Unrestored Survivor: 1966 Chevrolet Impala

This 1966 Chevrolet Impala is a survivor. It is a one owner vehicle that is unrestored, and its general condition is a credit to its original owner. There is no doubt that it is a car that most people would be proud to own, so if you are one of those people, this is your golden opportunity. Located in Lewiston, Idaho, it is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN price of $18,750 for the Impala, but the option is there to make an offer.

The Impala is a car that is blessed with both elegant style and presence, and this car possesses both in abundance. The white paintwork is understated but looks to be in really good condition. The car has covered a documented 70,000 original miles, and by the look of it, not many of these have been hard miles. The paint looks to be in good order, as does all of the exterior chrome and trim.

The interior is a symphony in red, and once again, the presentation is pretty impressive for an unrestored 53-year-old car. There are a few very minor faults to be seen, but I don’t think that they are deal breakers. They just indicate that this is a car that has been used and enjoyed, not a car that has been abused. The inserts on the seats can be a bit deceptive because from some angles they look discolored in the photos, while they don’t in others. I think that this is just a trick of the light. Overall though, it just looks like a nice place to be while the miles roll effortlessly away.

It’s under the hood where the Impala shows its age just a bit, but it still looks pretty clean and tidy. The engine is the 327ci V8, and this is hooked to a 3-speed manual transmission. There is no power assistance for either the steering or brakes, but that probably isn’t a great issue. The owner says that the car starts, runs, and drives well, and it also comes with a pretty substantial collection of documentation. This includes the original title, dealership Bill of Sale, Protect-O-Plate, Warranty Card, Owner’s Manual, delivery packet, and a new car brochure.

The owner describes this Impala as a time capsule, and this description is probably fairly accurate. The fact that it is unrestored, is in great condition and includes all of the previously mentioned documentation has earned it the right to that label. It is a car that anyone would be proud to own. Are you going to be that person?

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  1. NotSure Member

    You could take this lovely lady home to meet your mom!

  2. Ted

    Is the seller the owner? I’m thinking this is a dealer presenting the car, if so, then it’s a two owner car, right?

    • Charles

      No because dealers typically have a special privilege to transfer title without actually “owning” a car.

  3. j liu

    This is extremely original, as for the engine bay. See that strap/brace on the right side? That was an early GM recall for their really bad motor mounts. Several people were killed because the torque of the motor would shear off the mount and if the car was accelerated hard, the engine would torque, move over and the throttle linkage would jam at potentially high speed. When I was very young, I borrowed a friends’ 1964 Impala wagon and he warned me not to accelerate hard as his mounts were sheared. Of course I jumped in forgetting that warning until the fan started grinding against the metal shroud. Anyway, the fact that, that recall brace is still there on this car speaks volumes about the originality. When has anyone see one of those before? Nice car.

    • Kerry Glenn

      I have – my 1965 Impala 283 had them.

    • jwzg

      I had that happen to me. My 4 dr. ’66 Bel Air would bind the throttle, and I’d have to pry the pedal up. My Dad finally had a “WTF” moment, then promptly drove to the auto parts store to buy new mounts. Solved the problem. Dang, I wish I’d held on to the car, as it was a solid runner.


    nice but wheel covers are for a 1967…

    • Ross892

      No they are strictly 1966

  5. stillrunners

    Air cleaner is off….but I’m okay with that……

  6. GP Member

    Very sharp car, They did a great job taking care of it. I would be proud to have it in my driveway.

  7. A-body Fan

    I’m a purist at heart and as such this Impala should be preserved, but there’s a part of me that is thinking about a period correct high winding 327. The car is beautiful anyway you look at it.

  8. Djs

    I would like automatic Ps,Pb and ac but it’s a high price for this car

  9. David Cole

    I clicked on this ad and literally, without realizing it, spoke out loud the words; “that is gorgeous.”

  10. ccrvtt

    The ’65-’66 Impalas are arguably one of the best large coupe designs of all time. They rank right up there with the ’68-’70 Chargers. The 327 is legendary in all its versions. For the money this ’66 is a much better deal than the ’66 Mustang featured a few spots away.

    • DN

      I couldn’t agree more! The 65-66’s were such a vast improvement over the 64, which is perhaps the most uninspiring design that GM out out during the 60s.

      This car’s colors and condition make my heart race!!!

  11. PDXBryan

    Indeed ccrvtt! What a beauty and 327 with 3 on the tree no less! I’m in love.

  12. Henrique Burin

    I have an 66 SS blue with White interior. It was my grandfathers car. Now has 82k km. I am livin um Brazil. 327 powerglide, Rochester 4MV

  13. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Fine looking automobile. Great body style and condition, fantastic engine and a 3 speed to boot. What more can you ask for? Only downside of it is it’s not the easiest car to park due to the fastback style when parallel parking, but then again it deserves to be on the highway, not in a parking spot.

  14. Dan D

    Beautiful car, but must be a handful to drive with no PS or PB and trying to shift while going around a corner….

    • M

      If you lived in 1966 there was an even chance that any car you drove would have neither power steering nor power brakes and a 3 on the tree was almost expected. Having driven many and owned a few cars like this when new, it really wasn’t the handful many people think. It was what we were used to.

  15. Tom Smith

    Listing ended

    • PatrickM

      Yup. To late to say much, other than a great looking car. Final price = $17,000.00.

  16. DN

    The completed listing doesn’t show that a best offer was accepted or that it sold for $17k. Unless it was ended by the seller in order to complete a transaction outside of eBay, it may be available still….

  17. Jeremy Schaefer

    I had the privilege of buying this beautiful car. It will soon be headed to my home in northern Michigan. I bought it off of Ebay, sight unseen, for a price that I couldn’t pass up. Now just to figure out how to get it home… Definitely spending some quality windshield time with this gem as a long hauler on this coming Hot Rod Power Tour. Hope to see some of you guys (and gals) there!

  18. Stevie G Member

    Jeremy, congrats on the beautiful acquisition! I am happy for you, although a little jealous.
    Dan D commented on how difficult it must be to drive this car as equipped from the factory. Well I had a 1977 Plymouth Fury equipped from the factory in a very similar manner, but it had power brakes. That was the only difference. Well, and a way smaller steering wheel. The bigger wheel would be helpful for a manual steering car just for leverage. Anyhow, try holding a conversation on the cell phone while driving a car in city traffic that is equipped like this. No fun! I found the parts at a salvage yard to convert my Fury to power steering. That helped a lot. I doubt I would have done that had I not had a cell phone lol.

  19. Jeremy Schaefer

    Thanks, Stevie! I’ve had a lot of basic/primitive vehicles over the years. Thing the only thing I may do is change the brakes to a dual line system for safety. Otherwise, i’m 100% satisfied with it, right down to the AM radio. Bought to drive, preserve and enjoy!

  20. A-body Fan

    Jeremy, good luck and a hearty congratulations to you. Enjoy your new car and post a picture sometime when you’re on an adventure.

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