Untouched Survivor: 1969 Pontiac GTO

This 1969 Pontiac GTO is said to be an all original and untouched muscle car that was originally bought in Alabama. The car now resides in Broadview Heights, Ohio and is listed for auction here on eBay. The GTO has been bid to $13,200 after 35 bids but the reserve has not been met. The auction has 4 days remaining before a new owner will take this car home.

The paint and interior is said to be all original and the odometer reads approximately 95,000 miles. The GTO has sat in storage for 20+ years but it claims to be dry storage and you can see that the owner put oxygen absorbers or rat poison in metal pans on the floorboards to help preserve the car. The car is said to have run when put into storage but that doesn’t mean much now if it has not been driven in 20 years. The carpet is faded and the dash has a crack in it. The seller states that the car will need a new headliner.

The 1969 Pontiac GTO was available with three different engines. Since the engine is not discussed in the ad, it can probably be assumed that this GTO is equipped with the base 400 cubic inch V8 engine that was rated at 350 horsepower. A seller could pay a little more and upgrade to a Ram Air III and Ram Air IV 400 cubic inch V8 engines as options. The Ram Air III engine was rated at 366 horsepower and the Ram Air IV engine was rated at 370 horsepower. While the difference in horsepower ratings doesn’t seem like much there was a big difference between the Ram Air II and Ram Air IV performance and driveability. Most enthusiasts believe that the high compression Ram Air IV engine was a much more powerful engine than the ratings indicated.

The GTO has power steering and power brakes as well as factory air conditioning. The engine is backed by a column shifted GM Turbo 400 automatic transmission. While the paint and Cordoba top appear faded, this will probably be a sought-after car by GTO fans due to its originality. I hope it gets on the road and is shared with others soon.


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  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    I see it has the ultra-rare Dual Pie Plate center console.

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    • Moparman Member

      Not to mention the rear ones, as well…all containing what appears to be some type of rodent repellant!! LOL!! :-)

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      • Chris

        Pie tins are a very rare option 1 of a kind I hope !!!! LOL

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  2. flmikey

    This is the same person who’s selling the 64 Lemans previously posted…wouldn’t you just love to have both these beauties…the auto on the column looks weird, but I guess it was standard with the TH400…

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  3. KC John

    My first thought is to do a sympathetic restoration and drive it. I thought first image was a vintage photo. Nice find

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  4. Rbig18

    Those pie plates I believe due both mice and moisture. I use to use it in my RV when I stored for long periods. Reduces moisture inside and keeps rodents away. Not a bad way to store a vehicle.

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    • Johnny

      With Argo corn starch and corn me does the trick.

  5. Bob McK Member

    In 69, when I was a kid, I tried my best to get my Dad to buy one of these. But instead he bought a red Camaro. He hated it and sold it within a year. I should find a nice one like this and buy it today.

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    • Frank V

      I thought he was joking when my dad asked me to go with him to the Pontiac dealer with him in April 69 to buy a new car. I was 15. He asked me on the way up if he should buy a Tempest / Lemans. The GTO was my dream car, I went for it and told him to get the GTO , never expecting him to let me spec the car. Three weeks later we had an antique gold, Ram Air 3, Turbo Automatic, 3.90 posi, PS/PB. Am radio, Console, Black Buckets, Rally 2 wheels and Rally Gauge Cluster. His must haves were the power steering, brakes, and radio. I was a very lucky kid as I wound up with that car when I got my license at 17. Loved that car. I only wish I could find it today. Continually looking through old boxes for any registration or paperwork to grab a vin.

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      • Johnny

        If you find the old registration. You might find some information through the insurance companys too. I wished I hadn,t sold my 68 GTO. Like it alot. Still have my 66 Fairlane GT and won,t sale it.

  6. Steve R

    The Ram Air IV had the same compression ratio as the base 400 4bbl used in the GTO. It was the round port heads, camshaft, intake manifold and high flow exhausts which gave it the additional power.

    This looks like a nice car, make it mechanically sound buff the paint, replace the carpets along with some worn items, then drive it.

    Steve R

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    • Craigo

      Steve R you consistently know your stuff 👏👏

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  7. PairsNPaint

    This is the exact car my brother bought when he returned home from Air Force basic training, except his had the styled steel wheels and red stripe tires. He graciously let me take it to my senior prom. A night I’ll never forget for a lot of reasons :).

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  8. DBW31

    Pie pans may contain Arm & Hammer for moisture and odor control, It’s what I used many times.

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  9. Buddy

    Should have just used the pie plate wheel covers🤣

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  10. George Mattar

    Another case of poor editing and lack of knowledge by your writers. It is Cordova top. I use pie tins full of baking soda and rat poison in my cars all the time. Nice original car. I had a 70 hardtop with same color interior and column shift. Console was optional.

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    I am not sure it is a real GTO, from the supplied photo’s it has a ram air hood but not a ram air air cleaner. The interior is missing the floor shift and console. I think this is a clone.

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    • PairsNPaint

      It’s real. Not all GTO’s had Ram Air, but all had the twin snorkel hood. My brother’s had column shift and no console.

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      • DBW31

        As did my ’66 Goat.

    • Bick Banter

      Console was optional equipment on these. Most of them had it but some of them did not. If it’s a real GTO it’ll have 242 as the first 3 digits of the VIN. I will guess that this car is a real GTO.

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  12. Sarge

    Would it be blasphemy to lose the hubcaps? Damn they’re ugly.

  13. Johnny

    Nice car. After replace some parts that need replaced. I,d do away with the rust magnet vinlyn top .

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  14. Utes

    I nice base GOAT. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one this uniquely-equipped. Perhaps a returning ‘Nam Vet ordered it like I did for my ’69 SS396 Chevelle.

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