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True Barn Find: 1966 Chevrolet Impala

The Chevy Impala is not an uncommon sight on Barn Finds. However, most of them are Super Sports or at least equipped with V-8 power. This one is an exception, coming with the base 250 cubic-inch Turbo Thrift Inline-6 that produced 155 horsepower. Why is that important, you ask? Because in 1966, only five percent of the Impala’s built that year had the six-cylinder motor which was normally found in the lesser Biscayne or Bel Air. This Impala, located in Fairmont, Minnesota, is said to have been in a barn since 1987, and available here on craigslist for $5,350. Our Ikey Heyman found this interesting tip for us!

Fourth-generation Impala’s were built between 1965-70 and would be the best-selling models in the car’s history. The ‘66 model was little changed from ‘65, with the most noticeable changes being with headlight and taillight treatments. Chevy built 655,000 Impala’s that year and just 33,000 of them would come with something other than a V-8. While still a large number of cars, the six represented a small portion of Impala output. We’re accustomed to seeing cars offered with limited information or photos, but in this case the seller provides just one photo – of a very dusty car that lies dormant in a barn. It’s a two-door hardtop that looks to be in good original condition. It was last on the road some 33 years ago and in storage since. The seller says there is rust on the car but doesn’t document where or how much. We’re told the machine has 85,000 miles and that a Powerglide automatic accompanies the base powerplant. To give to you an idea of what this car might look like cleaned up, we borrowed this pic from Barrett-Jackson. The seller’s car is not an SS as in this pic.


  1. 70kingswood

    rare but not necessarily valuable Chevy did build Impala SS’s equipped with the inline six cylinder for 66 and other years as well.

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    • Guardstang

      Most years the SS package was an appearance pkg, not tied to any engine. The separate model SS427’s were obviously only 427’s.

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      • 70kingswood

        and the SS/427 was a 67-69 package, not available for 66!

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      • ChrisCClose Member

        I have a 66 Impala SS with a numbers matching 425 horse 427, so 70kingswood is mistaken.

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    • Tom

      I had a ’65 Impala SS. My first car back in 1977. They had frame drainage issues resulting in heavy rust. 327 Powerglide, was a fun first car!

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    • Bill

      I like the other end of the engine spectrum better, it had a small amount more H.P. The 425 horse 427 😳 hang on gramma lol

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  2. Djs

    Two photos not the same car same color but not same car check close

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    • Jamie G

      The second picture is a Barrett-Jackson car, as noted in the last two sentences of the article. Just an example of what the subject car could be.
      Nothing tricky going on.

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    • bob

      does’t say it’s the same car. story clearly says the lower pic. is from B-J .

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    • Steve Douglas


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    • Craig Simmens

      Obviously Einstein.

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  3. Steve Bush Member

    Certainly not the worst seen here and looks to be a good basis for a nice restomod. But wait! Dofus seller gives us one pic? Should we expect someone to give us zero pics soon?

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  4. local_sheriff

    An I-6 in a fullsize Chev was never unusual, but to find one in a 2dht which has also survived to this day without being swapped for a V8, that’s kinda unusual. The original owner apparently wasn’t in a hurry since it would have a power robbing PG behind.
    Would I keep the six? Well I’d be tempted to rather swap out the PG for a manual tranny and upgrade the 250 with some well-chosen bits. That won’t make it a muscle car however way more unusual than your regular 13-on-a-dozen 350/350 combo

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  5. Dave Sparks

    The plural of Impala is Impalas…no apostrophe!

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  6. rex m

    Why Bother?

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  7. Charles Simons

    Is that rust on the lower fender and door?

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    • Little_Cars

      Looks that way, along with mismatched paint between the fenders and rest of the car. I love a dog like this having the Chevy sourced straight six in it. I had a 69 Buick Special and 76 Pontiac with straight sixes which gave rise to my vanity plate (transferred between the two cars). “SLO TOY”

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  8. ACZ

    This is a Minnesota car, subjected to 21 years of Winter before being put away. I think I’d want a closer look at it before assuming that it’s in good condition after being stored since 1987. This could have enough frame rot for a six cylinder to twist in two.

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  9. Jerry C

    I just don’t understand these sellers. “rust and dust goes with it”. A total admission of absolute laziness. And only one picture!
    And as for zero pictures, I have seen craigslist posts here in Tucson with zero pics! What are they thinking?

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    • Little_Cars

      We all should remember a time when photos cost more to add to an online sales listing. As recently as my last full-blown MG restoration 5 years ago I found some real bargains from Craigslist ads that lacked photos and sometimes even lacked accurate information about the car parts or car they were trying to sell. People on Facebook these days actually state in their post “I bet nobody will look at this because I didn’t include a picture.”

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    • ACZ

      Sometimes that’s calculated. The seller wants to get you there to drool over it and make an offer. Dirt hides sins and they don’t want too many exposed. You have to bait the hook to catch a sucker.

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  10. Stilbo

    Clean it up. 4L automatic. Supercharge the six. Have fun.

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    • Patrick J. Flynn

      Great suggestion on the engine/trans swap. Better a 327/350 with a 4 speed. Still not fast but really fun. My 65 Vette Roadster had this engine and it sang.

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  11. Phlsthead Phil

    Photo #1 is of a standard Impala.

    Photo #2 is of a Super Sport.

    The 1966 S/S 396 was my first car.

    It was the same color. Only had the S/S wheels and covers.

    How sweet it was!!

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