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True Rust Bucket: 1967 Porsche 912

1967 Porsche 912

At one time this was a short wheel base 1967 Porsche 912. It left the factory wearing dark blue paint with a black interior (it must be the light that makes it look light blue). The same owner has had it for many years, although there’s no mention of maintenance records. It is listed on Hemmings for a modest $6,995. The car appears very complete, well except for a few problem areas. On the plus side, some of the panels and parts that have fallen off are included in the transaction!

1967 Porsche 912 Interior

There is a little rust in the usual places and there’s no rust visible in the floor, at least on the drivers side, since all you see is pavement!

Porsche 912 Engine


There’s no mention if the engine is frozen or if the battery is included. The engine does look complete, but we are sure there will be a few bits missing or needing replacing.

Porsche 912

The tires are old and will probably need replacing. There is no word on the headlights or any of the electrical system. Here is a link for a coupon for a tetanus shot, which you will likely need after just looking at all that rust. So, what do you think it will take to get this Porsche back on the road, besides a trailer? And please, feel free to leave your best image captions for this one!


  1. Gary

    95% complete….ran when parked

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  2. Fred

    I think if you media blasted it not a molecule would remain.

    • hhaleblian

      I think this pos will be media blasted to a fine turn on this site.

  3. Dan h

    Great link for the tetanus. Thanks!

  4. randy

    “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” says Mr. Rusty Encroachment

  5. Brian

    how is this not total garbage? Like what part of that would have any value? Seriously.

  6. Rick

    That’s called patina. I’d duct tape it together and drive it

    • Brian

      that would take a hell of alot of duct tape.

    • Doug

      In Arkansas, Duct Tape is called Pin Striping!

  7. Mr. TKD

    The title is the only thing that’s clean.

  8. matt

    Price is now $3950

  9. Keith

    $$$ for that pile of junk!? Dude must have posted that ad at 3am while smoking a crack pipe! Good luck getting .50 cents!!!

  10. Ian

    This “hobby” is now totally out of control.

    • Woodie Man

      like everything else!

  11. Jason Houston

    This is what we call a “dust pan car” – you sweep it up into a dust pan and dump it into a bag. One thing’s for sure: this poor car was pulled from a lake.

  12. Andy Mcnab

    Hi, something that has had me wondering about rules on American cars. Obviously this 912 has rolled would it be straightforward to once renovated register it for road use . In the UK where I live we have very strict rules on crashed cars they come with several catogries from light damage to heavier damage to cars that can never be returned to road use . I often see cars on your site that here would be scrapped no question . Even the lesser catogries have to be inspected by government officials once fixed , but even then the car will always carry a marker against it saying it was cat C or cat D . Is this not the case in America ? This 912 would never be allowed on our roads .

    • Alan

      No worries, this 912 will never be in the road unless it bounces out of the scrap truck

    • randy

      The seller is selling the VIN # most likely, to be swapped on a title less car.

    • EmmyJ

      I’d venture to predict that this car is not going to be getting back on anyone’s road, anywhere.

    • Matt Tritt

      Andy – You’re absolutely right. While it’s quite possible to drive a complete pile of rubbish in parts of this country, states like California (probably the closest you’ll come to Europe here) have very strict laws forbidding unsafe vehicles on the road. There are at least a few people in this country who buy vehicles that have been removed from the roads of Europe because of failing highway inspections, and sell them here for far more than they’re worth. We have no Federal inspection program as they have in Europe and Scandinavia and the UK, but we should. On the other hand, there are some great vehicles that only exist now because of our aversion to oversight. ;-)

      • Stang1968

        The problem is California doesn’t enforce any of those rules.

        I’ve seen 18-wheelers pulled over for inspection and towed away for unsafe vehicles, and I know every two years when you are smogged, they could revoke registration if you fail the test, but other than that, anything flies.

        I’ve seen some really really bad cars on the road in Orange County. I was on the freeway once and the bumper fell off the car in front of me.

  13. Jason Houston

    Most DMV’s in the US have rules regulating wrecked or salvaged vehicles, but they differ substantially from state to state.

    I like what they do in parts of Scandinavia. If your car has strayed too far from stock, factory original, registration will be denied.

  14. Mark S

    The passenger door fly window looks pretty good.

  15. mika

    even mr Flintstone can`t drive this porsche !

  16. Bruce

    Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

  17. PaulRR

    Now $3995. I thought they might have had it detailed before taking the pictures to show it to its best.

    • Jason Houston

      Hell, all he’d hafta do is buff out the paint and air up the tires…

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  18. Michael Jacobs

    This car dealer always sells shit like this..its the VIN…they are a greedy bastard should see the prices they ask for cars….typical hustle from a rounder…they drive me nuts…anything for a buck..

    • MikeH

      Let the marketplace rule. Something is worth what someone will pay. If they find somebody to whom this car [title] is worth $4000, don’t blame them for selling it. Wouldn’t you?

    • Jason Houston

      A Big Black Eye on the city of Beverly Hills, to be sure. There’s another slimy bastard like this selling the same level of crap out in Pearblossom, Calif. called “Larry Badassridez”.

