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Uncut Classic: No Reserve 1969 Ford Bronco

When it first broke cover in 1966, the Ford Bronco was aimed at providing healthy competition for both the IH Scout and the Jeep CJ-5. Its styling was simple and minimal, and its mechanical components were essentially unbreakable. It was also a sales success in its first year, but ongoing sales of the first series were inconsistent from year to year. This 1969 model is on the hunt for a new home, and its listing here on eBay has generated its fair share of interest. It is located in Lake Park, Minnesota, and with 45 bids now submitted, this has pushed things along to $4,350. At that price the reserve has been met, so this is a vehicle that is set to move to a new home.

I have to say that I’m quite surprised that the fenders have remained uncut on the Bronco, because wheel clearance, especially on the rear, must be perilously close. Of course, the vehicle may never have been driven with those wheels fitted, and I suspect that there would be some clearance issues when the going got rough. The front fender on the driver’s side is new, but the remaining panels appear to be original. There are a reasonable number of dents and dings around the vehicle, and a few minor items such as side markers that are missing. Rust issues seem to be confined to the floors, which should be a fairly straightforward fix.

Powering the Bronco is a 302ci V8, which is backed by a 3-speed manual transmission. With a 9″ rear end and a Dana 30 front axle, the drive-train on a Bronco is essentially bullet-proof. That 302 produces 205hp, and this endows a Bronco with surprisingly good performance figures. The fact that it would be capable of racing through the ¼ mile in under 17 seconds is by no means shabby for a vehicle of this type. The engine in the Bronco doesn’t run, but the owner does say that it turns freely. The next owner is going to be faced with t least cleaning the fuel system before they try to fire the car, as it looks like the Bronco may have been without a gas cap for a while.

The interior trim on the Bronco is looking pretty second-hand, but it does look to be largely complete. The center is missing out of the wheel, while the radio and a couple of switches are missing from the dash. The door trims look like they might be okay, but the rest of the upholstered surfaces and the dash pad will need some serious work.

When you look at the relative value and popularity of the 1969 Bronco, you get to really understand why bidding on this one has been so strong. The fact that it is original is one point in its favor, while the fact that the fenders haven’t been cut is also a huge plus. If this vehicle was fully restored and remained original, a value in excess of $40,000 would be quite feasible, while that could even push higher than $50,000 if it can be returned to pristine condition. Those numbers alone should partially explain the interest. Of course, the fact that a healthy example can offer impressive performance doesn’t hurt things either.


  1. Todd Zuercher

    Lots of rust!!!

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  2. Matt steele

    Flipper will buy and profit

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    • TimM

      I own two of these trucks a 67 and a 73!! There isn’t a day I take one out that someone isn’t asking me to buy it!! The parts are plentiful and there’s a ton of after market stuff!! I bought both of mine cheap cause I liked them before they were so cool!! I really don’t think you can go wrong buying a running one even if it is a rust bucket!!

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  3. chrlsful

    total restore….or
    do what some of the mrkters do and make an over-the-top
    glitz-o rig for some rich guy to show off. The ICON and others
    remind me of Hollywood & don’t even seem to B a bronco any more.

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  4. Will Fox

    Unfortunately, like VW buses these first-gen. Broncos are going through an insane discovery period, where the prices are going through the stratosphere for really, no apparent reason other than FoMoCo bringing out a new one next year. Junker like this go for stupidly high figures, when just a year or two ago they wouldn’t have. It doesn’t matter who buys these; they are paying way more than they realistically should. Now the bodies are being reproduced so a suck–uh, I mean buyer can create their own. The hype is way overblown; sorry.

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  5. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Broncos were hot way before Ford announced the new one. Prices are high because a lot of people like them. This one is being sold as a no reserve auction though so we can’t really complain about the price.

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Will and Jesse both correct, I never liked these because of the instability and saw nothing but rotten ones, bet this one sat in a junkyard for a while, I like the piece of plywoord in the back covering probably the worst rot in the truck. And will is correct about the repop bodies and parts for these; I saw both steel and glass bodies for these at Fords Carlisle. you name it and they pop it, all comes at a price. Shame the prices are so high on these, again it keeps joe six pack from buying something the working man could afford. IMHO, this is a $200 parts car. Good luck to the new owner.

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  7. Richard Gugenberger

    My family and I had 4 of this edition Bronco , enjoyed them , plowed snow , pulled trailers , boats etc. Then the new bigger Broncos came out and we all jumped at them , used them the same way we did the old style Broncos . The difference is when we talk about the Broncos all the Real fun was had with the original style Broncos , would love another one . Kinda hoping the new one that is due next year will fill the bill !!

    • Jimmy

      You will be disappointed in the new one as it’s as big as the 80 I owned. I too love the first generation Broncos, I had a 68 & 73. The yellow one behind the featured one look more interesting as it has the dual gas tanks. I just got to see the new Ranger pickup and was disappointed because it was near as big as our 2016 F-150 quad cab.

      • Richard Gugenberger

        the only thing I found to be as big as the F150 on the new Ford Ranger is the price

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  8. Reginald Berry

    It is unreal to me that something in this condition goes for this kind of money, seems just yesterday a Bronco like this would go for 500$ and if you payed that much you would have felt cheated, but with really nice ones going for over hundred thousand ever Bronco is like gold.

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