997 was the last year for the Geo name. This is a first-generation car, my personal favorite, not that it matters. The engine is Suzuki’s sweet little G10, a 1.0L inline-three cylinder with around 55 hp. I say, with around 55 hp, or about half of what your Harley has. Thankfully, this “engine DOES NOT leak oil or any fluids. It’s licensed, insured and otherwise good to go.” I like these cars, a lot. Have any of you owned a Geo Metro convertible?

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  1. TJDasen2

    Sir, you crack me up! I’d gladly buy this for you if you give me your stature. (Not bitter. LOL!)

  2. angryjonny

    So, was it found in a tiny barn?

  3. angryjonny

    I had a Geo Spectrum, little white crap-box with a 5 speed. I think that model was made for one year and one year only. I drove the %)(^&(# out of that car. Finally died at about 275k.

    • Miguel Member

      The Spectrum was first sold in 1985 I believe, and it was an Isuzu. This car was a Suzuki.

      • Ralph

        Thought it was branded a GEO for only one year.

      • Miguel Member

        It was, but the Spectrum was sold by Chevrolet since 1985.

        It was the same car, they just changed the name for 1989.

      • Ralph

        But he technically is correct, there was a Geo Spectrum for only one year.

        I had mean to say Though not Thought in my original post.

  4. grant

    Do I need to get the rolled up newpaper again, Scotty? No! No. Noooooo. Bad Scotty.

  5. Todd Priest

    I had one of these for a loaner car while my Fiero was being worked on. The Fiero was a bigger piece of crap than the Geo. Fiero GT fastback was in the shop more than on the road. This Geo did get amazing mileage!!

  6. C.Jay

    I remember looking at these new in a local Chevy dealership and thinking,
    ” For 15 grand when is the rest of it being delivered?”

  7. Bob C.

    I remember a local woman who had a turquoise convertible. She drove that thing almost everyday for at least ten years. I believe she handed it down to her daughter after that.

  8. Classic Steel

    I remember a friend having the lil three cylinder model and hearing him bi@ch about it every morning about something breaking or no power to get up to speed limit.
    He drove it to lunch once and I rode along and understood afterwards..

    I say put it in a tiny trash can 😅 or doghouses day

    • Miguel Member

      I worked at a Chevy store in the 1987 and 1988 model years and I always found the 3 cylinder engine in the Sprints to have plenty of power to get up to speed.

      Maybe there was something wrong with his Cat that was restricting the power.

    • John m leyshon

      ” Put it in a tiny trash can or doghouses day ” What the hell are you talking about ? lol. Got any old pics of you guys cruising together in the Geo Metro on doughouses day ? Had to take fodder you gave, peace…

  9. Louis

    My wife and have had a 91 metro lsi convertible for 11years that we tow dolly behind our motorhome. We couldn’t ask for a better vehicle for that purpose. It’s been great and does everything we need.

  10. jeffro

    I had a Metro and was quite pleased with it. 3 cylinder had plenty of pep with the 5 speed. I sold it with 275k miles and still got 45 mpg. Last I heard, it was still running.

  11. Mr. TKD

    An associate of mine owned one of these. He loved it!

    I’m intrigued…

  12. Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    ARRRGGGHH! This little son of a gun sold for $1,075!! I can not believe I spaced it out, I could have used another car.. in storage.. that I can’t fit into..

  13. Gasoline

    The Sister car was the Suzuki Swift, ( I guess it was Cultus in other markets) but was never in convertible form. I think the Swift had a twin cam 4 unique to itself. The Chevy had a Turbo model 3 cylinder with a tiny hood vent and 70 hp. Also this is second gen platform which was the rounded body. I would take the Suzuki with the twin cam 4 all day long over the turbo 3.

  14. George

    I always have wanted to take the GEO convertible and give it the suspension and powertrain of the Suzuki GTI.

    • Michael

      Me too! Add a proper insulated Hartz Canvas Top, and the Suzuki GTi interior too.

  15. Ralph

    A friend of mine that’s a pretty big fat dude dated a woman that was also fat that had one of these, in purple……they looked like hippos driving around in that thing, it was hilarious.

  16. CCFisher

    Weight capacity on these was around 300lb. That’s basically me and a 12-pack.

    • CanuckCarGuy

      When I was in the Forces, one of our buddies had a hatchback in the Suzuki Swift…he was our designated driver on only one occasion, and we managed to squeeze six of us into his Swift – but once was enough, for us and his car.

  17. wuzjeepnowsaab

    These little guys get Prius gas mileage without the Prius. Always wanted one for a grocery getter Back when gas prices were $4/gallon these were worth bars of gold

  18. Alan Herbst

    15 Grand? I paid $7,000 for my ’91 new. Still on the road. Just turned over 301K miles (that IS the second engine, BTW).
    I’m six feet tall and I can’t reach the pedals with the seat all the way back, I have to move it forward an inch or two.
    An average of 53 MPG.
    The Metro gets crapped on far too much. The car does exactly what it was built for.

  19. Danny

    And it was sold for $1075. Missed my chance!

  20. Stilbo

    Attention Bozo: We found your car.

  21. Michael Gregory

    These are really great cars and easy to work on. I’ve had mine for seventeen years. I get close to 40 mpg in town and on the highway cruising at 70 with the top down. There are a couple of forum groups of people who love these cars and know how to work on them. We have a number of meets every year. Don’t shortchange them. Fun cars that were surprisingly well-engineered.

  22. JimmyJ

    My buddy’s a manager at a big auto parts supplier in BC Canada (Lordco) and they had a fleet of these back in the day. He said they ran forever, that’s with kids rat bagging them all day!
    Another friend of mine bought a new 90 and right before the warranty ran out he dropped a brick on the gas pedal,boom new motor.
    I remember putting 5 bucks gas in it and driving all day. I also remember the super cheap carpet and all the crappy plastic that looked like it would crack every time you touched it.

  23. Dan

    I remember these had a sticker on the dash telling you to turn off the A/C before driving up a hill.

  24. Bo

    i’m 6′ 3″ and i have 3 ’91 convertibles, plus a parts one. and enough parts to trebuild one if it gets wrecked. (no, they are not for sale), i have owned about 10 of them over the last 24 years. love em. all but one is 3 cylinder and 5 speed. i bought 2 brand new, the ’96 had 220 miles when it got stollen , a friend got a ticket in it doing 101 mph. i drove it 75 and 80 all the time. and got about 48 mpg.

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