Two Cars and More: 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS396

Chevrolet gave birth to the Super Sport in 1961 and it changed how many of their cars were sold going forward. In 1965, it got even better when the 396 cubic inch V8 started appearing in Chevy cars. The seller here says he has a numbers-matching 1965 Chevy Impala SS396 for sale along with another similar car that there may be enough parts for to make two out of everything. These cars and more are available as a package deal in Longview, Texas and offered for $7,000 here on Facebook Marketplace.

1965 was a big year for Chevrolet. They built more than two million full size cars that year, and the Impala was at least half that number. Some 239,500 of them were the Impala SS and 236,000 of them had the 396. So, lots of folks were seeing the USA in their Chevrolet that year with a big-block Impala! And a good many of those had the trusty 2-speed Powerglide automatic to handle the shifting of gears.

We’re a little confused by the seller’s product description. He talks about a numbers-matching SS 396, but most of the photos provided are of a once-red non-SS Impala with 327 badging on the fenders. There is a blue one up on a rotisserie that is minus a lot of bodywork and yet another older photo is of a white one. So, are three cars actually involved, or is the 396 motor in the car with the 327 badges or is the blue car really the one we want to be concerned with? But there are no photos of the 396 motor.

Photos are show of undercarriage pieces that appears to be part of the deal. But are those intended for the blue Impala or the red one? What’s there of the blue car looks good, while the red one seems to have been sitting outside a long time and has its share of surface rust and likely more. Unfortunately, there are no interior photos. The ’65 Impala is popular with collectors and the SS 396 even more so. There are quite a few prime examples offered for sale online for $40,000 and up. Is there enough here to rebuild one of those?

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  1. Rustytech Member

    Sorry, I’m more confused than enlightened! Facebook and Craigslist are know for poor adds, but this takes the cake.

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Well something is for sale I suppose.

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  3. Joe

    The car on the rotisserie is the 396 color. It comes with another complete car plus extra doors fenders Hood and Deck lid. The car on the rotisserie is complete just disassembled. It has new trunk floors and interior floors and metal repair around the glass.

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  4. Joe

    The car on the rotisserie is the 396. It comes with another complete car plus extra doors fenders Hood and Deck lid. The car on the rotisserie is complete just disassembled. It has new trunk floors and interior floors and metal repair around the glass.

  5. EPO3

    I guess i’ll just have to put on my rose colored glasses and pick the one in the middle

  6. Hank

    No way did most of the SS’s come with the 396. You better check your facts again.

  7. George Mattar

    I guess you have no editors or at least ones that never fact check. 236,000 of 239,500 were 396 cars. Yeah. Ok. While I was an editor at Hemmings Motor News, now retired, no fewer than six people checked all copy before going to print. While I enjoy this site, your people wouldn’t hire me likely because I am 64 years young, actually have a college degree in journalism and worked 35 years in the field. I never claimed to be a great writer, but had pride in making very few mistakes. Like everything else in this messed up world, real journalism is dead.

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    • Chris M.

      Indeed it is George. Not only is it dead but has devolved into a lie producing machine. Although I’m not implying that takes place on this site. Here’s to your keen eye and dedication to taking pride in a very important aspect of any if not all forms of communication.

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    • Susan McKee Member

      He said that 237K of the 2 million were 396 cars, but not SS? I think…

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  8. gaspumpchas

    Doesnt say anything about the frames–does it have one good one between the 2 cars? Might be the tie breaker. Good luck and stay safe,

  9. Stan Marks

    Was that you, who I watched at the Capital, a few weeks ago?

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    • Chris M.

      Hmmm, Stan could it have been you running roughshod down the streets of Portland or St. Louis throwing molotov cocktails at local businesses and or the local law enforcement? Those types of sideshows go both ways lately my friend.

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