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Untouched FJ60: 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser

Sometimes, I look back and wonder why I didn’t make a move even when I had a suspicion a particular vehicle was a smart one to buy. I prefer not to call it a list of regrets, but with the prices some of these vehicles are bringing, it’s beginning to look that way. Our latest example is the FJ60-series Toyota Land Cruiser, which is basically the 80s-era version of Toyota’s capable off-roader. This example is said to remain highly original with no modifications or other alterations made aside from a radio upgrade and a replacement dash pad. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $28,500.

Years ago, I came across what was likely the first FJ60 I had ever seen in the flesh in Central Massachusetts junkyard. I obviously knew the Land Cruiser as a model but based on when I was car shopping for the first time, the “new” model was the FJ80. I certainly wasn’t going to own one of those, but FJ60s weren’t exactly a common sight on the roads, even in the late 90s (especially in the northeast, where they all rusted out.) I couldn’t help but go and visit that junkyard truck time and again, recognizing that it was special and a shame that so few good ones seemed to be available. Had I followed that chain of thought all the way through, I may have been smart and picked up a model like this one for peanuts.

The seller’s truck is indeed pristine, with a spotless interior and the preferred 5-speed manual transmission. It’s hard to believe that 163,000 miles, a cabin can still look this good. The seller doesn’t mention whether the upholstery has been redone, but it certainly looks far better than expected if this is, indeed, the original material. Replacing the radio is one of those things some people just automatically do while others consider a detraction; I’m somewhere in the middle. I love seeing cars and trucks with original factory radios, but I also understand why many owners make this one upgrade. It certainly makes living with an older vehicle far more pleasant when it supports hands-free phone operation (and it’s far safer, too.)

The engine bay is nicely detailed, perhaps even better than it was when new. The blue ignition wires suggest someone has performed a tune-up at some point in time, as those sure aren’t original. The seller says “….nothing was rebuilt” as if it was a good thing; personally, I wouldn’t be offended if the steering box had been replaced or the suspension refreshed, so perhaps he’s just trying to say the engine hasn’t ever had to be torn down and put back together. Whatever the history file shows, this Land Cruiser appears to be in excellent order and very well looked after by its previous caretakers.


  1. Pat P.

    I know what you mean. I DO regret not buying a 90-92 Acura NSX with low mileage for 30-35k 6 years ago.

  2. Bruce Ironmonger

    In Australia diesel versions with 500-600,000 km are selling for that price.

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  3. ace10

    All FJ60s were equipped with a 4 speed manual.

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    • David Poole

      But a really popular upgrade is to put in the 5 speed available new from Toyota. Maybe this one has it?

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      • ace10

        Pretty certain that a seller would prominently mention having an H55 in that 60.
        My comment was more of a correction to the story, since it implies that there was some sort of option for an FJ60, other than the 4 speed.

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    • Cam Usher

      Automatics also , at least in Australia there was , I know a guy that still has one , paid less than $1000 for it & has been all over Western Australia in it

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  4. Jay E. Member

    Nice vehicle. My only experience with these is that 60 mph max down the freeway is a drawback.

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    • Sam

      With a tailwind, 65. Vibration like a stick shaker anything above that.

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      • tompdx Member

        Really?! I’m sure I’d remember that. My ’83 had no such limitations that I can recall. Not that I’m a HUGE leadfoot, but I’m certain I had it over 80 more than once.

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  5. Jay

    Had an 84, same color, basically identical to this. Manual choke, manual hubs — loved both! Bought it in 86 and kept it for 18 years. But I felt betrayed years later when I found out these things seemed to be designed to rust (wheel wells, rear fenders, rear doors, tailgate, etc.) No matter how meticulous I kept it clean and garaged. Body shop guy said bad design — and of course at the factory they weren’t dipped in whatever it was that kept the rust at bay, like later cars.

  6. geomechs geomechs

    Amazing! An LHD? In North America? We had lots of these go through our shop and they all were RHD. Some guy starting importing these from Japan. We found very few parts interchanged with normal American-sold units. Smaller U-joints, different oil filters/air filters, brake components; it was rather difficult finding parts for these, plus, the safety equipment hopelessly failed federal regs…

  7. Phil Hobden

    Don’t recall the 65mph issues on the flat lands but I do remember the slower performance on the passes. As someone mentioned earlier, the 5sp manual transmission upgrade is popular and not too hard IIRC. Rust was a problem for the FJ55 & FJ60 Land Cruisers — worth checking it out first.
    There is lots of support out there for the FJ60 wagons as there is for the newer FZJ80’s. The price is low for the condition this 60 appears to be — it should sell quickly.

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