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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Sleeper!

It is hard to categorize a well-recognized muscle car like a 1970 Chevelle as a “sleeper” but this one fits the bill. At first glance, this appears like a 6-cylinder Malibu probably would. Dog-dish hubcaps with black wall tires. No SS emblems. No racing stripes or cowl hood. But what lurks under the hood isn’t your Grandma’s straight-six. This car can be found here on eBay with a current bid over $40,000. Located in Alsip, Illinois, this thing is truly a sleeper! Check it out.

Here is the heart of the beast. You are looking at a twin-turbo LS engine that has a bunch of go-fast goodies. The base engine is a 345 horsepower 6.0 liter that came from a Cadillac Escalade. It has had a ZO6 cam installed along with other top-end work including pushrods, valve springs, intake, throttle body, and injectors. The stock computer was tuned and the ignition was upgraded with an MSD two-step system. The turbos are Precision TA5557 units that feature an air-to-water intercooler whose reservoir is in the trunk. The seller doesn’t give any horsepower estimates, but according to a Hot Rod article, the car puts 567 horsepower to the ground with only 9lbs. of boost!

The interior continues the sleeper vibe with the exception of the steering wheel. Amazingly, the car features air conditioning. The tachometer is hidden in the factory dash and the upholstery remains stock gold.

The suspension and steering have been upgraded as well, but you can’t tell from the outside. Overall, this is an awesome sleeper that you would never guess runs a sub-ten second quarter mile. What do you think of this car?


  1. alphasud Member

    That’s done up really nice. Let’s hope some modifications were done to the suspension and brakes. I would think that’s a 1000hp engine given the right amount of boost and go juice.

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  2. Skorzeny

    I like this Chevrollac Escavelle but it’s almost a little too monochromatic. I’m think blue with a black vinyl top, but then the hubcaps wouldn’t work as well. And The automatic would have to go. But kudos to the builder, this looks to be a nicely done ride. Wonder what the tires are…

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    • Derek


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    • Troy s


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  3. Todd

    Not suprised the back tires are new with the stickers still on them. Bet the first set didn’t last long.

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  4. bone

    Few 70 Chevelles would be called “Muscle car” as most has 6cyl and small block two bbl carbs , so it does kind of fit the bill as a sleeper , but I think full hubcaps and whitewalls would really make it look like a grannies car !

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    • Whynot Member

      70 Chevelle not being a muscle car WHAT! LS6 hello! This a a well done beautiful car love to have it.

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  5. Brian

    Perfect. A true hot rod, essentially devoid of anything that doesn’t make it go faster. The ideal candidate to go hunting pimple faced 20 somethings who THINK they have a fast car.

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  6. Timothy Phaff

    New tires suggest it probably needs at least a mini tub seeing how it does not hook, instead, those tires just spine. I want to see more paper specks like a dyno & drag track sheet before I put out 40 grand ajnd yes it is a cool ride.

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    • B302

      Did you look at the Hot Rod Magazine article?

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      • Chunk Plepgeat

        He must not have, since “The day of the photo shoot, Jim ran a 10.54 at 130, letting off early ’cause there is no ‘cage in the car” would have answered his questions.

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      • Chris M.

        Reading and comprehension go a long way.

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  7. Jcs

    Very cool.

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  8. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Don’t you just want to be the one to “remove” those new stickers on the back tires?

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  9. JCA Member

    This. I need this.

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  10. Steve S

    I would get rid of the Ls engine and twin turbos and the automatic transmission. Then get the lsxr 454 race engine that has around 700 horse power but make it a big block engine instead of a small block engine. Then add a supercharger that puts out 300 to 400 horse power so it has at least 1000 hp all together. Then back up the engine with a beefed up m22 rock crusher 4 speed manual transmission.

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    • Danger Dan

      Do it.

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    • smokeymotors

      you all need to see “hellcat killer” on youtube, 1953 chevy very tuneable 6.0 turbo setup runs 10sec class, then drives it home 150 miles away! this is the current best go fast and slow it down setup.

      • Bob Member

        And the 53 has a trailer hitch!

      • Ironcityal

        10 seconds?? Did he stop for lunch? Hellcat beater my butt. I’ll run that thing in sport mode.

    • John Alm

      Leave It Alone , New Power Train & Dependable

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    • Ron

      The LSXR is not a big block engine, it is a small block motor, like any other LS, it just has the necessary bore and stroke to yield 454 cubic inches of displacement…

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      • Steve S

        I know it’s a small block but I would take a regular big block 454and turn it into the race engine

    • John

      Prove it.

  11. Steve S

    Oh yeah I forgot to add and put dual 750 double pumper summit racing 4 barrel carbs instead of fuel injection

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    • John

      Armchair blowhard. This guy did it. Build yours and show us.

