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Turquoise Gem: 1958 GMC 100 Deluxe Pickup


Low mileage isn’t everything when it comes to a car or truck. This 1958 GMC 100 Deluxe is listed as having just a hair over 50,000 original miles. In fair condition, this truck has loads of style and is a great project truck. Currently listed with a buy it now price of $13,699. Find it here on ebay out of Jacksonville, Florida.


Having last run about 2 years ago, we would hope the seller would have more information to offer with this truck. But from what we can see this truck was indeed that wonderful turquoise color. The engine is listed as a non-runner but that the engine does turn over. This truck is propelled by a 336 V8 and a manual transmission on the floor.


Again that wonderful shade of Turquoise is present in the interior of this GMC. Dust, dirt and a little rust is present inside, although from what we see, a good cleaning would do wonders. There is little left of the turquoise paint on the exterior of this truck as surface rust has taken over most of the exterior. What isn’t surface rust, or original paint, is spray paint to inhibit the spread of rust. The truck overall looks fairly solid. The lower part of the front fenders have a little rot, and the tail gate has some rot in the bottom. The wood planked bed is nonexistent at this time and it appears a sheet of plywood is on bed detail. The chrome grill and front bumper look great. The cab looks solid, and overall this looks like a solid truck.


Restored, this truck would be absolutely stunning in its factory color and configuration. But we know many likely have ideas that involve leaving the patina and making it a driver. To each their own. Either way this truck is a fairly nice example, with a lot of potential. What would you do with this GMC?



  1. Jon

    I see a restomod in its future….

  2. Jon

    Must be a flipper… California truck, seller in Florida. In my opinion his BIN. price is a bit too high… I would think a more fair starting point would be between 6 and 8 grand…

  3. Derik Lattig

    Derik Lattig says this looks like a decent truck

  4. angliagt

    Buy It Now price $13,699 – for a rusty old truck.
    Seller must be smoking some of California’s finest!

    • Dick in SoCal

      It’s the Pontiac 336 V8.

  5. CaCarDude

    With the CA black plates still affixed to the vehicle I would assume it still had a CA registration available and or a CA title. Seller states it is 60 years old and does not need a title, not so here in CA, don’t care if it is 100 years old you still need a title. I would be cautious about laying out any green on this turquoise classic, it would be nice to know more about the truck history and any/all past registered owners.

    • Woodie Man

      Absolutely correct. Sent up red flags. Sounds like seller doesnt know much about California vehicle registration protocol. AND….if its still registered on those plates…ie…the plates have expired and its not registered as non op…..bringing it back to California if it is really an originally California registered vehicle will cost some coin. Always cheaper to register it as non-op in the long run.

      • Dick in SoCal

        For those who don’t live in CA, the CA DMV never forgets and the buyer will need to pay all unpaid registration fees, penalties and fines against the VIN
        going all the way back to when it was last registered..

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like this truck but considering what needs to be done, this is way out of my budget. I question the 336 motor; I would’ve expected a 347.

  7. JW

    I like the truck but not his price, he’s out of touch of what it will cost to get it back in show room condition like his last picture he posted and the no title issue doesn’t help.

  8. Howard A Member

    Back in the day when a GMC actually looked different than a Chevy ( and was more than a Chevy with lock washers) It’s clearly not junk, as Chevy’s probably out sold GMC’s 5 to 1, which makes this truck pretty rare. They had such neat grills and dash boards, compared to the basic Chevy’s. I never get too ruffled about the price ( unless it’s like that Graham the other day) as the actual selling price may be way off from the asking price. Great find here, I’d get it running and safe, and drive it as is.

  9. Mark S

    Again these vehicles from this era did not have base/clear coat paint and single stage paint is easy to apply. To use base/clear is to over restore. Paint is part of the maintenance as far I’m concerned and to leave it in a state of RUSTINA is to allow the tin worm to further attack. The fact is a crappie paint job is still better than RUSTINA. JMHO.

  10. ron tyrrell

    Genome hs is correct on the motor, it was Pontiac. I owned one of these back in the day and it was a very strong truck Compared to the 283 found in Chevy.

  11. John P

    Guy is out of his mind with his pricing… No title?? Hah-have fun..

  12. Ck

    Nice truck but to much $. Seeing that it has that whole Cali plate thing going on and the truck being in Fla .I’d make sure all the paperwork was in order before handing over any cash.

  13. randyflt219

    Sorry but the price tag on this old boy is laughable.

  14. Ron Wheeler

    Patina, we used to call it surface rust.
    Meanings of words sure have changed.

    • the gezzer

      Right. …patina sounds much more like an asset these days. It’s still rust anyway you look at it. But cool rust none the less.

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