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True Survivor: 1942 Packard 110 Convertible

Packard Survivor

Packard introduced a line of less expensive 6 cylinder cars in 1937, the Packard 6. They were renamed the 110 for 1940 and 1941. This Packard 110 was owned by the same family since new and appears completely original. It’s being sold by a dealer. He has provided a very detailed description and pictures for this listing. It looks like a well loved car with only a couple of body repairs necessary over the years. The car was always well maintained and hasn’t been off the road long so it shouldn’t take too much work to have it running and driving. The top will certainly need replacing. Find it here on eBay in Fullerton, California. Thanks go to Jamie for finding this treasure.

Family Packard

Several interesting pictures of the family with the car are included with the listing. In this picture shot during World War 2 notice the ration sticker on the windshield. An “A” sticker was for the general public and gas purchases were very limited. Business owners got a “B” and special folks like medical personal and priests got a “C” and were able to purchase more fuel..

front seat

The leather upholstery needs help, but it’s nice to get an idea what the seats looked originally.


The dash is original and complete. This was life before audio systems, GPS or even power windows!


Things look original and stock under the hood, ready for a good cleaning and the usual mechanical attention.


Several pictures were provided of the underside. There’s no sign of rust.

right rear above

It would take very deep pockets to buy this Packard. I hope the new owner at least keeps it original. It will probably end up in a private collection and never be driven, but wouldn’t this be a grand cruiser?


  1. Josh Staff

    Hey guys, somehow a setting accidentally got changed so that comments were closed. Special thanks to Fred W for pointing it out to us. Sorry about that!

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  2. Fred W.

    No problem! Back to the car. Definitely a survivor qualifier, but price is already in the stratosphere for a 6 cyl. Packard. You can get a nice older restoration with a straight 8 for around 50K (see Hemmings). Think of all the work it will take to get this one to the same level. Not sure I see the fascination with some of the “original survivors” that are this deteriorated.

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  3. JW454

    Very nice story with this one. I really like the gas ration sticker on the windshield. That picture tells a whole story buy it’s self. Those men and women are still the greatest generation to me.
    It will cost a lot of dollars to restore it but I hope someone takes on the Challenge.

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  4. 68custom

    very nice original Packard that should just be cleaned up and enjoyed IMO. do not know much about the price.
    Packards are great cars overbuilt and seem to last forever when well maintained.

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  5. RayT Member

    I can see this climbing some more, and if I had a spare $50K to put out I’d be seriously tempted. Fresh fluids, tires, brakes — I never trust old rubber in safety-related systems — plus a major detailing job and it should be good to go!

    Unlike many potential buyers, I’m not so much grabbed by the story as by the car itself. I’d have to drive it — it’s too wonderful to waste by letting it sit idly by with other collector cars.

    Would be interesting to know how much the flipper paid for it….

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      RayT — From what I gather in reading the info on the Ebay page, The car is on consignment, and still owned by the family.

      This is a fairly rare, mostly original, open 2-door Packard, with a NO RUST southern California body, Yes, the seats are cracked, but it’s to be expected after 75+ year of use. As someone who has owned over 300 Packards over the last 45+ years, if it was mine, or if I was advising a new owner, I would suggest they only do whatever is needed to make it a safe driver, and not restore it. A car is only original once. This is about as close to a completely original 75 year old car. It would be welcome in any Packard club events, as is.

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  6. grant

    Holy crap! I don’t have anything particularly eloquent or humorous to say right now. I’m basically speechless. Hopefully this car doesn’t get over restored. Clean it up and make it presentable and cruise it on sunny days.

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  7. Chris A.

    Packard classy, especially when compared to the Nash Metropolitan next to it. The seller could have at least washed it. That Packard is one sweet ride. I still have my parents’ ration “A” stamps from the end of WWII. The US was awash in gasoline at the end of the war, but tires stayed a scarce item as the rubber companies converted over to making civilian rather than jeep and military truck tires. The period’s recaps were horrible.

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  8. MikeH

    No one has mentioned that this is a ’42. No idea how many ’42s were produced, let alone how many 110 convertibles, but Ill wager, not many.

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  9. Woodie Man

    Looking at the picture of the car in the driveway next to what appears to be a” foursquare” house, all I can think of is what a more visually appealing country we once were. Our houses were of a more classic design, our cars were distinctive and different and like this wonderful Packard, built to last. If they ever discover a time machine, book me a seat!

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  10. Randy C

    I’ve seen this car in person and have been to the house it has lived it’s whole life. A truly magic scene and the history is stellar! This car runs like a sewing machine, drives super nice and with a bath and detail it is going to come back to glory days very easy…I would never restore this car, just detail and enjoy as is. Being a 1942, it is an extremely rare car too. Looks like the reserve has been met…someone is going to get it…I wish it was me!

    I did buy one car from the estate though…another Packard. Simply insane condition…I just couldn’t say no!

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  11. Keith

    went for $32k. Seems like a steal

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