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Turbo Dually Camper: 1987 Toyota Sunrader 4×4

So, prepare yourselves: this is likely the most expensive Toyota truck you’re going to lay eyes on today. However, there are multiple good reasons for that, especially if you’ve been hunting for a Sunrader conversion that hasn’t been used as a homeless encampment for the last decade. This one literally checks all the boxes, ditching the wheezy 22R engine for a turbocharged 22RTE, which the seller speculates makes this camper conversion one of only a handful to ever get the boosted powerplant. In addition, it features a dually set-up out back, with what look like brand new Bilstein shocks. Oh, did I mention it’s four-wheel drive? OK, now the hard part – the asking price is $49,500, and it’s listed here on craigslist in Oregon. This would be mine if I chose a different career.

I know some of you would never consider spending that kind of dough on a truck like this, but I’ve often thought that if the regularities of life didn’t cause me to live a fairly conservative existence, a four-wheel drive mini-camper / RV conversion that lets you go wherever your heart and bank account will take you is the only way to fly. Throw in the fact that this is essentially Marty McFly’s truck from Back to the Future with a full camper shell and a turbocharged engine and it’s game over. Speaking of Michael J. Fox, I would absolutely paint this thing black and mount huge KC HiLiters all over the front end. And then drive to the Baja 1000 and sleep under the stars in the desert. I’m going to have driven to the gas station and bought scratch-off tickets before I finish writing this post, aren’t I?

Now, I get that in a truck this size, the turbocharged engine isn’t going to make a huge difference. In fact, one could even argue that for the marginal increase in performance, you take on significantly increased risks in terms of being in the middle of nowhere and suffering a break-down with an engine that isn’t necessarily serviceable with parts from the local NAPA. The 22R/22RE, however, is extremely reliable and the sort of engine you can likely fix with minimal tools and/or having access to a nearby junkyard. I can’t claim to know for sure how much more labor-intensive living with the turbocharged mill is, but there’s no doubt the cool factor goes through the roof when you take into account all of the special-order equipment on this particular Sunrader. The Radwood crowd would eat it up.

Now, to top it all off, this Sunrader is absolutely mint inside. The photos are nothing short of breathtaking in terms of the quality and cleanliness of the living and eating spaces. The spec sheet is just incredible, with the original owner opting for A/C, cruise control, a five-speed manual transmission, 26 gallon fuel tank, Cobra CB radio, six-lug rear axle, and obviously the turbocharged engine and four-wheel drive. This isn’t some JDM import, either – it’s a life-long California truck, and the body condition speaks to that. The seller estimates Sunrader made roughly 25-30 4×4 fiberglass overhead-passthrough campers, and one of possibly just four trucks with the 22RTE. As they say, find another one – and you probably won’t.


  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    With an ask of 50k, that is the silliest thing that I have read today. Lol…..

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    • Superdessucke

      I know. What is it parked on? A plot of San Francisco real estate?

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  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    At least it comes with about $2k worth of tires on it. I like it, but geez…

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    • bry593

      The original Toyota 1-ton dual rear wheel design was prone to failure and extremely dangerous. Tires won’t save you if your wheel breaks off…..

  3. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    A friend had one of these, and as he was an importer of used Japanese engines and components; he transplanted a mysterious V8 Toyota motor into it and had a special NV DMV registration/license plate with a designation as a experimental vehicle for fuel economy..
    Overall, there’s just too much weight for not enough motor, especially at the altitudes here in the Sierras-can you imagine driving this over the Rockies?!?NOT!!
    Probably just fine for flatlanders in their native habitat though, or for metro getaways (Walmart parking lots, asphalt “campsites” by the beach, etc.).

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    • Andy Mesa

      I drove my 2WD Toyota motorhome with a regular 22RE over the Rockies without issue.

      Also, Mount Rainier. Also, Mt San Jacinto. Also, a bunch of other 9000+ ft mountain ranges across the country.

  4. 8banger dave Member

    Well said, Nevada. I live in Colorado, and ya, 4 cylinders struggle to get up to the sticks. Neat ride tho.

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  5. Jack M.

    $49,500? Yeah, drugs are a big problem in my city too.

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  6. Mike

    I remember seeing a few Toyota campers with dual rear wheels years ago. I don’t think they actually had separate rims for the dual tires but I could be mistaken. Right now, I just want to find a company that will make a set of dual rims with a 5×4 1/2″ lug pattern for my V-8 Ranger project! I’m not looking for extra load capacity, I just want a true dually Ranger.

