Uncomplicated Comfort: 1970 Chevrolet Impala

The owner of this 1970 Impala is the car’s third owner, having purchased the car off the original owner’s daughter. Having completed some work on the car to bring it up to scratch mechanically, he has now decided to part with it. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Negaunee, Michigan, it comes with a clear title. The seller has set the BIN price at $10,500 but there is the option to make an offer.

Overall this Impala is a nice looking car that appears to be in nice condition. I can spot a small spot of rust in the lower front fender on the passenger side of the car and a ding in the rear quarter panel on the driver’s side, but otherwise, it does appear to be quite good with the paint and trim both exhibiting a nice shine.

The interior of the Chevrolet also appears to be quite good. I can spot a couple of small tears on the driver’s seat and it appears that there is a small chip on the wood-grain on the wheel center, but otherwise, everything looks to be in great order. The rear seat also appears to be in great condition. There is certainly room to stretch out and relax in this car.

Under the hood is the 350ci V8. This is backed by a 3-speed manual transmission. The car is basic in this respect with no power steering or power brakes. Keeping things simple has a lot going for it. The seller has done some work though. The exhaust has been replaced with a dual system, along with new brakes and a new battery. Amazingly the original spare tire still resides in the trunk (which is immaculate). The spare tire has never been fitted to the car and still has the manufacturer’s writing on the tread face.

This 1970 Chevrolet Impala probably represents motoring of the era at somewhere close to its most basic form. It lacks luxuries like power steering and air conditioning but makes up for this by being an uncomplicated car that will cruise effortlessly and provide a decent “push in the back” when required. It appears to be in good original condition, and it is probably priced in the right area compared to other examples on the market at present.

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  1. Billy 007

    A nice nice car, now if we can only keep it this way without some fool turning it into a clone. Simple standard cars of this era are almost extinct.

    • Kellerg


  2. Eric G

    I would put a 4 speed in it but keep the 3 speed in the shop until it was time to sell it again

  3. KawiVulc

    Heh-heh… “stretch out and relax”… both my high school cars had bench seats… I don’t think the bucket seat guys could possibly have been oblivious to the obvious advantages of a nice, cozy bench seat… what? I’m talking cruising along, girlfriend snuggled up close, Commodores in the 8-Track… what did you think I meant? Anyway… nice car although, personally, they don’t especially appeal to me as at certain angles (i.e. top pic) the rear looks like it belongs to a larger car than the front.

    • Chris

      Surely at the risk of offending some, but I suggest that had it not been for the roomy bench seat that some us lucky dopes would have never experienced the joy of “road head.”

  4. Beatnik Bedouin

    I’d probably keep it pretty much stock, excepting swapping a 4 Bbl carb and aftermarket manifold and perhaps a set of headers just to liven up the 350. All of this stuff could be removed should a subsequent owner decide to want it as it came from the factory.

  5. Redwagon

    An interesting combination of options. I don’t think the V8 was the lowest engine, the 3 speed manual was lowest tranny, no PS or PB but there is a dual exhaust on the back end. Some Yooper really wanted a bit of speed but wasn’t willing to shell out more for some creature comforts.

    FYI Negaunee is in the UP – it’s a long way from anywhere.

    • Clint

      I’m not as educated on GM as I am on FoMoCo, but I believe the 350 2V was the base engine (250 hp) in the 2 door Impala. The 4 door could get the 250 six popper (as well as Biscayne and Bel Air). The “3 on the tree” was the base transmission as well.

      I suspect this was a dealer ordered “Price Leader” so they could advertise an Impala for a low price & then try to upsell to dealer stock of better equipped cars.

      As for me….I’d love to have it.

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’ve always thought that 1970 was the apex year of GM. After that, the sheet metal got thinner, the upholstery got cheaper, and the designs got cheesier. The Vega and the X-cars came along, and it seemed the General was just trying anything to catch up with the Japanese makers.

    Now that I think of it, 1970 was the apex of the US auto industry as a whole, until the Taurus came out in the mid-80s. It’s a lot better now.

  7. Max

    I am Not much fan of these Impalas but its original and hope new buyer keep it stock and Original ! I personaly like the 77 to 79 Impala coupes !

