True Blank Canvas: 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Occasionally cars will come along that generates a surprising amount of interest, and this 1962 Corvette is just such a car. Not only has the bidding been incredibly strong, but a lot of people are also watching its listing. Located in Boring, Oregon, the Corvette has been listed for sale here on eBay. A total of 119 bids have pushed the price along to $15,100. and the reserve appears to have been met. At the time of writing, there are also 112 people who are watching the auction.

The Corvette looks like it has led a pretty harsh life, and there are plenty of pieces that are now missing. The body has a lot of damage that is going to need to be addressed, and there will be a lot of exterior trim and chrome items that will have to go on the shopping list. There is a new one-piece front included in the sale, along with a replacement hood. However, both of these will need to be fitted to the car. It has a partial hardtop that is included, although this isn’t the correct item for a 1962 model. One thing that the Corvette has going in its favor is that it has a good frame. This has been stripped and painted and is said to be free of any rust issues.

The news doesn’t get any better when we delve into the engine bay. There are a lot of items that will need to be added to the already extensive shopping list before the car is capable of moving under its own power again. Chief among these is an engine and transmission, as both are long gone. You can add a wiring harness, a full braking system, and a full fuel system to the list. The front and rear ends are present, and the car rolls and steers. That’s really about it from that perspective.

The interior of the Corvette hasn’t escaped the attention of the parts pickers either. The dash is complete, with items such as the gauges, radio, and clock still present. There are a pair of seats, but they will need new covers. Add a decent looking wheel to the items that are present and accounted for, and the next owner is going to have some work to do. That shopping list is now seriously long.

The big question now is what to do with this Corvette. It is a true blank canvas, so the next owner can follow whatever path they like. They could choose to try to restore it as close to original as possible, and it would certainly look pretty nice finished in its original Tuxedo Black. Otherwise, the world is your oyster. With so many components missing, this is a car that could be refurbished into whatever configuration the new owner wanted. Opinions will certainly differ on this one, so it will be interesting to see how many different ideas come from our readers.


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  1. Andy

    Can you put a price on a dream? The answer is obviously yes and we’ll find out what that price is when the bid results are in.

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  2. Air Cowboy Member

    The market will be flooded with C1 projects next week after this one sells for that kinda money and still climbing. Where do you start on this ?

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    • theGasHole

      You don’t.

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  3. benjy58

    No thanks. I can see a money pit from here.

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    $15K for a title, vin and a few parts? I think unless someone has another needing specific parts this is not for the faint of heart.

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Lot of blank in that canvas.

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      bobhess comment!

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  6. grant

    15k (and climbing), for the incomplete, wrecked leftovers of someone’s parts car? Dude claims to be heavily involved in Corvette restoration, and I can confirm the shop he names exists, I’ve driven past it. But why does the PROFESSIONAL CORVETTE RESTORER want to dump this one? I would posit that it’s because he can do basic math. He isn’t selling a car for restoration and he knows it. He’s selling a title and VIN.

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  7. Alan

    Your buying a vin & title & some spare ebay parts to boot. Nothing more & this will NEVER see the street again! It’s more than likely going to go to someone in the North East sitting on a stolen ’62 for the swap out. Easy peasy & saw it quite often 1st hand back in the 70 & 80’s. That was for those that wanted to just drive them. Investment grade now, it’s all about the money. Probably someone that done an insurance job & a friend took it to hold in a barn. After 30 days by law, ins has to settle if not found. Being that the orig owner won’t be ‘looking’ for his car, the friend or ‘investor’ will slap the tags on & reg it with no worries anyone is looking for it. Other than ins companies. And trust me, unless they lost $100k+ on it, if even that low, they ain’t looking at all.

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  8. bigdoc

    I could see using the rear part and turning it into a 8cyl Trike but not for the money being bid

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  9. Chas358 Chasman358

    The seller says it has a clear title, why was the car taken apart in the first place?

    • grant

      Because he parted it out to restore another before he put it up for sale.

  10. John S

    Too bad this car has been in bad hands (likely several) for so long! What a sorry sight!

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  11. Stilbo

    This makes me glad that I’m not so desperate to possess an early Corvette.
    Whoever ends up with this pile of (limited) parts has to have money to burn.
    I’m 65. I’d be happy with a clean but unloved and affordable 70’s something Corvette.
    Without the gold chain and big sideburns.

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  12. Andrew Franks

    This is absurd at the current price. You have to be absolutely irrational or know something about the car no one else does. Yes, the restoration is North of $100,000.00. Ridiculous.

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  13. moosie moosie

    It’d be a wonderful blank canvas for someone who possess ALL the necessary skills & time to revive it instead of paying XYZ Corvette Restoration Experts a whole wheel barrow full of dead presidents,,,,,, but definitely not at the present high bid, maybe 3 or 4 grand tops and not a red cent more.

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  14. TimM

    They call it a blank canvas!! I call it a carcass!! Nothing is there but a partial body and a frame!! Even the wiring harness is gone!!! (Not that it would have made a difference!!) For me just fiberglassing the body back together would be more hours than I would want to do!! I love the 62 it was a killer year!! But this one isn’t going to be mine!!

  15. v

    someone is going to clone this vette cause of the limited amount of DNA. or you can make it a corvette trailer. this is probably being sold cause whats left is taking up to much real estate. i say hang it from the ceiling and turn it into a ceiling fan…
    . ceiling fan is most logical.

  16. Wr HALL

    Sometime in the past century I went to Mt Hood CC in Gresham Or next door to Boring. I was studying automotive. The dept chair turned his 62 Vet into a dragster project car for the dept. I don’t whatever happened to it. Last time I saw it in the mid seventies even though it been screwed around with was not anywhere near as bad as this. If this guy was around he would be in his early eighties

  17. Julian Grove

    How much is this car and where is it located?

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