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    • cmarv

      That is a well engineered “sleeper build” . Lot’s of thought and skill was necessary to make it happen . Many folks that make disparaging comments about other peoples builds couldn’t change a clutch in a 70 Malibu with a 3 speed on the column . The builder is one hell of a builder IMO .

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  12. Danny Phillips

    Why not just put a jet engine in it.
    I had one, green on green on green.
    350 2 barrel, 3 speed on the column.
    Sold it 4 years later, white with black hood and trunk stripes. 11 coats of laquer black and white with 3 coats of laquer clear. Interior rolled and pleated. 4 barrel with some internal engine work, 4 speed manuel. Mr. Gasket vertical gate shifter. Oh if I had it back.

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  13. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    What an interesting place for a photo shoot. The background is so cluttered it comes across as uncluttered, which is what you want. And it is almost monochromatic, as is the car, and more or less matches the color of the interior. Nice job portraying the car.

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  14. Danno

    What a beautiful lack of bling. I love cars that will fly under the radar, but are able to fly out of radar range, when push comes to shove. Those skinny(ish) rear tires aren’t going to cut it, when you put your foot into the fuel feed, though…

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  15. jwzg

    The fabrication work under the hood is insane. I know good advice is to never buy someone else’s project, but I might just have to break my own word here. Stunning.

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  16. jwzg

    The fabrication work under the hood on this one is stunning. I know that good advice says to never buy someone else’s project, but this is one time I think I’d break with convention. Needs a hidden roll cage and more boost!

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  17. Allgonquin

    The thing is, this looks so much like a sleeper, it is instantly recognizable as such and I think any car guy would know it wasn’t granny’s Chevelle. Might fool some young guns but even that is doubtful. Not saying it isn’t a well done car, but nobody’s going to be fooled, IMHO.

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  18. gaspumpchas

    Very cool, the guy really nailed the sleeper look. Amazing the amount of hardware under the hood. Some great talent here. Stay safe and good luck!

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  19. Tort Member

    Very nice. Other than installing a roll cage I wouldn’t change a thing. Fits my tastes to a Tee.

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  20. James E Baurle

    yup lets all critique it with our unobjective, ego pumping false knowledge. Nope car isn’t prefect ,nothing is for that matter, its awesome and can only be made better

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  21. LarryS

    Beautiful build! Do agree that a set of whitewalls and full wheel covers would complete the sleeper vibe. Would love to own this.

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  22. Bob Member

    Original headliner for sure. You can see the marks from the separate shoulder belts that were removed. What a great build. I know I won’t get this in time for Christmas, Santa; but I won’t hold that against you when you deliver later to my garage.

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  23. Johnny

    I believe if it was a 4 door. It would really be a sleeper. I remeber a guy from Summersville,W.Va . Had a Ford Falcon that he fooled alot. I was telling my friend about it. Who lives over their. He knew the guy and said he believes he still has it. That thing would run. Forget the motor was in it. He took my cousin and I a ride in it one night. Some one put alot of work and money in this Chevelle. Sharp looking too. I couldn,t afford the fuel or looseing my operators over it.

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  24. Jasper

    Wow. I’m usually pretty unimpressed by Chevys, Chevelles or hopped up, restomods with 19” wheels all stuffed up in the wheel wells with late model drivetrains. But this is just wicked and sinister, yet so tastefully restrained!

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  25. Troy s

    Even has the 307 call outs still on it, that’s hilarious! I made a remark the other day about a non SS 67 Chevelle with a 350-4speed and how they never go out of style, Chevelles in general. Case in point here, and absolute sadistic modern take on the hot rod Chevelle.
    These days I dont believe those in the know will be fooled by it, a two door Chevelle with obvious “plain Jane” wheels…in black. No way.

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  26. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heyday Member

    This is a nice car. I remember seeing it as it was being built and again after completion both during Speed Inc. open houses. My brothers Camaro was built by them by the first owner, they do good work. He’s done a few more upgrades to the car since originally built in ’02-03. This car however could take a few touches from the ratty lookin green sleeper Nova thats been around almost as long as this has. Try to do a fairly hidden roll cage like that car and maybe a wider tire? I’d be curious to see what it is capable of turned up. There’s been some pretty wicked cars to come out of that shop, I’d expect no lack of grins with this car! 😁

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  27. RodL

    Sorry folks, I think this is an incredible car. We called them Bangi Runners in the ‘70’s. They killed anything on the road, at the time. We ran them on the 10, or the 40. No cop could ever catch them. Not even the radios could get ahead of them. They would light those dancing horse up and be gone. 150-160 was not uncommon for these sleepers. Now I drive a 1931 Ford truck, and I told my local PD that they can’t chase me from the bars to home in anything newer then a 1925 Chevy.

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  28. paul

    Car disappeared from Ebay? Anyone know if it sold? Tried to contact seller with no luck.

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