  8. James Turner

    While he was replacing the battery, Brakes, Dual exhaust Etc., He should of thought about replacing that cracked, Dry rotted fan belt, PCV hose and air cleaner hose / Valve cover connector , Your not going to far with a broken fan belt. LOL

  9. Kenneth Carney

    @Billy 007: Talk about badic transportation, I have a ’74 Chevy Bel Air
    4-door sedan that was given to me by a
    longtime family friend in 2016. She bought the car new in Ashville, NC and
    drove it until 2010, when her son bought
    her a new Honda Pilot. When my BILs,
    nephew, and I went to look at the car,
    we found it to be in pretty sad shape.
    All I can tell you is that the poor old gal’s
    gonna need EVERYTHING to get ‘er back
    on the road again. Thankfully, she’s got
    pretty good bones, and most of rust and
    rot are confined to the usual places that
    you’d find on Chevys of this era. The frame and floors appear to be in fair shape but some of the body parts are
    rusted through and will nerd to be replaced. Hope to have it running, driving,
    and insured by the holidays. That way, I
    can enter it in several local Christmas
    parades in the area as The Rusty Chevrolet that Da Yoopers sing about
    every year! If you listen to the song, they
    mention the town of Negaunee in the 2nd
    verse. Our feature car looks nothing like
    the car they sing about but mine sure does! This car, and mine, are as basic as
    you get when it comes to a large family
    car made in the ’70’s. And like you, I really like these strippers because their
    basic beauty isn’t buried undrr acres of

    • YooperMike

      Kenneth, sounds like you’ve been down Main Street in Negaunee ! ! Nice little town I know well.

  10. Classic Steel

    I had a 70 impala convertible with the desirable chrome splash pan and 350 four bolt 22 bolt rear end.

    It was a fun boat to drive!

    The color was green too and I painted the outside black .

    These are nice cars!

  11. Classic Steel

    I had a 70 impala convertible with the desirable chrome splash pan and 350 four bolt 12 bolt rear end.
    The top was pre scissor too assembly which was better !

    It was a fun boat to drive as it handled great!

    The color was green too and I painted the outside black .

    These are nice cars!

  12. Nick

    I agree, keep it original, I hope it finds a good home. Too bad it’s stripped, though.

  13. Hector Raigosa

    Not impressed..I bought a 69 Impala custom with every option available for that year from the original owner with just over 29 k miles. Only need valve seal as they dried up to no use and driver’s side rear bench seat has tears from owner placing her walker there. The best part is bought a 68 SS from neighbor wose parents passed away and stay parked in garage for decades I assumed as tire were flat and cracked. The SS shows 48k miles which are actual. Both cars are now registered and Hagerty insured even though I’ve not driven either one no more then 1k miles and are basically just parked And covered. Best part is I paid 1,500 hundred for the 69 and 4,800. For the 68. Both are flawless..

    • Tony

      Not impressed. Anybody can say they have anything & paid whatever in a comments section. My three Hemi ‘Cuda convertibles prove that.

  14. David

    This is a fun fun fun car. No need for any drastic changes at all. Oh how I’m tempted. Lately I’m getting the urge to sell off my several cars and enjoy one just like this.

  15. MathieuB

    I have the same car (unless the 3 speeds wich mine is auto) but in Bel Air configuration. Braking with these manual brake with front drums is far behind what braking is today.
    Base engine would be the 6 inline 250 pc.
    No more bucket seats available in 1970 for the full-size chevy’s.
    Very nice Impala.

  16. irocrobb

    I guess I forgot they made lots of these with a manual 3 speed transmission. The only one’s I see at shows have a manual 4 speed or automatic. I would just leave it as is but redo some mechanical stuff and drive it in the summer.

  17. Kenneth Carney

    Matheu8: Mine is a ’74 Bel Air 4-door
    sedan with a 350, auto tranny, and disc
    brakes up fromt and drums out back.
    I haven’t been able to haul it back to
    my house due to the fact that our county’s code enforcement division
    frowns on having an old car parked
    in your driveway while you work on it.
    I’m now talking with a friend of my
    neice who owns a repair shop to see
    if he’ll let me store it there while I get
    things sorted and the car is made
    drivable again. Hope to be able to
    send videos detailing my progress.
    But right now, it’s still parked at my
    friend’s house where I first saw it
    2 years ago. Refer to my post
    above for more info.

  18. Miguel Member

    I have a 1969 Kingswood wagon in this same color.

    Mine even has that same front seat.

    Unfortunately it has an ’80s crappy 305 in it, but that will change as soon as I get the rust figured out so it can handle more power (add in the grunt from Tim the Tool man).

  19. Miguel Member

    For such an original car, low optioned, the custom wheels seem out of place.

  20. Comet

    I had a 69 formal roof-line version of this car. You could play football in the trunk.

  21. Brian Ach

    Nice color

    if the engine is that rusty I would hat to see the underside….Michigan

  22. Fred

    My mother drove a 1970 Impala. SAme setup as this car, except hers was gold.

    Dad put a Saginaw 4 speed and dual exhaust on it for her.

    She dumped the clutch and smoked the tires often.

  23. Gaspumpchas

    Fun car to drive with 3 on the tree. 350 and duals..why not? I think the price is a tad high, but maybe the owner will take less. run it!!!

    Good luck to the new owner!!!

  24. Troy s

    Served its purpose as someone’s new daily commuter years ago, went through the lulls of being a used car, eventually now only “car” people would own and drive something like this, I know I sure would enjoy it.
    Good looking body style, won’t see lines like this ever again.


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