Tri-Power Treat: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427

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UPDATE 9/30/2019 – We featured this Corvette a few weeks back when it was listed on Facebook Marketplace in New Mexico. Now it’s in Lincoln, Nebraska and is being offered here on eBay by the shop that was tasked to restore it by a client. After getting it shipped to Lincoln, they discovered how much work it’s going to need and the client lacks the funds to restore it properly, so it’s back up for grabs!

FROM 9/4/2019 – With a new model due the following year, sales of the Corvette in 1967 were significantly lower than in previous years. This isn’t to say that there was anything wrong with the ’67 Corvette, and in fact, the opposite was true. Refinement and improvement over successive model years meant that the 1967 Corvette was universally considered by motoring experts at the time to be the best Corvette ever. Barn Finder Marc N referred this desirable ’67 Corvette project car to us, so thank you for that Marc. It is located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and is listed for sale here on Facebook. The owner hasn’t specified a price for the car, so interested parties will probably need to bring their best negotiating skills to the fore.

The Corvette has suffered some body damage during its life, and this actually was inflicted in a traffic accident way back in 1971. It was never fixed, but the family who owned the car held onto it until 2018, when they sold it to the current owner. He had the intention of restoring the Corvette but has now decided to face the reality that he will never get around to restoring it. The damage to the car doesn’t appear to actually be too severe, and may only be cosmetic. The owner does have a collection of body components that are included in the sale, and it sounds like only a few minor parts will be required to have the Corvette complete once again. The owner doesn’t provide any information on the state of the frame, so hopefully, this is not only undamaged following the accident but is also rust-free. He does indicate that there are a lot of parts included with the car, including plenty of NOS items. He doesn’t indicate what these items are, so that does sound a bit intriguing.

From a mechanical perspective, this is the point with the Corvette where things begin to get really interesting. The one thing that we don’t know about the car is whether it is a numbers-matching vehicle, but what we do know is that it has a really nice mechanical combination. What you get are a 427ci Tri-Power engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. Even after all these years of inactivity, that 427 has now been kicked back into life, and the owner says that it sounds really nice. Given the fact that the Corvette has been in hibernation since the 1971 traffic accident, the owner’s claim that it has only accumulated 30,000 miles during its life would seem very plausible.

However, that isn’t the end of the story for the Corvette, because it appears that the owner is something of a human magnet when it comes to the art of accumulating parts. In addition to the beautiful piece of equipment that graces the engine bay, the owner has also managed to acquire a further 15 engines (really!), and it appears that these are included with the car. These are all said to be either 283s or 327s, but it’s still a pretty good haul. What we don’t have any information about is the state of the interior. We can get some tiny glances inside the car through the windows, and these glimpses do show some promise. What the owner does tell us is that he has a set of high-back seats, and these are included with the car.

When this Corvette was involved in the traffic accident back in 1971, it must have been nearly enough to reduce the owner to tears. Their loss could quite easily be your gain today. What lies under the hood of this Corvette is an extremely desirable engine and transmission combination, and once the car is returned to active duty, it is a combination that promises earth-shattering performance. The collection of additional engines is an interesting inclusion, and selling these off might be a good way of finding at least some of the money required to return the Corvette to its former glory. We have no real indication of the owner’s expectation when it comes to price, so do we have any readers who might be interested in following up on this one?

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  1. Steve R

    It’s hard to imagine a seller that accumulated 15 honest to goodness early Corvette engines didn’t inadvertently forget to include that information about the one in the car that is the subject of this ad. The only one that really matters.

    I’m not a fan of an ad with no price, it usually goes hand in hand with a sky high asking price.

    Steve R

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  2. 70SuperSport

    I messaged the seller on FB Tuesday morning. Show’s my msg was seen but no response.

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  3. Bultaco

    Wouldn’t a factory tripower Corvette 427 have chrome or aluminum valve covers? I wonder if this is a station wagon engine with a tripower setup bolted on.

