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Topless 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Barn Find


This 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible was discovered hiding under a tarp in this Canadian barn. If the seller’s claims are true, this could be one of a small handful of Bonneville convertibles ever built with a four speed manual transmission. It needs some work, but looks solid and should make for a great starting point. Take a closer look here on eBay!


This Bonneville came with the 389 cui Tri-Power V8 and a BorgWarner T10 four-speed manual gearbox. Sadly, the original carburetor setup is missing, but the seller does have a rebuilt date-code correct Tri-Power engine they are willing to sell with it. They claim the transmission’s date-code matches with the rest of the car, so it’s likely the original gearbox. I would want to do some research to make sure this really came with a manual from the factory and wasn’t just added later. The 389 is a built proof engine and was capable of 350 horsepower, the seller doesn’t state what this one was rated at and could have put out anywhere from 318 to 348 horsepower.


Someone must have started restoring it, but didn’t get much further then pulling the interior apart. The seller claims everything was put in storage and is still with the car. The seller’s photos aren’t the best and it’s difficult to tell what’s still there and what kind of shape it’s in. Overall, what’s here looks solid, but I’d recommend an in-person inspection.


Hopefully, its time being covered didn’t cause too much rust, but from what is visible it looks solid. The Bonneville is a large car and the convertible adds considerable weight to an already heavy vehicle, but that Tri-Power V8 and four speed should make up for it. Do you believe this really is one of the 1,874 manual Bonnevilles or did someone just added it later?


  1. twwok

    Quality of photos leave a lot to be desired.
    If this thing checks out it could be a real find.
    When I was a kid a neighbors teenaged son had a 60 Bonneville convert. He too switched the tri-power set up to a single 2 bbl. Used to much gas was his reason…

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  2. J. Pickett

    My dream car when I was 15.

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  3. JPG


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  4. paul

    Hard to say the photos are not great but the guy has a couple of good cars looks like a 64 Impala is sitting in front of this one. These cars are boats so you better have a large garage, still it’s a keeper but you better see it in up close before you pull the wallet out.

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  5. mark

    Quite the a’ la carte car this seller is putting up for auction. Would be a cool car all restored though. That looks like the factory shifter porch, but not a factory shifter handle. The originals were a round stock not flat.

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  6. curt

    it sucks when sellers strip off all the options of a car, just to sell separately to boost there price, this Bonne looks like it could be a real find, but why remove all the goodies just to jack up a potential buyer??? I could have been interested in this car, but since it would cost at least another $3500 to get its original parts , i guess I’ll pass, and keep looking. makes the one yr only 67 GP convertible w/428 and 4-spd and 8-lugs thats for sale in California for $10,000 look like a down right steal!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Clay

    Sounds like a stripped down Bonneville with the 8-lugs that used to be on there,They just happen to have a correct tri-power with correct dates,etc. and what else in “the hold-up”?I’ve dealt over 50 years with people like this and keep both eyes open(if I even deal with them).

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  8. paul

    So the 8 lug wheels are seperate so whats on there now 5 so that means the hubs will come with the wheel’s??? 500 apiece??? I think he’s having some trouble with his crack pipe!

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  9. Dolphin Member

    If you want a Bonneville convertible—and which of us didn’t when we were 18?—this could be it. The body looks like it *might* be OK, with minimal rust. If that’s true, then this could be a fairly straightforward restoration, but…….

    It’s in the middle of nowhere about 60 miles as the crow flies from the Maine border, but getting there is the easy part. I’m guessing that buying this might not be too pleasant because:

    – Poor pics, so you really need to go there, or you’re rolling the dice

    – Some hard sell going on in the listing, so the ‘buying experience’ might not be much fun given the extra $$ the seller wants for some things. And if you decline his $500 wheels (each) is the car going to have anything to roll on if you do buy it? And what about the hubs, as paul mentioned?

    – The SCM Price Guide doesn’t even list this car, and the closest Pontiac convertibles it does list are in the $22K to $34K range for condition 2 cars, so unless this car sells at a very reasonable price AND is sound AND doesn’t need too many parts, it won’t make a lot of financial sense.

    Just a gut feeling, but…….if I wanted a good driver Bonneville Convertible, I think I would be better off spending time online searching for the best driver I could afford, and be enjoying it sooner rather than later.

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I would think that the goodies should be included with it. I tend to avoid those extras that suddenly show up and cost extra. That’s too bad because I like the car and might otherwise be interested. I agree with Dolphin. You can find a driver for less than this would be to buy and restore.

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  11. JPG


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  12. stigshift

    The buyer is in Kars. Would be a wonderful touch of irony if his name is Gary Numan.

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  13. Kman

    It seems to me that when you advertise a car with tripower and it’s in the car’s spec’s, it’s not exactly honest to then say, not included. Can be purchased separately and the same goes for the wheels since it’s not like they’re after market special items and are the original wheels. I used to joke about guys who didn’t sell complete cars by saying, “You want wheels with that, son?” But this guy takes the cake and your wallet too. I wonder what eBay would say about his selling practices. It’s pretty easy to report a seller on there.

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  14. scot

    ~ sooo… without the tri-power and the eight lug wheels and hubs whadayawantagive??

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  15. Keruth

    Looks like he’s changed his tune, but I’ll bet he upped the reserve! The only reason to go all in on this are the original options! I’ll concur that an inspection is in order first, anyway!
    Oh, and take a magnet with you, that paint looks rather “fresh”.

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  16. rancho bella

    I would rather someone else own it……..and I can look at it. They can brag…..and I can nod my head in appreciation……

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    • rancho bella

      As for the seller………aaa….hum…….shifty eyes and bad shoes comes to mind.

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  17. Chris A.

    I rented space for one of these to a fraternity brother in ’65. White with blue interior and the big engine/tri-power with 4 spd. He told me it was a special order car and he had to wait. The wheels really made that car look great. Beautiful car, but I don’t think i ever saw the top down. This is the first Bonneville convertible 4 spd I’ve seen in 45 years.If the car is in Canada, he’ll want to be paid in CDN dollars as the conversion rate is in his favor. Rancho Bella, don’t forget the polyester sport jacket.

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  18. erikj

    Ya that seller is one to stay away from!All the good parts he was selling seperate although he claims the car came orig. with all that cool option items. They most likely are from the car and should stay with it. Not to often do you see a seller trying to get they most money for a car that is rare, but doing it this way. Bad dude with bad feedback to prove it. A sad way for such a neat car to loose its orignality. Im going to watch this add just to see how high bids get. I see now he is including those parts?

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  19. erikj

    By the way I hope the seller reads all these comments. Maybe i will contact him through ebay and invite him to see his car on Barnfinds and read these comments. I hope im not going to far with this ,i just think he should know what others think.

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  20. Kman

    I’ve been wondering if this guy maybe has been following Barnfinds as he was pretty quick to change his listing. If he is, he’ll know a lot about wwhat people think of him and he may not have to wonder when people don’t step up on his listing.

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  21. Dolphin Member

    Bid to $4,262.
    Did not meet the reserve—no sale.

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  22. DENIS

    Would be beautiful car w 8 lug wheels n tri-power….I had a white 2 dr htop with that combo…kicked ass. I think this seller is a a might-bit snakey……lol

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