Trailer Find: 1965 MG MGB

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The MGB was the successor to the MGA and the big brother to the Midget. It was produced from 1962 to 1980 and saw the production of more than a half-million units, including variants (such as one with a V8 engine). This ’65 MGB roadster looks in decent shape overall but does not run and has some rust in the floorboards and rocker panels. It’s a project waiting for someone to roll up his/her sleeves and get to work. Located in Southlake, Texas, this English sports car is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $3,000. Kudos to T.J. for help in the tips department!

Production of the MGB was started by British Motor Corp. (BMC) but furthered by the Austin-Morris division of British Leyland through acquisition. The little cars were spritely for having a 1,798cc engine, capable of doing 0 to 60 mph in 11 seconds. The motor was bigger than the one in the MGA, which had a displacement of 1,622cc. Even with a workout, you could squeeze out 25 mpg at the gas pump. And that included the use of twin SU carburetors and a 4-speed manual transmission.

We don’t know how long the seller’s car has been out of commission, but since it’s photographed sitting atop a trailer inside a structure, we’re guessing it’s been moved recently. Given the overall condition of the vehicle, it may be safe to assume that its hibernation was mostly indoors. Sure, there’s some rust, but the seller says it’s “not too bad” and is sending along factory repair panels to help rectify any problems. The engine is not stuck (it turns over), so maybe getting this machine to run again won’t be a monumental challenge. Who’s up to the job?

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  1. Doubleclutch57

    Postings like this are why I became a member of BARN FINDS THANK YOU RUSS !

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    • Joey MecMember

      @Doubleclutch57. Same here as far as Barnfinds. Im an older guy with older MGB experience and I like this ‘sandbox’. Bring a Trailer has gotten way’out there’ for these type of cars. This site looks to be more fun for those of us that actually have budgets for cars……

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  2. Joey MecMember

    Nice to see a steel dashed B in very restorable condition. It looks like it is all there and very straight. My kind of project however I am in the middle of a 69 BGT restoration. Texas car: rust most likely is minor ( rust is relative word depending on what your level of repair knowledge is). Seats shown are mid 70’s MG and steering wheel is a desirable later model also from 70’s. For me, chrome grille, bumpers, knockoffs and red rounded taillights are a true classic MGB AND. no side marker lights!!!

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    • Slomoogee

      You couldn’t have said it better Joey, I too have many miles on me and came of age when these wonderful British cars were plentiful, and working a summer job could buy you a driver quality British marque from a Alpine to a TR and most anything in between. Now if this Texas B doesn’t have rust in the rockers, I say what’s not to like?

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      • Joey MecMember

        Amen, my friend. Sounds like we are ‘brothers from different mothers’!

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  3. Barstow

    I’ll take the trailer.

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  4. Danny B

    If it came with the trailer that would be a great deal for 3 grand.

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  5. Bultaco

    This is actually a ‘64 B. The Jaeger gauges, VIN, and engine number show that. It’s a very desirable 3-main, pull handle car with the original 18GA engine. Well worth the asking price considering restored examples go for $15-$25K.

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    • Joey MecMember

      My first B was a 66 so I did not have any experience with the 3 main engine and the pull doors. My brother did restore a 65 about 20 years ago. He recently sold it for around 10K. Somebody inquired about rust in the rockers. This one is still worth it even with that work to do. You know your old B’s.

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  6. George Barton

    I bought a new B in 65 but it was built in 64. I have owned 5 B’s and the 3 main bearing 65 was without a doubt the fastest. It would run 90 mph in 3rd gear. I did blow up 3 transmissions drag racing.

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  7. AllenMember

    Bultaco, right on the money! In the North American MGB Register, we have a separate sub register for pull-handle cars (1962 – early 1965). It’s entirely possible that this 1964 example was titled as a ’65, as back in the day, many dealers titled new cars by the year sold, rather than the year manufactured. A BMHC Heritage Certificate would clear this up for the new owner.

    I went in search of the Facebook ad, only to discover it’s been retracted. No doubt the car has been sold. I’d sure like to have the numbers for the records. Over the 18 years of MGB production, many changes were made – most of them to accommodate American emissions and safety requirements – thus diverting R&D funds from actual improvements to the car itself. These pull-handle cars represent the MGB in its purist form. They are among the most valuable MGBs, and I pray that the new owner will respect this car and enjoy it for exactly what it is.

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  8. bobH

    My only recent experience with a B, is a 79 rubber bumper version… Bought for 950, sold for 950, running and driving, ca car, no rust, no dents, original paint, passable interior and top. So I’m astounded that these projects go for what they do. (And, I would add that there was NO line waiting, for a price of 950.)

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  9. Kelly Breen

    I am the furthest thing from a mechanic and I got my midget running in a week. If it turns over it will go. These are lawn tractor simple.

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  10. Wayne

    The last MGB I bought (a 1971 GT) was chained down to a trailer. (the trailer was included) I’ve had several Bs (or been responsible for their upkeep) over the years and still have a former rubber bumper car converted to chrome bumpers. (not as easy as it looks or sounds and I would never do another) Just the price of the trailer was worth the price. And the fact that the GT had an original 32,000 miles, and had been a central California car it’s whole life was just the icing on the cake. NO RUST! Got a race car one time, the ad said trailer,includes race car. Got a great deal on that one too.

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  11. Rufus

    The owner of this car is an old friend of mine who recently passed away. He had two, the other is even better. They are being sold by a friend of the family, and have been discussed on MGE, here’s the link –
    If the white car shown here has been sold, the Iris Blue car is still available.
    If you are looking for a good solid little to no rust platform to begin a Mk1 B rebuild, you won’t find any better.

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