Too Nice to Part? 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6

The seller calls this 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 a parts car, but it seems far better than that – and it’s priced as being more than that, too. The description reads more like a worthwhile restoration project than a carcass that needs to be harvested, so perhaps the seller drafted the listing with mixed emotions. Plus, a bunch of money has been thrown at the Alfa to make it run and drive, but the seller wants his shop space back and has decided not to finish the project. You’ll find the Alfa here on craigslist with an asking price of $5,900 and located in Boulder, Colorado.

The listing is very thorough, listing the treasure trove of parts the owner lavished on this GTV6 which went to auction several years ago following a minor engine fire. The seller notes that the cold start injection hose burst and led to a fire that caused the hood to have the clearcoat issues you can see in the pictures. This seems like a common fault with Alfa Romeos of this vintage, as you don’t have to crawl too far through Google to see instances of fuel leaks and other fire-causing problems tied back to a faulty cold start hose. The good news is that those issues have been sorted out, aside from the damaged paint on the hood.

The interior is classic GTV6, with the wood-rimmed three-spoke steering wheel and nicely bolstered bucket seats, although the piping on the latter appears to be in pretty rough shape. The dash is cracked as well, and it seems likely this GTV6 spent several years outside in the Colorado sunshine for it to blister like that. The seller does note the car has seemingly been sold at dealer auctions twice now, with the first one coming as a result of the engine fire, and the second go-round occurring when the previous owner didn’t make any headway on the restoration. The current owner bought it and has fortunately brought the car back to life, at least to a point where it justifies further restoration.

The engine bay certainly doesn’t look like that of a car that suffered from an engine fire, and the list of new parts is quite lengthy. Check out the full ad for everything the seller has addressed, but some highlights include: new fuel pump; water pump; injectors; timing belt; mechanical tensioner; intake boots; battery; and more. The Alfa will be sold on a bill of sale only (no title), along with receipts from the previous auction house purchases. The seller says it runs, stops, and moves, but will need more work to become a daily or could make for an excellent track car build to complete over the winter. How would you finish this GTV6?


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  1. alphasud Member

    The big issue here is there is no paperwork and no title! That’s why they are selling for parts. Early GTV6’s had clutch and driveline balance issues. The best year to buy is a 86 which received the Milano revised parts. Maybe certain states that don’t require a title would allow you to register otherwise it’s a track car. Asking price is a little high. I would think $3500 would be more in line. I would drive it and make sure the transaxle is healthy first.

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    Already off of Craigslist

    I have 4 of these but I am Always Looking For Another.
    This one does have rust if you zoom in on the engine picture you can see it behind the right shock tower. Common area for these. I would really like to look the car over before committing but it is to far away as well as gone.
    Title is not an issue, I can get the title for anything as long as it is not stolen. It just takes time, 3 mos to a year, and talking to the right bureaucrat.

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    • kaf

      How do you get a title?

      I see a ton of interesting projects without one and just assume they’ll never see the road again.


        It varies from state to state, but the methodology is similar in many. This is for NC
        The long way is you have to take out a bond for the car. The DMV will come out and review the car, on older cars they may even assign a VIN and you frequently have to have it appraised by 2 people with dealer licenses.
        Shorter way – many states only require a bill of sale on older vehicles. This varies by states and can be as little as 15 years, but 20 to 25 seems to be the norm. Some have a specific year when they started issuing titles 1975 for NY.
        Anyway if you buy from one of those states, NC recognizes their rules and will issue a title with a bill of sale only.
        Bending the rules a bit way. If you have a friend in a bill of sale state and you are buying from a state that normally requires a title your friend can technically buy the car in question and once the paper work is done there the car then sales from that state only require a bill of sale.
        I have a daughter who goes to school and has a residence in Georgia. Georgia uses bill of sale for vehicles over 20 years. She has purchased a few vehicles which she has never seen.
        This is all technically legal and it is how the title companies you see advertised work. They get in trouble because they are trying to move many vehicles and some with dubious histories. My daughter and I are selling one or two a year.
        Finally be very nice to the DMV finding a good DMV person is like finding gold. They can be very helpful. I have 3 that I work with and they are great. When they come to visit I have coffee and snacks available for them the car is on a lift, the shop is clean, and I have all my paper work in order. Also they know that I have no interest in stolen cars and will work with me to insure the car is not stolen, so far this has not been a problem.

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    That was quick.

  4. Scott Marquis

    Parts car from new.


    never saw anything wrong w/these. Reminds me of the Lancia Beta Coup of same yr I had. Pretty nice vehicles…


    never saw anything wrong w/these. Reminds me of the Lancia Beta Coup of same yr I had. Pretty nice vehicles…


    never saw anything wrong w/these. Reminds me of the Lancia Beta Coup of same yr I had. Pretty nice vehicles…


    never saw anything wrong w/these. Reminds me of the Lancia Beta Coup of same yr I had. Pretty nice vehicles…


    never saw anything wrong w/these. Reminds me of the Lancia Beta Coup of same yr I had. Pretty nice vehicles…

  10. chrlsful

    6th time’s a charm ?

  11. Charles Sawka

    Makes me miss my Alfetta GT. Most fun car I ever had !

  12. t-bone bob

    nice car

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