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UPDATE: 383-Equipped 1947 Dodge 3-Window Business Coupe

UPDATE – The seller, Larry, has lowered his asking price to $11,500 and provided more information and photos. You can view their updated Classified here!

One of the most complex parts of any project build, especially for the initiated, is knowing where to start. You might buy an old car with visions in your head of what you aim to achieve, but knowing how to reach that goal can be a daunting prospect. That’s why so many projects stall before they start or why some owners throw their hands in the air and walk away. The owner of this 1947 Dodge 3-Window Business Coupe has completed all of the heavy lifting, and now it is up to a new owner to add the finishing touches. If that sounds tempting, you will find the Dodge located in Quincy, Illinois, and listed for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds. The owner has set the sale price for the Coupe at $17,500.

The first thing to note about this Coupe is that it is solid and rust-free. The buyer isn’t going to need to spend copious hours and dollars on rust repairs, which means that they can focus their attention on other aspects of the vehicle. It is pretty dusty, but I think that some hard work with quality cleaning and polishing products could produce surprising results. The panels are straight, and while there are a couple of flaws, these look like they could be addressed without resorting to a repaint. If I were to buy this Dodge, a deep clean would be my first port of call. The story is the same with the trim and chrome, while the glass looks like it would also respond positively to a careful clean. The huge wheels provide potential buyers with a clear indication that this Business Coupe is no longer showroom stock.

When this Dodge rolled off the production line, its engine bay would have been occupied by a 230ci flathead six-cylinder engine that would have produced a healthy 102hp. However, that six is now a distant memory because what we now find is a 383ci V8 that is backed by a 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission. That V8 should provide a noticeable power boost, but it would also have other benefits. The six and the 383 would be line-ball on weight, but with the V8 being shorter, it moves the weight back slightly. So not only should this Business Coupe go harder, but it should handle better. That is one of the aspects of this 3-Window that makes it so attractive for potential buyers. The hard work of fabricating or sourcing all of the components to slot the 383 in place is complete, allowing the buyer to focus their attention on the overall presentation. The owner says that the vehicle runs and drives well, which means that the open road is beckoning the buyer. (UPDATE – This is a Chevrolet 383 Stroker).

Before I spent any money on this Dodge’s interior, I would, once again, treat everything to a thorough clean. It is serviceable, and the buyer could drive the car without undertaking any significant restoration work. The vehicle will need new door trims, so the buyer could choose the interior as the area where they could place their mark. The floor mat looks good, and there are no tears on the seat cover, so the buyer might source door trims to match. However, there’s nothing to prevent that person from going the whole hog with a retrim, and the result could be spectacular. It could also come down to the question of budget. If you are looking at purchasing this Dodge but have limited funds to complete any work, simply replacing the door trims would be fine. I’m pretty sure that with that work complete, the buyer could take this classic anywhere with their head held high.

There are times when tackling a project build that another person has commenced can be a nightmare. I don’t see any evidence of that with this 1947 Dodge 3-Window Business Coupe. It looks like the sort of classic that could be driven and enjoyed immediately, with the buyer undertaking any further work as time, circumstances, and a budget permit. Adapting that motor and transmission combination could have caused headaches, but the buyer will be securing this car with that part completed. They will have two main tasks left to undertake once they park the Coupe in their garage. The first will be to complete the cosmetic work required to bring the interior and exterior to a high standard. The second task is far more critical. That is to get out on the road and enjoy a car that is sure to turn head wherever it goes. After all, isn’t that supposed to be the aim of this exercise?


  1. Slantasaurus

    A Chevy engine backed by a Torqueflight is an interesting combination, are you sure about that or just guessing the engine is a Chrysler 383 because they made on in that displacement.

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    • pete

      i’m with this guy–that ain’t a 383 Mopar,,383 stroker small chevy

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  2. BigBlocksRock

    Valve cover says “350”

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  3. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Regardless of which engine it has this car has got to be a screamer. Looking at the rear wheels I think it might be tubbed which rules me out.
    God bless America

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    • RKS

      That engine looks like it was pulled out of an old work truck. Stock intake and carb and stock distributor doesn’t say screamer to me.

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  4. Pugsy

    Seller says straight and solid body…….wow….

    This is not someone to buy from.

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  5. Jon Rappuhn

    I have written the listing party (seems to be a dealer) asking about the engine/trans combo. No reply as of yet. Definitely not a mopar product. He has several cars listed including a “1988 Jaguar XJS V-12 Hess and Eisenhardt Convertible ” Maybe someone could help me out here, does or did the “professional” body maker do convertible conversions? Or is this a Jaguar hearse or limo which would be an interesting vehicle? Anyone?

