Trophy Winner: 1940 Plymouth Business Coupe

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Have you ever looked at a classic car that has been hidden away, and all you want to do is roll it out into the light of day and give it a wash? Well, that’s the feeling that I get with this 1940 Plymouth Business Coupe. According to the owner, this was a prize-winning vehicle in the 1990s, then in 1998 it was rolled into a shed and left up until now. Barn Finder Ikey H spotted the Plymouth for us, so thank you for that Ikey. The Plymouth is located in Lyons, New York, with an asking price of $5,800. If you would like to become this car’s next owner, you will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist.

The owner claims that the Plymouth is rust-free, and the supplied photos seem to paint a pretty positive picture in that respect. Speaking of paint, under that layer of accumulated dust, the paint on the Plymouth still has quite a decent shine to it. This is why I’d love to get it out of the shed. I tend to think that a wash an a polish would have the Plymouth looking a million dollars, or at least $5,800 anyway. Nicely in character with the vehicle is the shiny new set of whitewall tires that have recently been fitted to the Plymouth.

I said that this Plymouth had been a prize-winner, and there’s a trophy on the seat to prove it. The owner doesn’t elaborate on what the prize was for, so he’s left us hanging just like a good mystery writer would. The interior presentation is a bit of a let-down because the materials used aren’t original and really aren’t in keeping with the character of the rest of the car. The headliner is also hanging loose, and the carpet doesn’t look like it’s a good fit. Still, it probably won’t take a lot to whip it into useable shape. Mechanically, however, things are a bit of a mystery. All we know is that the engine in the car turns freely, and the car is fitted with a manual transmission. The owner does elaborate by saying that he believes that it won’t take much effort to get the car up and running. If the engine is original, then it will be the 201ci L-Head six-cylinder engine, and this would be backed by a 3-speed manual transmission. Of course, this is all supposition, so hopefully, the owner will be willing to answer any question about this for prospective buyers.

The general lack of information on this Plymouth is frustrating, but it isn’t a deal breaker. If the owner is approachable, then he might be willing to answer all of your questions about this car. Even without any knowledge about the mechanical specification and condition of the Plymouth, it really does appear to be a pretty tempting car at the asking price. Within the last 3-months, I’ve seen a couple of project-grade ’40 Business Coupes sell for in excess of $7,000, and they were nowhere near as nice as this one. I’ve also seen nice examples selling for figures north of $22,000. So, would this be a Plymouth that you’d be willing to return to its trophy-winning best?

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  1. Bob

    That’s a 41

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  2. DrewP

    Guaranteed it’s gone really soon.

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  3. luke arnott

    Wouldn’t have had whitewalls when it was new!

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  4. Andrew S MaceMember

    When were those whitewalls new? 1998, or within the past month or so? Meanwhile, I suspect that I express almost everyone’s feelings here when I say PLEASE WASH THE CAR! ;)

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  5. Ken

    Bob’s right. It’s definitely not a 1940.

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  6. BR

    1941 models had the outlined grille trim. This is a ’41, not a ’40.

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  7. Bill Wilkman

    Someone needs to show the seller how to hold his cellphone horizontal!

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    Nice Plymouth- love the styling. I’d leave the body the same (i’d wash it tho..) either warm up the mill or drop something else in there. Good luck to the new owner. When I was in High school we pulled a 40 coupe out of theve junkyard, freed it up and drove the pi$$ out of it. 60 in second, 70 top speed. Those were fun times. Good luck to the new owner!!!


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  9. sluggo

    Clearly a estate sale Situ,, Does everyone know they are selling Grandpas old car?? Thats a Ironhead sportster sitting next to it. For an East car aging runner or mild custom that seems like an exception deal. I have a 39 Plymouth coupe rat rod project and a 1940 Dodge (Initially bought it for parts but while similar the Dodge has very little that interchanges with the Plymouth)
    Cool cars, will be fun no matter what direction new owner goes.
    Bet it sells quick. IMHO seller is leaving $$$$$ On table not washing detailing and perhaps make it yard run if possible, Worth putting in 20 hrs on it and would maximize sales results.
    Here is the 39Ply brochure, I like the headlights and markers on this way better than the 39. Anyone got a set or know of repops for these later lights?
    PS, My Ply has smooth fenders, the Dodge has 4 ribs F&R on the fenders, A cool styling,,, Anyone know the story on the 3 ribs here? Did they borrow that from Dodge?

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  10. rodger wilson

    This car is super solid, tires are new. Harley is fxr and first year evo . Trophies from local shows. Seller is very good guy, has many old cars from complete dragster to old restoration projects. Car worth all the money, won’t take much to make a driver. I’m going to make it road worthy, drive it and go from there on what to do

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