Up With The Machine! 1970 AMC Rebel

Although we have covered several 1970 Rebel Machines on Barn Finds, this extremely original one appears to be new to the market. It’s located in West Hartford, Connecticut and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding at this point is up to $28,000 but the reserve has not yet been met. Let’s look a little closer at this rare piece of AMC muscle!

The Rebel Machine was appropriately introduced to both the motoring press and the rest of us at the October 1969 NHRA World Finals. Choosing to show the car for the first time at a drag race was no accident, as the model was intended to follow up on the success of the SC Rambler. Here’s a quote from the factory brochure: “With a horsepower-to-weight ratio of 10.74:1, this qualifies the car for a very competitive position in the NHRA-sanctioned F/Stock class.”

To further ensure that consumers were aware of AMC’s intentions, the cars had reflective striping that is still on this car as well as a hood-mounted tach. The seller tells us that the car is “totally original from top to bottom” and I can’t see anything to call that into question. The car was even driven into the spot it’s in now, although the seller points out that was a while ago and recommends some fuel system cleaning.

The interior looks remarkably original and I think would look pretty darned good if cleaned up. I hope someone appreciates the originality of this car as opposed to fully restoring it.


This is a picture from Hot Rod covering the launch of the Rebel Machine. The same phrase can be found in the factory literature (remember, this was the late 1960s). Anyone else recognize the lady on the right? (bonus points for the one on the left) I’ll give you a hint; they both worked for a shifter company!

We’re told the engine did run and it certainly looks original. I almost forgot; the seller is including a “complete perfect parts car” as well that has its own title! I’m assuming that’s just a regular Rebel, though. Are you “up” with this Machine, or “down”?

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  1. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Love that this one is a four speed, not as common as the automatic cars. Looks decent enough to clean up and drive. Would look good parked next to my SC/Rambler.

  2. Angrymike

    After my bud bought a 69 Rambler in the 80’s I started looking into these and SC/Ramblers. One problem, there wasn’t any in driving distance for sale and ended up with a big block Camaro. This would be a great car to work on and drive, especially with a parts car. I hope someone restores this to it’s former beauty.

  3. That AMC guy

    Looks original down to the vacuum windshield wipers! :) There have been “tribute” cars made out of more pedstrian Rebels but this one sure looks like the genuine article that hasn’t been messed with for 50 years. At least the seller isn’t trying pull any “matching numbers” BS!

  4. Dan

    Miss Hurst, Linda Vaughn on the right, don’t recognize the one on the left….

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff


  5. Derek

    I remember mine back in 1983

  6. Lance Nord

    Linda Vaughn (right). Nikki Phillips (left)… I think.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Lance appears to be our winner! I just did a Google search of the image and it is Nikki Phillips at the left of Linda.

      Hope this car goes to an appreciative home.

      I remember Linda Vaughan as being a person of great poise and class. One of my favourite memories was taking a couple of Swedish hot rodders to the 1980 SEMA Show and Linda happened to be on the Hurst stand when we walked past.

      My guests were totally going out of their respective minds at the fact that Linda – whom they’ve only seen in magazine photos and posters (anyone remember her famous ‘mountain scene’ pic?) – was standing maybe 10 feet away from them. “I asked them if they’d like me to introduce them to her…” :-D

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Very good, Lance, you got both of them!

  7. Gaspumpchas

    Unmolested is the beauty. As the guys said, this one should be restored to its former beauty. its sitting at the starting price, 28 large. A great example of AMC and their muscle car stable!!! Good luck to the new owner!!


    • Derek R Habbeshaw

      I met her many years ago here in Scottsdale Az at the Barrett Jackson. She sold me an angel good luck piece I carry in my pocket. So far it’s brought me good luck. She is a great woman.

  8. MB

    I had one that was stolen, driven into ocean, recovered, put the 390 and T-10 into friend’s 1972 Gremlin. With slicks the Gremlin would carry the front wheels for about 50 feet. Sadly only the engine, transmission and rear axle were salvageable, the rest went to crusher because of the salt water infiltration.

  9. Mark

    One of the best “Dare to be different” musclecars out there. AMC’s don’t get the respect they deserve. GLWTS.

  10. Coventrycat

    Rebel, Rebel, how could they know? Hot tramp, I love you so.

  11. XMA0891

    This same seller also has a SC360 on eBay – Guy’s got very good taste.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Those SC360s were quite a surprise – in a good way. A buddy of mine bought a one-owner example in the mid-1970s to add to his then-growing collection of 327 Rambler Classics and Marlins for what was a giveaway price.

      I used to tease him the the SC moniker meant that AMC equipped his car with a ‘stolen carburetor’. He would respond by noting that Buick’s GS actually stood for ‘garbage scow’… LOL!

      • VInce H

        Pontiac GTO Garbage Truck Option.

      • Ken Member

        I’d take a 455 Stage 1 “Garbage Scow” over this car any day of the week.

      • John

        GTO. Get your Tools Out

  12. Woody

    That’s true Mark,along with the AMX, 390 and 4speed were great street machines,deserves to be restored!

  13. Hotroddaddy

    I would put this Rambler against any Caddy in a race. Beep beep!

  14. Mark OGrady

    I photographed this one a few years back at the Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. Probably one of the nicest I have ever seen. Owned by a fellow Canuck too…

  15. stillrunners


  16. Steve S

    I would love to have this car if I had the money and if it still has the original 340 horsepower 390 engine that came in the car the seller doesn’t say what size the engine is and it would go with my die cast model I got from my great uncle

  17. Steve S

    Here is a better pic of that model

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