Unrestored Split Window: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

A split window Corvette is an amazing car that many of us dream about on the daily. This car has lived a very nice life with lots of maintenance, and care. Never restored, but having received extensive maintenance and rebuilt parts this Corvette is a beauty that is ready to roll. Having been with 3 owners, this car spent 30 years in storage after the 3rd owner passed away. The daughter eventually sold the car to the current seller who has invested a great deal of time and money making the car excellent. With 2 days into bidding, and 40 bids later the current price for this split window ‘Vette is $82,100. Check it out here on ebay out of Templeton, Massachusetts.

A split window Corvette is already rare, but how about a factory air conditioning equipped split window? Well it is one of 278 built with factory air conditioning. The 250 horsepower 327 Cubic inch V8 is original to the car, but has been rebuilt within the last 1000 miles. A great deal of work has been performed on this Corvette to keep it in tip top shape, and although the body has never been removed from the frame, there are not many parts that haven’t been handled, replaced, or rebuilt. Although so much maintenance has been performed, this Corvette has covered only 77,432 miles in its lifetime.

Inside is a lovely blue interior that shows like new. There are some new elements in the interior such as the seat foam, seat covers, and some other elements of the interior. There is a retro modern am/fm cassette radio installed but the seller has the original radio to complete the interior. All aspects of the electrical, and interior components operate as they did when new. Just hit the key and roll.

Never wrecked, damaged, reworked, or rebuilt, this ‘Vette is pure eye candy. Although unmolested, this Chevy does currently wear an older repaint that shows nicely with no obvious flaws, or cracking. The chrome and various stainless trim is clean and undamaged, and the seller believes them to be original 1963 components. The glass is original and in excellent condition. Spotless, well maintained, and “unrestored” this split window is a very nice example that so many of us would do anything to own. What do you think this iconic split window will sell for?

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  1. Don

    Hard to believe that a crappy old VW bus is worth more then a hot 63 corvette .Just put some more windows in the vet I guess 🤔

    • Michael Shook

      It’s called “History”! Too many people forget about that. Hmmm, how many miles, and how many stories have we gathered in our own lives? Isn’t that part of what makes us a priceless “commodity”

  2. Mike Super Sport

    Love the color. I thought only the HP 327’s had aluminum valve covers.

    • ron bajorek

      you are correct

  3. Bill

    A beauty! This will top 120G’s with no problem.

    • racer99

      Almost there now — at $110K+ and climbing with 6 days left. Brian, I’d love to know what the book is on this puppy. I think $150K + is possible.

  4. Rabbit

    She’s just over 110K now, with 6 days left.

  5. Terry J

    My pal Thad had one. 300hp 4 speed red on black back in ’67. Gary’s fuelie was faster sometimes, when it was running right, but Thads was fast every day. :-) Terry J

  6. Car Guy

    With factory A/C, this is the Split Window for me! Just need to win that lottery this weekend…….

  7. 86 Vette Convertible

    Love the looks and color but hard to justify ‘that’ kind of $$ for a car, even if it’s a 63 SWC. Friend had one in the late 60’s, it was hard on the butt but life has it’s little inconveniences.

  8. mark

    Nice well maintained car! Just missing the A/c belt.

  9. Bob S

    “Unrestored” now includes a rebuilt motor, new seat foam, and covers and an older repaint….with trim believed to be original. I say add the carpet to the list.

    • gbvette62

      The seller starts off by saying the car has “never been touched or painted and it’s all original unmolested”, then goes on to say the car has been repainted, had new door panels and seats installed, new exhaust, gas tank, brakes, gauges, etc. installed. I’m not sure how anyone could call this car a “survivor”. To me, it sounds like the only thing it’s survived was a restoration.

      It’s a pretty car, but for the kind of money they’re asking for it, there’s a lot wrong with it. The valve covers, master cylinder, fuel line, fuel filter, and distributor are all wrong, and it’s missing half of the ignition shielding. The dash has been cut up for aftermarket speakers, and the Walnut steering wheel is questionable on a 63.

      The underside has never been cleaned or detailed, but someone has attacked it with a black spray bomb, in a failed attempt to make it look better.

      I know prices on splits have gotten nuts the last few years, but for that kind of money, the buyer better be familiar with 63’s, especially with the very unique 63 only AC components.

  10. ronebee

    great car…..hmmmmm lets see, antiquated old 250hp garage art for $110,000 or more, orrrrrr brand new top of the line 2017 zo6 convertible with every possible go fast option that is a world class performing supercar…..decisions decisions….don’t get me wrong I like old stuff, but the future is here. I own a 64 4 speed coupe, it’s a beautiful car…but it gets drivin about 4 times a year

  11. Dan

    I to think I sold my ’63 split window for $3500 in 1980. Oh well, steering wheel is correct, but has the wrong shifter.

  12. Howard A Member

    While I’ve never been into Corvettes, never even been in one, one can’t deny, this was the most coveted car of all time. I agree with Don. It’s amazing how diverse the hobby is. And to think, someone, at a show, might walk right past this car to look at the VW bus.

  13. Bill

    I just bought a 2017 C7 for a little less than half of what this one’s up to now. Best Corvette I’ve ever had and something that I know will get me from points A to B real fast. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have this, but really, how often would it be on the road?

    • Mike Super Sport

      I have a ’66 vette convertible survivor my wife loves but there are out of town club events we don’t go to because it’s not as comfortable for the long hauls. Old stuff is good for collecting and investment, new models for comfort, performance and reliability.

      • RP

        Mike, you are correct, sir. I owned a SWC back in the eighties, and while it was fun to zip around town in road trips were hard on the back and butt. Now I have a C5 drop top and the thing is incredible to take on nice long road trips.

  14. Steven

    A 63 split window vette isn’t that rare, when you can view online daily too fine them for sale.. It’s all up to the buyer what they want to give in prices! Marshon’s in Ohio has the most early Vettes in the country..

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      LOL Steven! Not that rare? A one year only design with air. 278 born with air. If she was a fuelie maybe that would make it rare? Beautiful rig!

      • Steven

        Duh , as I wasn’t born yesterday..

  15. Rustytech Member

    I bought the farm, barn and all for less than this car is going to sell for! Nice car though. I had a 66 conv. Years ago for a little while, after a road trip from MD to FL and back. That cured me of my fascination with Corvettes. I traded it for a Chevelle SS. In those days the interstates had those annoying expansion joints, and the Corvette only made them seem bigger! I think I had blisters on my but when I got home! This is a good looking vette, but not for me.

  16. MR_Tude

    Bring it HOME to Cali…find some correct issue black plates (the ones on it are from the late 70’s, early 80’s and DRIVE IT!

  17. Keith

    A 2017 Subaru Forester has 250hp and a 2017 Chevy Equinox has 301hp….how times have changed. Not that I’d be caught dead in either one.

  18. Steven

    They keep on posting that 63 split window Vette on facebook in different pages , the car was in Spokane Washington some years ago and got sold awhile back then fully restored then sold at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas for $230k as it had less than 7000 miles on it… Some of them keep saying FIX or Not when they post it.

  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold for $140,000.00 with 82 bids.

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