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U14 Half Cab: 1966 Ford Bronco

This cute little truck is a 1966 early production Ford Bronco Half Cab also known by the designation U14. The Bronco still sports its original paint except for the roof. The Bronco Half Cab is listed for sale here on eBay for a Buy It Now Price of $11,395. The seller has this truck listed for another 22 days so there is plenty of time to call the owner and ask questions. The Bronco is located in Rosenberg, Texas which is southwest of Houston, Texas.

The interior is spartan and has a panel of glass sitting across the front bench seat. This U14 Half cab came with a blue and white interior with a silver seat, according to the seller. This is the first year of Bronco production and is said to be a rare version of the 4WD Ford Bronco. The main rust areas on this little vehicle are in the interior floors. The rear bed is also rusted through and is covered by a pallet holding a spare 6 cylinder engine.

The Bronco is equipped with a 170 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder engine that was rated at 105 horsepower. The engine is backed by a column shifted 3-speed manual transmission. The vehicle is equipped with a 4:11 geared rear end and the engine is said to be numbers matching. The hubcaps on all four wheels are said to be original. The Bronco was built on a 92-inch wheel base and was only 152 inches long.

While the inner fenders are said to be solid there is rust in other areas besides the floorboards and bed. The rear door posts show rot as does the lower driver door. Buyers in 1966 had a number of options and the Ford Bronco competed with the Kaiser Jeeps, International Harvester Scout, and Toyota Land Cruiser. Would you restore this little gem or just get it back on the road by rebuilding the brakes, fuel system and restoring the bench seat?


  1. Howard A Member

    In my best Alvy Moore voice, “well, it’s like mine, well, not exactly like mine, kind of, well, you see, ” and so on,,,the bumbling county agent on Green Acres, Hank Kimball had a ’66 roadster, and was the 1st time we saw them. Ford was the sponsor at the time, and Green Acres was a huge hit. What better place. These half cabs are rare, because, many gas stations and municipal depts. ran these as snow plows or push trucks( in all weather) and few survived. Not sure what that hole in the floor is for, that was where the 4wd control was, as these were all column shift. No bids @$14g’s, hmm, maybe people are listening to me? As rare as it is, I’d say it’s a lot better than a $40K dollar Toyota,,in ANY condition.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      Hank was my favorite Green Acres character. And the show was FULL of “characters.” In hindsight it was a bizarre show, but in a very funny way.
      Back to the Bronco… I do like the simplicity of these very early half-cabs. Perhaps the best part of this one is how those wheel covers have survived all these years. I’m not one to comment on the price or advisability of restoring this Bronco.

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      • Howard A Member

        Hi Bob, Mr. Haney( Pat Buttram) was my favorite. You know, it’s a shame some may have missed out on those 60’s shows, Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbillies, McCales Navy, Gilligans Island, fun stuff you could watch with your family, not disemboweling zombies, like today. Initially in the early episodes, Hank was shown with a CJ, but that didn’t fly once Ford took over.

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      • 370zpp 370zpp Member

        Yup. Green Acres unlike many of those shows from that time holds up well today. Watching Oliver’s continual frustration with everyone and everything did it for me.
        Imagine Mr. Douglas reading a copy of today’s newspaper. If he could find one.

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      • Phlathead Phil

        Yes, Green Acres was a place for many.

        My buddy does a perfect Mr. Haney ever time! “…this here is 100%, Genuwhine narglehide leather…”

        Eb, was my favorite.

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    • Steve R

      Maybe there are no bids because it’s not an auction.

      Even though it’s rough, I’d be surprised if someone doesn’t close a deal before the listing expires.

      Steve R

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    Looks rough but someone will pick it up and restore it. The hubcaps are worth a fortune these days.

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  3. Connecticut Mark

    I liked Arnold the pig!

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  4. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Rosenberg is just a hop and skip from me in Fort Bend County. That’s where I go to renew my drivers license. It’s a small rural town that is surrounded by deserted sugar fields. The land is being bought up by developers as Houston expands to the west.
    I really like this Bronco and will attempt a drive to check it out soon, maybe tomorrow. It’s raining today and I don’t take my Riviera out on rainy days. That will be a nice little outing on a clear day. Weatherman says that’s going to happen this coming week. I’m definitely going to try to make an appointment to see this car.
    God bless America

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  5. David ulrey

    I choke at the thought of me paying that sort of money for it but given the unholy prices they bring, this one seems like a good deal. I remember when the Bronco came out. I thought they were so cool. Of course I was too young to buy one then but when I was old enough I really should have. They were just a used car at that point, not a high dollar collectable. Same with the 67 and 68 Mustang. I did have a really clean 66 Mustang coupe when I was 16. It was 10 years old and cost me $250.00 A pale yellow Mustang with a 6cyl and an automatic just didn’t ring my 16 year old self’s bell. Still doesn’t. I know, to some that’s blasphemy. Oh well.

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  6. kenn

    This looks like a 4 cylinder engine – or am I not seeing the other two plug wires.

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