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Too Graphic: 1975 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

front left

I know many of you love these 1970s Cadillacs and this one is a low miles almost original car. Remove the graphics and swap wheels and you’ll have a beautiful car. There’s no word on how long it was stored, but it must have been very well cared for. For a rust free survivor like this with only 39,000 miles, I think $5,500 is reasonable. It is said to run and drive great.

inside right

The inside is original. It could use some cleaning but there’s no sign of shag carpets or other enhancements.


Everything in the engine compartment appears complete and unmolested. When you see the graphics you might think this spent some time in unsavory hands, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.


Everything in the trunk is neatly in place. There is plenty of room for shovels, but there are no obvious incriminating stains.


This looks more like a California car than a Boston car under here. They provided some very convincing pictures that show this is Caddy is indeed rust free.

left rear

It’s easy to imagine how nice this will look without the graphics and with more appropriate wheels, although some may like the wheels. This could be a 139,000 mile car, but it has been well cared for whatever the mileage. Would you leave this stock? It would make a great weekend cruiser if you have a place to dock it. It may well go across the pond to places where they really love these old Cadillacs like Sweden. If you are in Sweden (or elsewhere!) and would love to have it, you can find it listed on craigslist in New Hampshire, near the Northwood Meadows State Park.


  1. David

    Not even with a 10 foot pole.. Those of that era were Defectillacs.

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  2. roger

    I like the big rims.
    The graphics are not for me though.
    Paint it back that nice blue color.
    Great car !!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. piper62j

    Nicely pimped out with the graphics and wheels.. What a boat!!

    Nice car,,, Great find..

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  4. American_Badaz

    Love the 70’s CDV’s. And this is no exception. Personally, I would have to lower it and install some more tasteful 17″ wheels, but that is just me.

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  5. Rando

    My dad had a 76 Coupe in the mid-90s. Paid $600 for it. I told him to let me have first crack when he decided to sell. he didn’t. Grrrr, but we’ll let him off. Dad’s was White with black half top and black mouse fur interior with white pin stripes. PIMPY. My college roommate came to visit. he was 6′-4″ with a 36″ inseam. He could stand between the front and rear seats bent at the waist and not touch anything front or rear or top. I loved that car. 8 MPG and a 40 gal tank or something crazy like that. He was shocked first time he filled it up. Wish I were in a place to buy…

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  6. mat

    defectallics? what on earth are you talking about??? I had a 75 eldorado, 75 coupe deville and 76 fleetwood talisman. These were some of the finest cars cadillac ever
    made! You must be confusing them with the 4.1 engine cars of the 80’s???

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  7. piper62j

    I can’t remember the exact years, but didn’t Cadillac come out with a V8 that shut off some cylinders when driving? I think there were solenoids on top of the rocker arms that would collapse and prevent fuel and air from entering the cylinders, thus boosting fuel economy.. That’s what David may be referring to and that engineering feat was a disaster..

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    • Mr. TKD

      That was the early eighties.

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      • grant

        Yup. The 8-6-4. Great idea, bad execution.

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  8. George

    I think the only engine in 75 and 76 was the 500 CI that was previously only in the Eldorado. If looks well cared for, not not exactly a sought after model or style.

    I see those graphics and I want to paint it black.
    All colors otherwise, red, blue, or lilac…

    With apologies to The Rolling Stones.

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  9. MIkeG

    Certainly a different design scheme than you normally see on these rides. Could it be Huggy Bear’s old sled?

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  10. Gerry

    Had a 76 sedan deville that I paid $1500.00 for back in the 90’s . Great car , huge 501 cu inches. Sorry I sold it.

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  11. Jim Mosley

    These old Caddies are a dream to drive and the ride can’t be better.

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  12. Mr. TKD

    I learned to drive on a ’75 Calais Sedan, which was a slightly discontented de Ville. Love it!

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  13. Jim

    Those graphics came from a time of interesting drugs available in most schoolyards and parks. I spent a few weekends wetsanding housepaint from a ’72 Camaro. A co-workers son and a buddy thought it was a good idea while they were experimenting with acid one weekend, a once nice mint green metallic Camaro RS, two gallons of red enamel housepaint, a few 4inch brushes and BINGO a giant red turd! His dad made him pay me by the hour to remove it. I was the only happy one in the group, filled my pocket and bought a ton of crap for a ’62 Impala 409 project. I miss that car.

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  14. John

    I had a ’75 Fleetwood brougham d’elegance. Paid a whole $75 for it in the late 90’s. As you can imagine for that princely sum it came with some issues. Mostly rust, although I don’t know if the suspension was supposed to bottom out after road imperfections or that was toast as well. That car introduced me to the wonderful world of torque. Stomp on the gas and after a half second delay whilst the engine inhaled all the surrounding air it launched with surprising vigor. If I recall the wheels were plain steel with plastic hubcaps so those aren’t really any worse.

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    • mat

      it just needed the auto leveling rear shock system repaired. basically just
      air shocks that automatically kept the car level no matter how much load
      was added to passenger compartment or trunk.

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  15. TN RED

    I have one of these same color, sans the funky wheels and the graphic artistry attempt. It has the 500 and when those secondaries kick open, it will send a shudder down your spine. It literally begins ingesting air, bugs, birds, people…. pretty much anything within 8 feet. Its like a rip in the time/space continuum….

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  16. Jim

    In the 80’s a friend was drag racing a nice 32 Ford coupe with a 454, tunnel ram, 2 holley carbs covered by a ram scoop. I used to beg him to put screens over the carbs, the tracks are dirty, half the pit areas are dirt. No, he didn’t need anything until a stick about the size of a 5inch pencil jammed the butterflies wide open and scared him half of to death one afternoon at Englishtown and he went into the sand at the end of the track. Funny he let me make a two stage screen for the carbs the next day.
    Those big engines sound like a tornado when you mash the throttle!

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