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    • Steve R

      Try wheel vintiques.

      Steve R

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      • Mike

        I already have. Wheel Vintiques doesn’t build custom rims. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    • Will

      I have a toyota dually camper. A Winnabago warrior. The wheels are seperate. All 6 wheels can be fitted to any position.

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      • Mike

        Aren’t they a wide 5 or a 6 lug pattern though? I need a 5×4 1/2″ pattern and I flat REFUSE to use” adapters”, I don’t trust them. Thanks for your reply.

    • Big_Fun Member

      Try this place:

      I hope this helps.


    I think the value isn’t out of reason for what this is. 4X4’s are hot. Everyone is into Jeeps and big trucks. A new truck in top trim is $100,000. The beyond classic Toyota FJ’s has anyone seen the value of those?

    This rig is a Toyota. It is clean. I can see someone going off the grid with this unique machine. Very nice find. I believe the guy will get damn near his asking price.

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  8. J Salazar

    You guys should check this 1985 Toyota Sunrader 4×4
    Was sold in June 2018
    For $37.500 asking price and was non turbo×4-for-sale

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    • ace10

      Please don’t confuse BF readers with market with data.

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  9. Spanky

    Too old, small & expensive.

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  10. Howard A Member

    While I think for a camper, it’s really a neat unit. Clearly the seller has optimistic ideas what it’s worth. The 4×4(6?) is a well worthy item, dual wheels in back, another good idea, but horribly underpowered. Maybe that’s why nobody wanted one, that and they cost too dang much. I just don’t get why these manufacturers don’t charge half as much and make ten times as many. Just not connected to who might actually buy these things, it’s usually low buck working Joes with a family that want to enjoy the outdoors. Sadly, even at this price, it cuts those people, who would have a ball with this,,out and the kids will have to see Yosemite online instead.

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  11. Jack Sakaluk

    Ahhh, NO!

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  12. Car Nut Tacoma

    Another thing that bothers me about these Toyota Motorhome ads is that there are never enough exterior pics of the vehicle. They show all sorts of interior pics, an engine pic or two. But too few exterior pics.

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  13. Matt Toni

    I think this was in Sparks Nevada about 8 years ago for $8000? I have pics somewhere

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  14. Burger

    If our pioneering forefathers could climb and mine and do all they did above timberline with mules and 20hp Model T’s , this turbo charged 22r would perform like they could never believe. The 22r powered 84-88 Toyota trucks are a favored rock crawler platform. Huatchoo talkin’ ’bout WIllis ? Methinks you monster truck people need to step away from the Koolaid dispenser.

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  15. Dave

    This guy has his head in the Glue Bag.

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  16. mark

    Not my thing but whatever people want to spend their money on…..

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  17. Michael

    The 22 is a bullet proof engine. Unfortunately the turbo is a model for this truck only and parts and turbos are no longer available. Turbo breaks or needs service and ….. well better start looking for a new / different motor. Turbos on this engine are good for about 70K.

  18. chrlsful

    top heavy, rich chick rig, Burger. (No offense, talkin bout this camper).U talk abt a purpose built wheeler, I think.
    My 1st 4 adjectives apply (current owners?, certainly future…

    Local woman (Right coast sorta) is takin her girlfriend to BurningMan end of summer (2,800 mi away) in this same setup…

  19. Jim

    It doesn’t even appear to be self-contained! Who would spend that on a camper with no toilet?

    • Burger

      Does a bear Toyota in the woods ? Hello ? 🤔

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    • Steve R

      What looks like a closet right behind the drivers seat us probably a toilet.

      Steve R

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  20. Grumpy

    Nasty looking stains on the interior wall behind the sink/stove. The tires appear to be oversize, that will kill the poor old engine on a grade.
    Otherwise a very nice vehicle

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  21. Btsunrader

    Wow wonder what my conversion is worth..4×4 straight axle,3.4 conv auto trans on 33 with all custom woodwork.. lockers front and rear. No not for sale.

  22. Jerry

    $49,500? Put down the crack pipe…………….

    I bought a new ’87 Turbo Extended Cab, nice truck with a very strong engine but I did manage to blow the trans up under warranty.

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  23. Dennis Tobin

    There is a custom wheel builder in Burlington Wisconsin, sorry I can’t think of the name just now. The make steel wheels in 15” snd less any width off set and bolt pattern you want.
    Hope this helps.

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