Under 16K Miles: 1965 Ford Custom

Back in the fifties and sixties, the full-size market was where the majority of the sales were. It was a simpler time for manufacturers too. They could build a basic model and add varying degrees of chrome and interior trim, and charge for the same basic car at several hundred dollars spread. What we find here is the most basic full-size Ford you could purchase in 1965. This is a 1965 Ford Custom 4 door sedan for sale here on Classics on Autotrader in Buffalo, Iowa.

In 1965 Ford departed from the round taillight design on the upper full-size models they had for so many years (except for 1960) and went with a hexagonal design. But the Custom and Custom 500 retained round taillights within a hexagonal housing. No other trim was found on the back, other than “FORD” spelled out. On the side of the car, the only chrome trim was found around the windows and roofline, on the door handles, and the “CUSTOM” nameplate. This car was originally purchased by the seller’s grandfather. He drove the car 8,000 miles until 1992 when the seller inherited it. The car now has only 15,900 miles. The Custom has always been garaged and maintained.

While the interior looks top notch, I do not believe this is the original interior. The original interior had a much plainer seat pattern. The seats are all vinyl and the car has probably also had new carpeting installed. While driving this car, you won’t find many modern conveniences. While it does have an automatic transmission, you’ll be working the steering wheel hard due to no power steering and laying on those manual brakes. You won’t even be able to turn on your favorite AM radio station, because there isn’t a radio installed.

No engine pictures are included. You would expect a 6 cylinder in this bare-bones Custom, but it has a 352 cubic inch V-8 engine with 4 barrel carburetor that runs great. You would think the way this car was equipped it was destined to be a police car. Last year the car was serviced with new shocks, new ball joints, brakes completely redone, and a carburetor rebuild. The car also has dual exhaust and rides on newer all season radials. The seller will include the original tires and rims, original owner’s manual, a car dust cover, and several other items. The seller is asking $9,000 for this car that is in great shape. Does this basic transportation from the past appeal to you?


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  1. Warren

    Ball joints at 16K? If it was maintained as stated why would it need them?

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    • Fred W

      Also, why would you need to replace the interior?

      I was expecting dog dishes on this one- but not a 352.

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    • That AMC Guy

      Even if the mileage is accurate, the car is still old enough to join AARP. The rubber boots on the ball joints may have rotted off.

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      • 68custom

        But if greased regularly they would not have failed with only 16 k. Truly basic transportation!

  2. Greg

    Yeah I have a 68 Montego that I’ve replaced the entire front suspension just from age and the car has 29,000 document miles from new.

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  3. J Liu

    The upholstery shown, is factory Ford for the Custom but in optional vinyl. A more spartan cloth and vinyl seat was standard. I’ve seen a number of Customs with this exact vinyl pattern. I have the brochure that shows the same. All Vinyl seats were an extra cost option.
    This is a rare car, for sure but funny they ordered such a high performance engine, wheel covers, back up lights, and a tinted windshield, but avoided power steering, power brakes and a radio. This must have been ordered by a customer as it is too odd for a dealer order, but I love this car.

    Thatamcguy is correct. I have a 66 Mustang with 14K miles on it and one upper ball joint boot is split from age and the grease exits. Only fix is replacement…ditto the lower control arm bushings that were split, so new lower control arms went in.
    50+ years takes its’ toll on rubber.

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  4. lc

    OK,…. speculation on originality and service aside…. this 65 appears to be a true time capsule. This is a great period color combo and well styled sedan with enough oats to get out of anyone’s way…. no need to nit pick it apart, Gee wizzzz, just an unusual machine in Great condition. I’m thinkin’ its just to bad that the option to build a car just the way we want it from Ford isn’t available like it was back in the day….9G’s?…. with that mileage?… is equal to about $1200 bucks back in ’65… sounds like the deal…. if your looking for a real deal.

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    Perhaps it was ordered as a fleet car, intended for use by a police department as a detective unit?

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Nice car and with that 352 4 barrel that baby will really scoot! Good luck,


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  7. Morley

    This is mine, it was not ordered a a fleet, it was made to be abused, and I do. 427,4 speed

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  8. GLR

    I do believe that in 1965 Ford had a “white Sale” . Witch included the 4 dr Custom with the 352 4v engine. My father bought one. And my aunt, (his sister) also had one. He inherited her 65 when my aunt died in 1966. He then traded both of them in on a (of all things) a 1958 Edsel Corsair..

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    • al leonard

      Wow….good choice there says I !!!!!! (The trade that is!!!)

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  9. Injuhneer

    Nice. Very nice.

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  10. scottymac

    352 4V = lot of empty miles to cover in Iowa.

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  11. PDXBryan

    Yeah Morley!
    I can see this 4 door with those wider steelies and caps, cop suspension, and a Tremec 5-speed. Yeee-haaaw!

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  12. Troy s

    Funny how we take so many creature comforts for granted these days, this would have been standard issue back then. Want power steering? Power brakes? Air conditioning? It’s gonna cost you, sir.
    Maybe the low mileage is directly related to the lack of options.
    Rims look out of character on this car, other than that it’s a beautiful thing.

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  13. angryjonny

    Here’s my 65. It’s seen better days since I was rear-ended back in 96, but it still runs like a champ. 289 with a 3 on the tree. I have the Plain Jane interior and dog dish caps.

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  14. angryjonny


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