Tri Power BBC Find: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette

Any C2 Corvette find is a great find, but wow. How about finding a 427 Tri Power 4 speed car? That has all the right check boxes for fun, power, and desirability all thrown into one.  The current seller has owned this ’67 for 20 years, and claims it to be a clean and straight frame car. Appearing to have spent some time in storage, the seller hasn’t exactly put a price on this Vette. Instead he has left us with a cliffhanger of a $1 asking price. We all know, it will take the right person, and some strong coin to claim this big block dream. Check out this powerful classic here on craigslist out of Wyoming. Thanks to reader Shane F for this awesome dream ‘Vette submission!

There it is, in all of its raw Tri Power beauty. The 427 V8 looks to have been at rest for a while as there is a thin layer of dust on the engine. The cast manifolds have a fair amount of rust, but there is no oxidation to the aluminum parts. As a whole the engine compartment looks as if it would clean up nicely.

Inside we can see a few levers that control out personal happiness in the form and a 4 speed shift lever, paired with a clutch and gas pedal. The interior is in nice condition, minus the worn driver seat. A solid cleaning and some upholstery work would really bring the interior up to par on this big block beauty.

The white on black Stinger paint job is a show stopper, especially with the 427 badges visible on the hood. Pulled out into the sun and cleaned up, you can start to see how nice this car is. The paint has a nice glossy finish, but there are a few things to point out about this big block ‘Vette. The biggest issue is the damaged front wheel arches. Clipped some way or another, the arches are missing some fiberglass and may have some cracking from the impact. Perhaps this Corvette was involved in a street race that involved jumping some train tracks causing the damaged arches? Appearing to be complete minus the front bumpers this ‘Vette isn’t perfect but has a lot of possibilities. What do you think this big block Corvette is worth?

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  1. Rick

    Yikes… that’s interesting. I would want a solid, first person inspection from someone who knows these years intimately and has first hand knowledge about rust in the birdcage. Judging from the bleed-through on the driver’s side windshield pillar, there is a lot going on which could potentially be a wallet-buster and should be used in negotiating a final price. I’m hoping that’s just something that transferred from the weatherstrip on the door, but you never know.

    • Nic Pistolesi

      This listing is a SCAM, I have tried for over a year to get Craiglist to remove
      The listing. At last count, it was listed in over 13 states.

      • Alan (Michigan) Member

        Found one, anyway… Quite a distance from Michigan, eh?
        While not uncommon for sellers to list big/valuable items in more than one major market, the location is pretty much always identified. Yep, smells like a SCAM to me too.

      • Shane F

        Sad it is a scam. I look at CL a lot and first time i saw. I always try to remove the scams as well.

  2. Peter S.R. Member

    …’been kicking around Craigslist for a long time.

  3. Roach Cleatus Sargum

    Nice potential but probably would put a more efficient six cylinder in it for better mileage 😆😜

    Kidding, I would love ❤️ to have this car 👍💰💰💰💰

  4. Jack M.

    I tend to avoid all the $1ads on Craigslist.If I want to guess at the final price of a vehicle I use EBay.

  5. Jbones

    Not only is Peter S.R. Correct about the Craigslist mentioned this car also has a lot of incorrect pieces under the hood to justify his “I know what they sell for”. Did anyone else notice it’s missing the marker/blinker lights up front?

    • Shane F

      I noticed the marker blinker missing also but though it was part of a modification of some weird sorts

  6. Metoo

    What’s it worth? Too much for me to ever be able to come up with, unfortunately.

  7. 86 Vette Convertible

    Potential there, but at what price? Sorry, don’t care for the black paint added plus I’m not a bbc fan, except for the drag strip they’re overkill IMO. If it has to be a bbc, a 427 tri-power with a 4 speed would be the way to go. Apparently the seller is into Vettes. Another red C2 in the background and what appears to be a 56 or 57 also.

    Never really imagined Wyoming as Vette country, but looks like I’m wrong on that one.

    • PatrickM

      U*mmm… Not Wyoming plates. . Any help there? I lived there for 27 years. I oughtta know. Looks like Michigan plates. Any help there? With all these errors pointed out, I wouldn’t bid on this on a bet. Love the year, but there re too many fish here.

  8. Bob Baird

    One thing that is not usually faked is the air conditioning vent right above the clock, so if a real try-power, it would be the 427/400, but not a 435. It could also go all the way down to a low-HP 327, so any buyers would be advised to carefully check for correct engine pad broaching and stampings and go from there.

  9. Suttree


  10. JimmyJ

    I’ve heard there is more 427-435s registered now than were ever built.
    Is this true?

