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Unrestored AMC Duo: Pacer X and Eagle Wagon

Imagine owning your perfect project cars and then deciding you can’t own them because they’ll never be restored. This is a phenomenon I can’t quite understand, as the seller seems to believe he is doing his prized Pacer X and final-year Eagle wagon a disservice by leaving them in an unrestored state; frankly, I think that makes them more appealing. Find the pair of AMCs here on craigslist with a $4,750 ask for the Pacer and $2,500 for the wagon.

The seller says the Pacer would be an extremely hard car to replicate. It has floor shift automatic, leather bucket seats, and the “X” trim features. He purchased the car with a little over 41,000 miles and it has seen a fair amount of use, racking up 85,000 miles at the time of writing. The interior looks incredible for the mileage, and the exterior looks quite sharp as well with pristine “Pacer X” graphics on the doors.

The wagon is the car that caught my eye, as I’ve got a thing for final- or first-year models. This 1987 model has the venerable 258 straight-six under the hood, but unfortunately, you’ll only feel the power going forward – the ability to shift into reverse is no longer an option. 4WD still works, so at least you can shift drive modes even if going backwards isn’t possible. Off-road ability is surprisingly good for a family wagon, but this one hasn’t been lifted.

Like the Pacer X, the interior of the wagon is in excellent condition. The seller lists multiple maintenance items that have been addressed on both cars, along with this little morsel: he (and other AMC enthusiasts) apparently field calls routinely to have their cars destroyed by movie producers, a stunt he will not stand for. A better offer can potentially be had if you buy both cars – but if you had to choose one, which would you choose?



    Definitely take the Eagle wagon. Take out the tranny and have it rebuilt. I have heard these are no fun to work on as things are kinda crammed into a small space. Still would like to have one.

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    • That AMC Guy

      Worst part of working on these is the Rube Goldberg emissions system with miles of vacuum plumbing, crazy array of solenoids, valves, and gadgets, and electronic feedback carb. Other than that it’s pretty much a “Rambler Six” under the hood. Pretty much the same as you’d find on the last 2WD AMC Concords and Spirits. Underneath is a different story of course!

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  2. Ralph

    The Pacer looks pretty clean to me, the price isn’t too far out of line, the Eagle I have no interest in.

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  3. CJM

    Not the final year Eagle. Final year was 1988. This steering wheel was not used on the 1988 models. Grill is from a 1979-80 AMX.

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  4. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    The Storey County NV Sheriffs Office (Virginia City in particular) drove AMC Eagle 4×4 sedans and a wagon for MANY years back before there was any kind of fiscal strength in the county (definitely not the situation now!). No problem to keep them running but the rest of the car was practically duct-taped together before being replaced eventually by a very well used former Nevada Highway Patrol car bought at a state motor pool auction..don’t know of ANY AMC’s from their SO that survived.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see one in an old “Bonanza” tv outtake lol

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  5. Grumpy

    Pacer X…I just can’t stop laughing!

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    • Ralph

      Originally he was known as Americanus Hudsoneious Nashquilla, but when he joined “The Movement”, he changed his name to…..

      Pacer X

      Fight the Power…….

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  6. Tom Henderson

    The Eagle is kind of cool, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in the Pacer. Total nerd car.

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  7. Mitch Ross Member

    I have a red Pacer X and sure hope it’s worth more than $4700. I also have an Eagle parts car with a good trans, but no real interest in Eagles. I do like their interiors and I am putting an Eagle interior into my Mexican Lerma.

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    • Miguel

      WOW Mitch, I can’t believe that Pacer fit on the dolly. I would think it would be too wide for that.

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  8. local_sheriff

    I simply cannot comprehend seller’s argument they should be restored??? Both cars present very well and can be used AS IS for decades as nice, presentable weekend drivers! Both examples are well worth saving; it’s a good thing seller don’t just wanna cash in the $ and sell them off to anyone.
    The Pacer would definately be my choice; the intestine color combo combined with the ‘fish bowl’ design – does it get more 70s…? Love it !

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  9. Wilco40

    Easy enough to get rid of the emission & feedback carb system. Look up the “Nutter Bypass” by John Nutter for 258’s or “Nutter Bypass Plus” for 2.5 AMC fours.

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  10. Poptheclutch

    Pacer X 🤘🏼😎

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