Stored Since ’88: 1983 Honda Accord

Said to have covered only 32,000 miles from new, this 1983 Honda Accord hatchback is in impressive condition and loaded up with some rare factory and period options. The car has escaped the plight of many of these early Accords, which is rabid consumption by the tin worm. Bidding is already quite active here on eBay, and the reserve remains unmet with plenty of time in the auction. 

In addition to OEM mudflaps and nicely preserved steel wheels, this Accord also has a rare set of window louvers gracing the back glass. The black plastic trim remains in excellent condition, as does the chrome trim along the tops of the thick plastic bumpers and around all of the vehicle’s glass. The seller claims he has known of this car since new and is selling it on behalf of the estate; it was garaged since the day it was purchased and off the road since 1988.

Five years of active duty is nothing for an Accord of this generation, and it makes us think an elderly owner must have passed away for it to be laid up so early in its life. The interior is spotless and retains an extremely rare color-coded Husco arm rest – this is the sort of thing Honda fanboys will pay hundreds of dollars for, along with the rear louvers. Even better, this model is equipped with Honda’s velvety manual transmission.

These were not powerhouses, built more for economy than anything else. But like all lower-spec Hondas, they can still handle modern traffic with ease and will be dirt cheap to run in the interim. The seller uses the word “perfect” multiple times, including when describing how the car runs out. With any car in such obvious original, untouched condition, we have little reason to doubt the claim. Buy, drive, and enjoy all while seeing modest annual appreciation.

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  1. Gunner

    Oh Yeah. Why do you do this to me? Amazing. How can you not appreciate a 34 year old car in like new condition? It is concerning however that the car has sat since 88. There are things that will need replaced. And dig those louvers! I don’t recall seeing them on these Honda’s. Man doesn’t that interior pop? Third pedal included. Point for the Seller. Another beautiful 80’s import, and that’s coming from a Detroit gearhead. ;-)

    • Steve R

      The louvers were a common over the counter addition available from the dealer. My mom added them to her 84.

      It would have been nice if the seller included pictures of the undercarriage and the fenders right behind the tires. The ad makes no mention of rust either to affirm nor deny its presence, with the 32,000 miles in five years of service under its belt, presumably in the state of New York, it’s hard to believe there wouldn’t be some.

      Steve R

  2. Royal Ricci

    I had a slate gray 83 Accord Sedan with 5 Speed with gray pinstriped interior and 112K on the clock. My folks bought it for me in the Spring of 89 when my 81 Plymouth Champ suddenly died when the differential in the FWD transmission let go. I think all in they paid 4000 including the sales tax which they made the used car guy eat. Apparently it was wholesaled by a dealer in Connecticut somewhere around Danbury. This was my second car and my first five speed. Some were concerned and thought it was nuts to buy a car with so many miles but let me tell you what a sweet wonderful car it was. I drove it into the ground to the point where I had to get the front end totally redone and a new set of tires, but alas the night before I was to order the parts in July 1993, I wiped out on a rain slicked road and had a head on with a full sized RWD Olds. In the end, it one of the cars that lasted me the longest (4 years) with the least amount trouble free driving. Other than the clutch job that ran me $350.00 the summer after the first year I owned it and a set of tires and front brakes, I had no other problems with it except for the head gasket which was going and caused me grief in the winter trying to get it running. The body was starting to go when I had the accident. Wound up driving a 84 Pontiac 6000 after which was nowhere as nice but my first V-6.

    I always liked the look of the 82 and 83 Accords compared to the 84 & 85 because of the more shapely grille. Part of the reason, these Accords were so good is that these were the first models to be produced out of Honda’s first American Plant in Marysville, Ohio just outside of Columbus. My GF’s dad at the time had a beige 82 which I had travelled in to Maryland and back about a year or two before I wound up getting mine. Not the car to own if you were a very tall guy like him, but a nice cruiser on the highway that could get up to 89 before getting squirrely.

  3. Cary

    Even sitting so many years, i bet it is mostly just fine if careful to go through all the things that need attention/inspection. How can you hate a Honda? Just traded in an 11 year old Accord with 187k on it. NEVER repaired anything – just replaced parts that wore out. I bought one of the first Accords in Cleveland back in ’76. Wanted a Sirocco but had a Honda Civic budget. Read about the Accord in a magazine, went to Rick Case Honda and wanted to order one. They knew nothing about it but took a $50 deposit and put me first on the list. a year in they had a recall for new head gasket. While it was there they replaced front fenders and painted entire car to match new fender paint because they were finding rust problems at top of front the wheel well. Righteous.

  4. Moparman Member

    This just reminds me how GOOD a styled steel wheel w/ chrome trim rings/lug nuts/ &center cap could look…especially when I see the HIDEOUS plastic covers on cars today! :-)

    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      Agreed. My 1980 BMW 320 originally came with steel wheels and a chrome trim ring. I love them, although they’re awaiting a repaint for the days when I feel like being VERY OEM correct.

  5. CarNut from Winnipeg Member

    A/C car too! Very nice.

  6. Rick

    My first new car was a two-door Honda Accord burgundy 5-speed. That car was one of my Best Buys ever. I miss to this day and every car there after I have always compared it to my Honda Accord.

  7. Kiwi Glen

    Had an almost exact 82 model – only difference was the head lights. Mine was a bit tired with over 100000 miles . Rust in the bottom of the doors, around the wind screen and it the bottom of the tail gate. But super reliable and compared to my Austin mini light years ahead. Had the rust fixed eventually replaced the engine after a failure due I think to a broken cam belt – but that Honda always brings back found memories

  8. Mike Reese

    Holy … well, whatever. I’m almost a little suspicious of how clean that car is. BECAUSE THAT SUCKER IS CLEAN!!!!

  9. irocrob

    My only car I ever bought new,a 1984 Accord. What a fantastic car it was. Zero issues unlike the crap the big three were making back then. It never went in for warranty work or any recalls. Really like this one a lot !

  10. Jay E.

    Had an 83, same color and everything. Loved that car. Never skipped a beat, went good in the snow too! I put on a ton of miles and sold it for what I had paid for it. Watch out for an old timing belt, hope its been replaced already. I’d buy this ( $6100.00 as I write this) and drive it, but if it goes much higher you are paying for collectability. There are a lot of good used $7K cars out there that are only a couple of years old.

    • mike D

      it is up to 14K now as of 645 pm EDT Sunday

      • Rx7turboII

        I love old Hondas more than anyone else in this world but $14,000 for this is unreal! I would almost bet that this will end up in California in the secret Honda Museum, it’s that clean!

  11. Jay E.

    How is this possible, it is up to $20,000 on Monday morning! Two bidders only have pushed it up from $6200.00, but I guess that is all it takes. Oh, and the reserve is off too.

  12. irocrob

    I wonder about the bid of 20,000. Zero feedback. I think there is funny stuff going on there.

  13. Oingo

    If I recall these things would run long past their death by road salt cancer.

  14. aerowagon

    Hopefully Honda of North America was like, YOLO we out here fam, and snapped this up for the $20,000 bid…

    Otherwise, I’m not terribly confident in that final price.

  15. Rick A. Loera

    My parents had one of the first four door accords in February 1979. Dealer installed A/C, which all Hondas back then were. Two speed Hondamatic transmission and power steering, said so right there on the steering wheel. Silver with burgundy interior. Had to clean the inside windows everyday because some weird film would accumulate in them. Also when you turned the car off, steam or smoke would come out out the engine through the hood louvers and front cowling. This car was lemonade. Our mechanic used to call it “That Crazy Honda”. I would have another one in a heartbeat. Loved that Honda.

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