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Tri-Five V8 Project: 1957 Chevrolet 210

The 210 was the mid-range model of full-size car (the only size back then) offered by Chevrolet. It was positioned between the 150 and Bel Air in terms of its trim level and was sometimes referred to as the Two-Ten. This 1957 two-tone edition has loads of surface rust from sitting for more than 20 years. But it has a V8 engine and lots of parts that go with it, new and restored. Located in a large garage in Beltsville, Maryland, this old workhorse is available here on craigslist for $19,800. Barn Finder T.J. has a knack for finding these great tips for us!

Marketing being what it was in those days, the 150 and 210 got their names from taking the car’s production series numbers (1500 and 2100) and shortening them by one digit. In the case of the 210, it replaced the earlier Styline DeLuxe and was itself replaced by the Bel Air when the Impala became the top model in 1959. In 1958, there were four series of Chevy automobiles (Del Ray, Biscayne, Bel Air, and Impala), the only time that would happen until 1966 when the Caprce became the top dog.

We’re told this ’57 Chevy is 100% original, but we’re not sure about the paint. It may be India Ivory over either Larkspur Blue or Tropical Turquoise, but the paint on the back half of the bottom of the auto doesn’t exactly match. The chrome trim has been removed and may be in either the trunk or interior with lots of other stuff. There is no mention of rust besides the surface variety, but you never know without a thorough inspection.

The 210 here was said to be running when it was parked, but since that was 20 years ago, all bets would be off by now. It does have a V8 engine (265 or 283?) and a manual transmission, so perhaps this post sedan would be more desirable than if it had the 235 cubic inch inline-6 that was standard. The mileage is said to be 57,000 which certainly could be original or turned over. There were a lot of these cars when this one was new. Nearly 163,000 210 2-door sedans left Chevrolet assembly lines that year.


  1. Rw

    I would like to make the first comment by saying “Thanks Russ for not calling it a Bel- Air..

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    • Rick

      What an unknown POS, one of millions sold. Why don’t you just ask $40K and keep dreaming. Why are $4K cars, (POS), selling for so much?

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      • Yblocker


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  2. Tbone

    I would politely refer to the pricing as “optimistic” considering its condition

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  3. Jim

    I think at that number it’s a little pie in the sky !! This going to need a lot to bring this back, even if you were doing the work yourself.

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  4. Carbob Member

    Not that far from me. Asking price is twice what I would pay. A shot in the dark as to what you would end up shelling out getting this back on the road as a decent looking driver but you’d be way in the hole if you paid the seller’s ask. Just saying.

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  5. Robert Levins

    Great promise here. I LOVE that small V-8 it has, there’s so many options for this car! I would love to have this car even as a project car for the time being. If I carefully checked it out I might be able to hold the cost down and get this car back to being a nice cruiser! The asking price is probably double what it should be as a starter car – BUT – who knows – maybe, just maybe it will all come together, price wise, and it will turn up one day at Cars and Coffee. Great article! Good luck!

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  6. Glenn Schwass Member

    Needs rockers and who know what else. $12k max.

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  7. Terry

    This is a classic case of Barret/Mecunitis. $20K for a car that is not much more than a parts car? No thanks, I’ll buy one of the dozen or so nice drivers on Ebay and let this turd get flushed.

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