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    • Dustin

      Nope the 427s all had painted valve covers in the corvette

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    • 68custom

      the real important tri power issue is weather it is the 400 hp oval port motor or the high horsepower square port engine? this makes a big difference when talking value. I am guessing it is an oval port motor? no price listed means the price is probably on the high side? all the small block 327s may have some value, but no 67 vettes were equipped with a 283 so those are kinda worthless with this build!

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  4. ruxvette

    When an ad says “thinking of possibly selling” I immediately pass. They are looking for a feel good number of their car’s value.
    Move along…nothing to see here.

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  5. rpol35

    Sounds like a Joseph A. Banks ad, “Buy four shirts and we’ll throw in these seven suits for free.” What am I going to do with 15 wrong engines? If I wanted those for a reason, I’d buy them separately; I don’t want to be a rummage sale liquidator for his unwanted stuff.

    The 1971 accident seems fishy, 48 years ago and nothing has happened in all of that time, especially in light of the escalating value of these big block C2’s.

    Agree with other posters, no price, move on.

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    • George Mattar

      I agree with rpol35. Why wait almost 50 years to sell? These 435s reached $100,000 in 1988. They have gone up and down, but they will always command $$$ I believe the current high sale price for a 67 435 coupe is $675,000. Sold by Mecum it had 8,500 miles. Granted this car is far from that caliber, but I love Silver Pearl. I own a silver C3 coupe. 67 is my favorite year, but the prices are out of reach. Please save this car. 3,754 real 435s made for 67 model year. I hate Facebook. Move on.

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  6. DonS

    The license plate is not from the ’70’s. Looks like at the oldest early ’90’s.

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    • Trueman David

      Is the engine a 400 Hsp., tripower or a 425 Hsp Tripower

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  7. TimM

    Great car!! No information of the fact that it’s matching numbers or not!! In my opinion it’s the best set up!! 427/4 speed!! The damage in the front concerns me that the frame may be tweeked and that was the real reason it’s been off the road for so long!! Although it doesn’t take much to break fiberglass!!! 67 in my opinion was the last of the great corvettes!! Just my opinion but after 67 they never seemed to have that aggressive look and the stinger hood was gone!!! I would love to own something like this!! A true dream car but the price I’m sure is way out of my reach!!!

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    • Ken J

      Ken J
      Engine in first pic has rust and corrosion on valve cover and air cleaner. Next two pics show pristine engine! Same engine?

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    Ruxvette is right, no price and he says he’s thinking of selling another one of these “testing the waters” deals. Listing says sold, I hope somebody got a good deal, No idea how the frame is either. Like Rux said–move along- nothing to see here.

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    • Paul

      If it is a unstamped block how do you know it’s original ?

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  9. George Mattar

    Ok. The most faked Corvette ever. GM built 3,754 real 435 hp cars for 67 model year. Only 8,504 coupes. These cars, except for super low mileage and with bullet proof paper work, have been stuck in the $100,000 range for 30 years. They will always be worth money, but restoring a C2 supposed 435 car is big $$$$. Been there done that. I smell a scam. 67 435s needing a ton of work sell for $50,000. BTW, I believe the record price paid to date for a 67 435 coupe is $675,000. It had 8,000 actual miles. Marina Blue.

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    • moosie moosie

      No where in the ad is it listed as a 435 car, in fact it clearly states it being a 400 horsepower 427 which is essentially a 390 horse but with tripower instead of a quadrajet. But yeah it seems that there are more 435 cars running loose then the General ever produced. This one needs a tank sticker to verify its heritage.

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    • TheAirCowboy Air CowboyMember

      Car was a 400 Hp / 427. It’s a legit car. I own it now.

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      • Dickie F

        Hi Air Cowboy.
        How much did it take out of your pocket to land this one in your driveway.

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  10. Del

    No price ?

