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Triple Threat: 1987 Renault GTA + 2 Convertibles

My eyes bug out like a Killers From Space cast member whenever I see or even hear about a Renault GTA. These three Renaults, a 1987 GTA and two 1985 Alliance convertibles, are posted on Craigslist in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Our own Jeff ran across this listing and gave us a heads up on it. The seller’s entire description is: “Renault Alliance GTA fire engine red 2-door complete car from a gentleman that worked at AMC I also have two convertible AMC Renault alliances 2 door for sale call me”. So no need for a CL archive on this one as these are also the only three photos included. I’m pretty sure that they would provide any additional photos to a serious buyer.

I’m especially enamored with the red GTA. I have a white one and my main goal in life (kidding, of course) is to have one of each color: red, white, black, and silver. The one in this listing, however, looks like it’s missing some very hard-to-find body cladding, unless it’s crammed into the car or into one of the other cars that are also for sale here. The 1985 Alliance convertible shown above looks like a bit of a restomod, or the start of one, or maybe the end of one since it looks a little rough. Maybe if it would have been at least wiped off before taking the photos it wouldn’t have looked so needy. There appears to be some black cladding in front of the RR wheel which is unusual, maybe they were intending to turn it into a GTA convertible clone?

The other Alliance convertible shown is.. interesting. I’m not sure what’s going on with the rear portion of the convertible top? Is it ripped and all of that stuff is to keep the moisture out? Again, a quick hose-off would have been nice on these cars, or tossing a bucket of water across the hood at least. The GTA really looks like the gem out of this trio of Renaults. It has at least two of its original wheels, unlike the other two examples, and it even has the center caps which sometimes “go missing”, as they say. Not to mention the bigger 2.0L engine, but then it isn’t a convertible and it’s always fun to be able to put the top down on summer days. There is no price listed other than $1234 (taking offers) which I’m assuming is a place holder more than an asking price. Which of these three Renaults would you rather have, if any?!


  1. nolotrippen

    The French have a word for it, “Non”

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  2. Rustytech Rustytech Member

    I thought these were a rather snappy looking car, and they drove quite well. However if my memory serves my well they had some dependability issues. It’s good to see one looking this good ( especially in WI ) as that is one of those notorious rust belt states. Most are long gone.

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    • DJ

      Yes, the air hoses were one major issue. My 1986 Alliance killed a full tank of gas with little power because of a hole in the air hose. Got rid of that car quick.

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  3. CanuckCarGuy

    Still think the GTA is a great looking car…. sadly for me, I couldn’t afford one back in the day and I haven’t seen one here in Ontario Canada in decades. That second convertible looks like it’s being used as a Tiny House…yikes.

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  4. Howard A Member

    ( crickets chirping) You knew full well, my friend, these are going to have limited appeal. I like them. My brother had one, it was an ok car. Historically speaking, it just shows what had become of the #4 car maker in America. I think your GTA is a cool car. I’d think for a grand, this would be perfect for a collector of these ( all 3 of you,,,kidding) Would I buy one? Umm,,,I’ll get back to you.

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    • PRA4SNW

      Welcome Back, Howard A.
      I haven’t seen a post from you in quite awhile.

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  5. Wayne

    Hey Richard! ( the guy that bought my GTA convert sans engine and transmission that went into our SCCA spec racer)
    Look! you can have some more converts! And they are only a days drive away not 2.5!

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    I would take them all…….why not? It would be hard to find them anywhere else as a package and anyone considering one without the others doesn’t seem like a smart move.

    I have owned both a convertible and a GTA. Nothing wrong with these as drivers with a lot to offer. My only concern is the interfering valve engines 1.7 in the rag tops and 2.0 in the GTA. anything else mechanical should be relatively off the shelf. The convertibles I would lean toward. They are a fun and comfortable car (even for someone 7′ tall) to just cruise around in. My favorite thing are the front seats that tilt/rock on an axis.Will run 75 mph on the highway without breaking a sweat. 4X100 mm bolt pattern makes custom wheel buying easy Not to mention getting super fuel mileage. These do not take up much room in the garage either. Too bad they have been stored outside.

    I would think in this 2018 economy that alone would be a welcome thing to someone in our world today with everyone buying trucks and SUV’s Detroit cranking them out as fast as they can. Small fuel efficient combined with unique is not in style. I might as well take my money and up my stock portfolio in Tesla as we are certainly headed for 2008 again

    (more sooner then one would think)

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  7. Wayne

    AMC Fan
    Parts are getting really tough to find. 3 months to get the right rings for the 2.0 and clutch parts are almost non-existent here. If there is a “French Connection” somewhere I need to find it. Try to find a timing belt for a 2.0!

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  8. Harry Hodson

    The blue AMX in the second photo us more interesting than the Alliances. Sorry.

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    I bought the GTA, I was looking this car for at least 20 years it has a little damage in the back but it is fixable, the car has 26K miles in the odometer the owner was an AMC employee…..but the best was the price.

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  10. Wayne

    Congrats! You will enjoy the car. Don’t forget about the timing belt!
    We change the one on our race car every year.

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  11. Marek

    Were the cars sold? Or is it possible to get a passenger from one rearview mirror?

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