Two Million Baseball Cards Found In Storage Unit!

We normally stick to automotive barn finds around here, but there isn’t any rule saying we can’t feature other interesting discoveries. It’s probably safe to assume that most of us have owned a baseball card or two anyway. It’s doubtful that any of us have accumulated this many though! Apparently, this huge stash of sports cards was stumbled upon at a storage unit auction. When people don’t pay their rent, the storage unit company can sell the junk off. Well, someone got a big surprise when they won the auction for this unit and found two million cards inside!

I’m not sure how they calculated how many cards are here, but the seller claims that over 100k are in hard plastic covers. It looks like there are even some unopened boxes. Perhaps this was a store’s inventory? Or could an individual have actually collected all these? Stranger things have happened. This is all exciting, but what on earth would you do with all those cards? There are too many to go through and list individually so the seller has decided to offer them in lots of 2,000 cards. Take a look here on eBay where he has actually sold quite a few already.



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  1. A.J.

    Sounds fishy to me.

  2. txchief

    Unfortunately, they were all the same card.

  3. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Looks staged. Also, you can bet a guy like this is going to pick out the high dollar pieces before putting this type of listing on eBay

  4. Alex

    Creative marketing ploy to unload early 90’s junk cards in “random lots” of 2000 cards for $34 or best offer. 194 suckers (and counting)…

    • DAN

      lots of suckers in the sea of itenwebs.he he

  5. Dave Wright

    Where are the thumbs down buttons when you need them?

  6. Warren

    But will he sell the bubble gum?

  7. Coventrycat

    If it was a bunch of these I’d be interested.

  8. Howard A Member

    Hmm, baseball cards,,,bicycle collection, seems we have a winner. Now what clothes pins work better, the springy ones or the other kind?

  9. jonathan crone

    sorry to say this why anybody would want baseball cards in britain unless they collect them ,not me sorry ,

  10. Jim

    Not my cup of tea, it’s wasted garage space, I could fit a nice South Bend lathe in that spot!

    • John S

      Or Grizzly, which would be my choice; but agreed 100%.

  11. Vegas Vic

    Roger Maris…. rookie card!

    • Woodie Man

      Rocky Colavito Indians card!

  12. Mike S.

    Baseball cards from the 90’s re like moments of slight depression, everybody has them.

  13. Roger Gorski

    Bring back the THUMBS DOWN because this one deserves it from everybody.

  14. RoselandPete

    Looks like a dealer’s inventory to me. I’m no card expert but I think cards from the 90’s have little value. Still would have been a fun find though. I’d feel really bad if he found a stash of old comics but cards I don’t really care about.

    • Mace

      RoselandPete, if you look at his other items he found comics too :(

      • RoselandPete

        I took a look on ebay. Apparently he’s selling the newer comics which are basically worthless.

  15. P

    Garbage years…90-92.
    I have so much of this stuff, I can line bird cages until the year 2525…

  16. David J David J

    Off topic stuff, like this, is cool. It helps to boost ratings, as well.

    I had a couple of shoe boxes filled with awesome baseball cards from the 1970’s. One day, I asked mom where they were. She said, “I don’t know dear. What are you talking about?”

    Keep those collectables close to you, including the internal combustion varieties.

  17. Nova Scotian

    Where is thumbs down? ….jeesh….my card collection of the 70s went out side to the neighbourhood yard sale….mom was so excited seeing all our old crap getting sold off out of our drive way….she kept coming back into the house looking for “crap” that she could sell for a few dimes. She search the house up and down. She was getting low on yard sale stock! She was frantic. Racing through the house like a drug addict looking for her fix….It wasn’t long before I witnessed my 7 or 8 ice cream containers of cards walk out the driveway in under 10 minutes. I moaned “mommmm!”. Too late…all that was left was the 3 or 4 cards wadded up on my little sisters bike forks…
    I never did get therapy for that event..maybe call my therapist now…wait. Barn Finds is my therapy! Hurray! lol

    • Jay E.

      Had a similar moment in the 60’s except it was comic books.

    • Brian Young

      I still need therapy. My older brother was smarter than me. Still is, all the cards we collected in the sixties were in boxes in mom’s attic.25 years ago he helped mom clean attic. Gee, all’s he wanted was the cards.

  18. BS

    This is fake. If you search on eBay, there are hundreds of junk lots of baseball cards that are supposedly from a “huge storage locker find”.

  19. Rustytech Member

    I got a bunch of these a few years ago when cleaning out an apartment after an eviction. There were well over 40k cards, unfortunately they were from the 1980’s and 1990’s. I put them on eBay and didn’t even get an offer. I was able to sell some at a yard sale before moving, but wound up giving them away or depositing them in a dumpster. It wasn’t worth the effort it took to date them!

  20. Steve

    From a buyer of 1 lot of these cards:
    by belrich-wtgdml
    Nov 15, 2016
    Horible and a fluke
    I received a box full of 1991 1989 cards. There is nothing vintage or valuable about in card in the box they got rid of all the cards they do not want picked out any card with a decent player name I feel completely ripped off and hope no one ever falls for this scam

    Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: chc-wildcat

  21. james boyd

    What about the Budweiser TF diecast? Baseball cards after 1960 aren’t worth much, Football is a hit or miss. collect what u love, if u are in it for money, you will go broke. do it for the love if its cars, guns, knives or tea cups. I wouldn’t want to be the guy who dropped 3 mill for a Hemi Cuda a few yrs ago and then watch all the other hemi cuda’s hit the market. most of us in the real world would cry at the sight of anything we own lose 5 grand in value, Try losing 100 times that.

  22. Mark P

    I had about 600 Match Box, Hot Wheels and even some Johnny Lightning cars in cases from the 60’s and early 70’s. My mother gave them to my sisters kids in the 80’s. I didn’t know until it was years later. When my sister downsized a couple years ago I found the remnants of a dozen or so of them tucked under a stairwell in her basement.

  23. Uncle Monkey

    I bought a hoard of nearly 1 million. I paid more than the bulk rate of $1 per thousand cards. Just on the Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan and error cards, I’ve recouped my money. Well centered and sharp cornered HOF and other stars bring a few dollars. Most people see trash, or want to rip off the collection for nothing. I see treasure. Most just lack the vision.

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