    • ACZ

      This isn’t a 435. It’s a 400 HP. Oval Port motor. Square port motors didn’t come with A/C.

  11. Bruce Jackson

    I have a real issue with these $1 vehicles…I am not going to buy it unless I inspect it, and I am not going to Wyoming to inspect it unless I know whether the seller is realistic…or unrealistic. That leaves me with making a phone call or sending an e-mail and saying, “I’m not interested in driving out to Wyoming with a trailer unless I know that you have a realistic mindset–so, what do you want for it?” Therefore, sellers, why don’t you just say in your ad what you want:
    “$—–Price is Firm”…or “$—-Or Best Offer”. Otherwise, this leaves me with the thought process that the seller is someone not worth dealing with–and I won’t.

  12. Lounge

    Now this is bad a$$.

  13. Steven D Visek

    I’ve never driven a 427 Corvette, but I always thought the combo of the Tri-power with the hydraulic lifter motor would yield a very nice street car, and it’s the highest version you could get with A/C. Is there anyone here with actual driving experience in these to give an opinion on 427/390 4-bbl. vs the 427/400 Tri-power allegedly for sale here? And is the solid lifter 427/435 engine good on the street or temperamental and hard to live with vs. the hydraulic lifter cars? Thanks.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      I’ve driven both the Lo-Po 390 HP and Hi-Po 435 HP engines in ’67 Vettes. Neither were hard to live with, Steven, although I’d suggest that the 390 Horse engine has more than enough for regular driving. Both of the cars I mentioned were often used as daily drivers, back in the late 1960s-early-’70s.

      Sadly, for me, neither of the cars were mine, but I did have the pleasure of getting behind the wheel on more than one occasion.

  14. Don

    Drool…. needs the seats recovered and probably a bunch of other things wrong with it, but it’s still one of my dream cars. :-)

    Damn, that thing has a _Michigan_ license plate, and the inset map has the location in Michigan as well… hmmm….

    • Don

      And did you guys see the ’63 split-window coupe’ in the background of image 9 & 10 of the Craigslist ad? There’s another three ‘Vettes visible in image 10, looks like a C2 and a couple of C1’s. Collector selling off a non-running project car, perhaps?

  15. 69goat

    I have always loved the 67 I love this combination of options only a few things I would have different. the main thing would be it would have to be a convertible I can’t help it I love a ragtop car. aside from the obvious repairs the only other thing would be the paint scheme definitely not a fan of that. But I sure could in my mind imagine a silver with black top and black interior with the same options. I sure hope someone will be able to make it reasonable deal on that car and give it some love. it appears to be a pretty good start. I would love to see it brought back to original Factory Glory.

  16. Tort Member

    Show stopping paint? It would sure stop me to taking it to a show!

  17. Paul

    I find that people that face on craigslist have issues with their post….don’t trust those posts would never buy of CL…..go to ebay if your serious…

  18. olddavidp

    Wyoming, Michigan.

    • Paul

      That makes a lot sense olddavidp

    • Don

      Nope, apparently he’s got it listed all over the country. Based on the map location on the Craigslist ad, it’s only about 10-15 miles from where I live… really tempted to go check it out.

      Even if everything’s not original, it’s about as close as I’d ever be likely to get to one that’s affordable… anybody have an estimate on the likely value of this, say maybe $25K or so?

      • rbtempe

        I bet it’s not there

  19. mother jones

    picture # 2 what i see is no cover for dist &coil the three hoses coming out from the left going to carbs , what up with that ? All chevy motors had fuel pump on lower passenger side of motor so carbs are most likely wrong. Mopar used the same carbs for their six pack motors 440’s -340’s.

    • ACZ

      That fuel line arrangement is absolutely scary. Exhaust heat makes the hoses brittle and then spray on the voltage regulator, plug wires, distributor etc.

  20. gaspumpchas

    Ahhh deal breaker it has the mandatory Playboy Bunny, Plus a Union Firefighter sticker!!! Hope someone can snag this baby…

  21. Dave

    Yep, that sexy little bunny adds at least another 3k.

  22. Dixiedawgmi

    I saw this on CL in FL over a year ago. Never got around to contacting the lister. This year using I have seen it all over the country. Has anyone actually contacted the lister or seen the car? Is it real? Smells like a scam of some kind.

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      I think that the votes are tipped in favor of “SCAM”.

    • George mattar

      This POS is a scam and does not exist. it is listed on Philadelphia PA CL. Nobody responds. Shame there are so many bad people in the hobby.

  23. George mattar

    Scam. This fake listing has been on CL for months in 27 states.

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