Turquoise Metallic Survivor: 1991 Chevy Corvette

This 1991 Chevrolet Corvette is a nice change of pace from the usual reds, whites, and blacks we see color-wise, sporting a totally 90s paint job of Turquoise Metallic. At just $5,750, this is likely one of the better deals I’ve seen in a while on eBay for a classic you can use every day and not be afraid to pile the miles onto. Speaking of, mileage is downright low at just 62,650. Find it here on eBay and located in California.

How many Chevrolets of the early and mid-90s did you see wearing colors like this? The Beretta is the first car that comes to mind for me, particularly the Indy editions. Other brands made liberal use of turquoise, including cars like the Plymouth Sundance, Geo Tracker, and Ford Probe. The Corvette wears it best, however, as it the factory tinted glass almost helps the rear canopy blend right into the paint.

The biscuit-colored leather interior and carpets is a perfect complement to the turquoise exterior, and the passenger bucket seat looks to have been used sparingly. There’s more wear evident on the driver’s leather bucket, but nothing that necessarily demands immediate attention. The dash shows no cracks and the door jamb paint looks just as nice as the outside. The Corvette is optioned with an automatic.

That last part is a bummer, as the manual transmission setup would likely have me very seriously considering how I could find a place to park this car. While I get that turquoise isn’t the preferred color for guys who like to talk about the hair on their chests, you have to find the unusual features to make a mass-produced sports car like this have a shot at being worth more down the road. Deal of the week, right here.


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  1. Dean

    Already sold..deal of the week, for sure

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  2. Ralph

    Call the police…………someone stole this for $5750.

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  3. LARRY

    Who bought it..I’ll give em $6000 LOL

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  4. bruce baker

    I guess you have to be a Barn Finds member to get notification early enough to bid on the good stuff, right?

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    • Steve R

      It was listed on eBay for anyone to see. I’d be surprised if it was a Barn Find reader that bought it.

      Steve R

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      • bruce baker

        Yes, i just paid one hour ago for an HO train engine i just won on ebay. So after i last commented here i checked my e-mail to see if this car was in my mail. Both ebay, & B F’s were not there until 5;00 Pm Pacific time. To late. In fact i first found this Vett off a Barn F email for that Plumb Purple 71 Cuba. So i guess it’s my fault for reading about the Mopar to slow as the additional ebay cars are at the bottom.

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  5. Raymond Smith

    I can’t remember where but I remember this car being for sale months ago for more money. Maybe it is the same one, maybe not. Whenever I see a stupid, outrageously good deal like this my scam radar is activated. Let’s hope someone got a really good deal and not scammed out of money by a scammer presenting a car from a former sale.

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  6. dcowan

    I was lucky enough to score a 91 vette convertible about 2 months ago. Paid 6k. I thought I stole that. Steel blue metallic. 85k miles and cleaner than I could even believe. Only needs a new top. Wish it was a bit faster but it’s fun to drive for sure.

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  7. Coventrycat

    Most of the guys driving these are lucky if they still have hair on their heads, much less chests. Good looking color combo regardless of it screaming the 90’s.

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  8. gbvette62

    91 Corvette wheels were directional, meaning the left and right wheels were different, and were only meant to mount on one side. This car has it’s wheels reversed…the lefts are on the right and the rights are on the left.

    The price may seem pretty good, especially for a dealer/flipper, but there are plenty of other 91’s out there with similar miles, for less than $8K. I wonder what the interior really looks like, under all of that Armor All?

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Are the tires “directional” or the wheels? I don’t think the wheel cares what direction it is rotating. Nobody is driving that card hard enough to worry about venting the brakes.

      This just in- Buy you C4 now folks, before the prices start climbing. Folks are starting to realize these cars are the current performance bargain and they can’t go any lower in price. Focus on the 95-96 and you can’t go wrong (In my opinion)

      • 86_Vette_Convertible

        Rims are directional, they need to be installed correctly for brake cooling (these are reversed). As far as tires go, some are directional and some aren’t.
        The L98 engine though not the fastest engine out there, is a very torquey engine and is very dependable. It uses a distributer vs. the LT Opti spark unit. IIRC it’s the 96 that first had the ODBII port vs. the earlier ODBI.
        For whatever reason, the C4 Corvette is the red-haired step-child of Corvettes. Very advanced for the time but not the most desirable so they can be gotten for a good price.
        Biggest down side IMO is the lack of storage space in the convertible for luggage if traveling and the car happens to have a luggage rack.
        I like my 86 and expect to be buried in it when the day comes but who knows?

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  9. Comet

    Wow! Nice car. I know not everyone loves C-4’s, but these things are going for beater money. I wonder when the tide will turn for them?

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  10. JBD

    Great deal and gone! I just picked up a driving C4 for less than $2500. It is a nice car and these are available at bargain prices.

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  11. Chris In Australia

    Yes, but I can get that Datsun Bluebird for only ten grand more!

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  12. Patrick Huot

    Got one of these just few miles down the road from me. (although it’s a convertible type, if that’s what they’re called) Always noticed and liked the color.
    Only one I’ve ever seen.
    Not exactly a muscle car sort of color, but still nice looking I thought.
    Maybe I’ll approach the owner and see if he’d sell.
    Then I could post it here!

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