Ugly Duckling: 1965 Jaguar E-Type

1965 Jaguar E-Type

It may be hard to tell from the photo, but this was once one of the world’s most beautiful cars. At least that is what a lot of people will tell you. Personally, I can think of quite a few cars that are more visually appealing than the E-Type. The roadster is alright, but from some angles the hardtop looks downright awkward! I will probably receive flack for that comment, but I’m just saying what some are too afraid to admit. Obviously, quite a few people think they are real lookers though and this rusty heap proves the point. Lesser cars would be stripped of all their usable parts and sent off to the crusher. Not this E-type though! The auction just started here on eBay and bidding is already taking off. The car has been sitting in a barn for over 20 years, but at least the seller is realistic when they mention that it “needs a complete restoration, not only a paint job”. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip!


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  1. Nick G

    Jesse, it may not be to your taste, and it may drive like a truck, but in its day it was cutting edge. People pay an awful lot of cash for these, so if you can get it for under 20k there’s probably a good profit to be made.

  2. Dolphin Member

    With all due respect to Enzo Ferrari and early E-type fans, Jesse is right. These are awkward. Even the running gear looks awkward, with that narrow track and skinny tires from the earlier Jag models. Fortunately you can’t see that when you’re driving the car.

    But when running well, these are a great vintage drive. I love the sound, the torque, the heavy but precise rack & pinion steering, and especially the long gears, which is my favourite setup in a performance car. The underhood view is terrific, especially the triple carb cars—-just not this one, in its present state.

    With a car like this, I am wondering how anyone who chose it could scrape the paint off it and then let it rust all over. That beats all.

  3. Rex Kahrs Member

    Give me the coupe all day long. It’s perfect.

  4. Chip H.

    I say it should be saved, but the bidding is getting insane.You can get one in better restorable condition than this.Its worth maybe $5,000 in this condition. Once again, more money than brains.

  5. Go cart Mozart

    What are yall talking about? …
    that will buff right out!

  6. 365Lusso

    Oww, that’s hard to look at. Good chance the engine is stuck on that one…..

  7. Doug M. (West) Member

    @Chip H., Chip, if you can find a restorable one for under $10k that is in better shape than this, please send me a link and I will be on it! This one, though scruffy looking, has way less structural rust than many projects that come up. Not sure how many parts are missing, but this would be a decent project -especially if it stays under $20k, as Nick G. suggested…

  8. Geoff2

    Am with Nick on the opening comments regarding E Type style/design – for those who get this look there isn’t much else that comes close. Have owned a lot of different cars over a 40yr car addicition and I look – longingly – at the picture on my desk of my 67 coupe more than those of the 3000’s, MG’s, Citroen, Triumph, MB, XJS, etc.
    I do hope you can influence the current market and get folks looking at those other cars you referenced so I can get back into an E for something less than the price of a house………..

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