      • Brakeservo

        Beverly Hills Hair Club really isn’t in Beverly Hills at all . . . and when you start by lyin’ ’bout even you’re location . . .

        Now about Peter Kumar and Gullwing, I’ve always found him to be an honorable gentleman – if he’s selling a piece of crap, he’ll tell you it’s a piece of Crap!!!

        Ironically many internet buyers WANT CRAP!!

  19. wolf

    Flintstoning in style.

  20. jim s

    this has also been on ebay. i too thing the seller is selling a title and vin plates.

  21. redwagon

    seriously. for a 912? i cannot believe the vin is valuable not being a 911.

    perhaps if it were a 356 cabriolet (he said mockingly)

  22. Tom Hall

    For the collector car market bubble deniers out there, here’s irrefutable proof – the rusted, but yet smoking gun:

  23. Al

    Looks like it was rolled and then dumped in a river for 30 years! What a turd.

  24. Mike

    Decimal point must be in the wrong place. $69.95 seems more realistic.

    • Jason Houston

      Right. And that would be the bounty paid to haul it off.

  25. Birdman

    You might be able to salvage the…ummmm…the….uuuuhhhh…….never mind….

  26. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Um? “strong parts car” Huh? As stated above, the only thing “strong” about this thing would have to be the vin plates!! I do not believe I have ever seen an engine that is so rusted out that it looks like if you put a jack under it, there would be nothing but a pile of dust after one pump!!
    Andy, as to your question about inspections. Some states have stringent inspection programs. Some have none, other than Emmissions which is population controlled. I used to live in a state that had both safety and emissions. I now live in a state with no safety. The difference of what is on the roads is down right scary, not to mention dangerous!!!

    • Jason Houston

      As my neighbor once said about my friend’s 1952 Starlight Coupe, “I’d jack up the radiator cap and slide a new car under it.”

      • D. King

        Wonder what your friend would jack up in this car–no radiator cap! The rear view mirror, perhaps?

      • randy

        Shhh, let it be a surprise!

  27. Brakeservo

    Alex and Beverly Hills Hair Club have no shame . . .

  28. Horse Radish

    When they moved it they broke half of the parts that were still worth anything. That means next time maybe the one door glass and the two bumper guards are left
    Value $100.

    That’s the Beverly Hills Car club for you, yeeeaahhh

    • Jason Houston

      … which isn’t any real car club at all, but a scroungy used-car operation that sells pure junk for Pebble Beach Concours prices.

  29. Gnrdude

    Uhmmm should Definitely be in the YARD ART Category as there’s NOT ONE salvageable part there.

    • Horse Radish

      no inspections here in California, and it’s “pre-smog” check, but I don’t see it riding around Beverly Hills anytime soon

      • Jason Houston

        I once drove a battered red 1960 Mercury Monterey convertible through Beverly Hills that had been hit real hard in the ass end. I got pulled over by the Beverly Hills PD and told to just keep going and don’t stop. I’d love to be the fly on the wall when the guy driving this poor Pooch gets stopped…

  30. D. King

    You people are way too pessimistic–that’ll buff right out!

    We have no state inspection here in Arkansas, so maybe it’ll find its way here…

  31. roundhouse

    Save it for the Arizona auctions in January. It will double the fair market value.

  32. Alan (Michigan)

    Oh, nevermind.
    This car is not worth the time to post a comment.
    The insanity escalates.

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  33. Jimmy

    On Beverly Hills car club they’re asking $4,000 a lot better shape than that 356 cabriolet for $26,000

  34. brakeservo

    Well, you know what the young hillbilly said to the man after being told to paint the porch around the back “I dun finished, but that ain’t no Porch, it’s a Mercedes!”

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  35. Dave Anton

    udderly (not utterly) speachless

    • Jason Houston

      speechless (not speachless)

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  36. alfred

    the steering wheel may make a good wall hanger

  37. Jason Houston

    The only thing this crook is selling is the VIN plate, and he knows exactly who’s going to buy it and what they’ll do with it. Watch out, if you live near this guy and own a real nice 1967 Pooch 912!

  38. Jack

    Really !!

  39. Jason Houston

    There’s another one of these charlatans in Hemmings called Goldenrod Garage. He’s been selling rusted junk for years in New Hampshire, or one of those states. He digs up clapped-out cars that are beyond hope, cleans them up with rattle cans, throws on a new top and wide whites, then sticks them to anyone with a few extra bucks lying around. He finally was indicted for fraud, and after spending some quality time in prison, he was right back in HMN running his same ol’ scams.

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  40. Nicolas Giguere

    Well, hère Ralph Nader new book after seeing this Porshe pictures: Unsafe at any speed 2.

  41. bcavileer

    Gravity, a weak force… rust, never sleeps… this rust was speeding it’s a$& off…
    I rest my case about Porsches. Even British steel is laughing. Oh wait, I think i see a screw thats gotta be worth $ 100’s… Thanks for the laugh. Love it.

  42. Toni

    I’m still trying to find ONE part you could use…how do you even pick this pile of junk up if you buy it? Giant spatula?

    • Zachary

      MAYBE the shift knob, gauges?

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