    Gawd I love Fishing Trips.!!!

    offer 300 bucks

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  11. David LaSpisa

    Says sold on FB ad now… curious what it went for…

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  12. Lynelle Nowlin

    I agree with Steve R.Why not give us more specific information on the engine that a prospective buyer would be most interested in?Also I never respond to an ad that will not list an asking price.That’s always a signal that a seller is going to ask for an outrageous selling price.I also agree with Rpol35..48 years and absolutely no repairs?..Come on now!!..Lastly why wouldn’t the seller send photos of the interior.He wants to sell it without comprehensive photos,come on now.I am so glad the we have readers out there like George Mattar.My first thoughts about being interested in classic cars is the history behind the car and if indeed the so classic is truly a genuine classic.Thanks everybody.

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  13. bobhess bobhessMember

    No price, no interest. There are enough games in the specialty car game as it is.

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  14. bobhess bobhessMember

    And, yes I wish I’d bought the ’67 coupe big block for $13,000 from our customer in ’88. It had our history all over it.

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  15. RoughDiamond

    I never price another person’s stuff no matter how rare it may be.

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  16. Marty Parker

    This is probably a ’68 or newer engine since it has the closed PCV system, which was mandated that year.

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  17. TheAirCowboy Air CowboyMember

    The car is now currently sitting in my shop in Nebraska. It is a correct 427 Tri power with an unstamped block, never decked.. Everything on the car, block, intake, carbs, rear end, transistorized ignition, etc. are 100% date correct to the car and a very late production car. It was rougher than anticipated, there were only 12 extra engines not 15, and it had 36K not 30K miles… but still well worth the money. Oddly enough, this is the 8th car I’ve either had listed on, or purchased prior to a listing, on barn finds in the last year… Are you guys stalking me?? It will be for sale again shortly.

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Good luck with it, Air cowboy, looks like a nice example. Hope you got a good deal on it. They aren’t getting any easier to get , especially a solid one with a good solid frame. The unstamped block could be a dealer replacement engine. Sounds like you are in the engine business now!

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  18. Stephen

    The douchebook link says it’s sold, am I missing something?
    Is it still for sale through another link?


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  19. LARRY

    Air cowboy says he bought it..

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  20. Air Cowboyht

    I bought it.. yes. I’m the air Cowboy. I have to believe that we are friends on Facebook or something close as I have had 6-8 cars that I have either bought or have sold thanks to barn finds in the last year alone. Totally love your taste in cars. Uncanny how close they are to my own. This is the 4th car off be that has been on there without paying for an ad. Tomorrow I will buy a subscription to your sight. And yes… I bought the car in new Mexico a couple weeks ago. I put it on eBay last night. Put it on Facebook tonight and had it on there less than 15 minutes and a guy who was watching it on eBay called when he saw it listed elsewhere and gave me a $5k deposit. Thank you for the fantastic sight. I watch each and every one of car you get. Great job! PJ, the Air Cowboy

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  21. Stephen

    Bummer and congrats.
    His post must have come through while I was writing mine.

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  22. Air Cowboy

    You guys do a fantastic job 👍

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  23. grant

    Well he said it would be for sale again soon, and here it is. The eBay link isn’t there though.

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  24. Air Cowboy

    Car sold, was on eBay about 18 hours. I put it on a couple other online in a couple other venues and it lasted about 15 minutes and I got a deposit. We’ll see how it plays out.

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  25. TheAirCowboy Air CowboyMember

    I apologize for the confusion, this car (67 coupe) has a numbers matching 427/400 hp. engine. I also purchased a 66 427/425 hp roadster from the same guy, at the same time. It is a date correct, C.E. replacement block though unstamped. I posted this earlier in the thread, but did not go through for whatever reason. The 67 Sold yesterday, The 66 will be for sale next week. I also have several other c1 and c2 cars for sale.

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  26. buddy thomas

    I bought the car from air cowboy do you know the old owner I would like to get some information if they have any.The car needed ever single panel except for pass. door I already have the rolling chasis done and yes the frame was bent from the crash.


    Buddy Thomas

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