    • Jon Rappuhn

      Update: Seller emailed back, I had asked him what the engine and transmission came out of and he said he doesn’t know. (I didn’t tell him it was a GM product, should I have?)

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  6. Tom

    The engine is a GM with 350 rockers covers but it may well be a 383 stroked from 350.

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  7. martinsane

    Good year and if dont right a nice cruiser.
    Absolutely hate that steering wheel, makes me wonder on the rest of the running gear… especially after hearing or reading the earlier post amd the aeller not knowing anything.

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    geez a 383 is a common small block 350 based Chevy, using a 400 crank longer stroke. So many questions if it a Chevy or not. 4.0″ stoke bore but the small block 400 increases the stroke from 3.48 to 3.80 making it 383 cubic inches. Before this starts, a 400 small block came with a 2bbl, there was a 400 big block with a 4bbl.

  9. Pugsy

    It’s a 3.75″ stroke. I’m sure that 400 SBC’s came with a 4 barrel carb in the later years.

    The BBC was a 402, not a 400.

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  10. Gary Rhodes

    Wow. $17k for this? 350/350 Chevy, looks like it hasn’t ran in a decade or more, needs everything from top to bottom, $5k to $8k would be generous.

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    • Larry Member

      FYI, this car was started and driven 2 weeks ago

    • Frank Farrell

      I just saw the same car, mint condition, all original for 17k. I think 8k for this would be way out of line. Everything on it is questionable.

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  11. Larry Member

    Correction: This car does not have a Chrysler 383 engine. It is a 350 Chevy engine bored out to a 383 stroker. I bought this car along with several others to get the car that I wanted which is a 1931 Franklin Roadster driven by Errol Flynn in one of his movies

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    • PairsNPaint

      “It is a 350 Chevy engine bored out to a 383 stroker.”

      Bore refers to cylinder diameter. Stroke is connecting rod length (or crankshaft offset.) If it’s bored it’s not stroked. Please get your terms straight.

      • Marty Parker

        To be clear, a 383 Chevy is a bored and stroked 350. 4.03 inch bore with 3.75 stroke.

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  12. bobhess bobhess Member

    Regardless of what engine this car has it’s ugly.

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  13. bobhess bobhess Member

    Larry.. That Franklin is going to look good cruising down the road. Get a picture back to us when you do.

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  14. Kevin

    Lots of banter,that’s what this is about, the cars,the opinions, and knowledge etc.I personally love the style of this car,but I think I would take that thing to the track, and flog it hard until it blew up,then make it all mopar again,440,727,Dana 60,wheelie bars,yes!,maybe even a big bad supercharger with scoop protruding from the hood,some sick sidepipes,candy paint….ah yes I can dream can’t I!

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  15. R.Lee

    This may be the very car I owned in the late 70’s. The car was black and complete. Ran well and had a couple bullet holes in the door glass. I had a 392 for the car at the time but decided to sell and spend the money on a 69 440 Road Runner.

    Wish now I still had the car. Most probably the same car as not many were built plus the car is only 100 miles from me.

    Well see if Larry still has it?

    • Larry Member

      Yes R.Lee I still have the car. If you like you can either email me at or call 573-541-1970

    • Larry Member

      1947 Dodge 3 Window Business Coupe Pro Street with the 383 stroker engine and auto trans

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      • Thomas

        Love it ,,, looks great ,, don’t see many 39-49 dodges .. mostly chevys and fords .. if I had the extra funds it’d be in my driveway

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    • Larry Member

      Sorry the car has been sold

  16. benjy58

    I would say it’s double ugly. Paint reminds me of a used diaper.

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    • Larry Member

      benjy58-I could have advertised this car else where for free and got snide remarks instead of advertising it here on BarnFinds and paying $79 and get the snide remarks. Its people like you who ruin the old car hobby

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      • Danny

        Larry, I’m surprised you didn’t. Why waste $79 when you can do it for free? Doesn’t make sense to me, obviously does for you.

      • Danny

        I’m surprised you didn’t. Doesn’t make sense to pay $79 when you can get better coverage for free. Guess it makes sense to you, doesn’t for me.

      • PairsNPaint

        What really ruins the old car hobby are people who overprice what they think is lost gold and don’t even know the specifications of what they are selling. Hard pass.

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      • Bhowe Member

        Ignore the idiots. Most of the time they are losers sitting in moms basement in their pajamas knowing because they dont have a job they can’t even afford a 97 Corolla much less a classic or hot rod. Pretty sad existence when a person gets their jollies running down someone else’s vehicles

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    • Mike M

      You might want to read the rules of this site…

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  17. RoughDiamond Member

    Personally, I love the body style and the stance.

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  18. Brian Ellis

    Did frank on American pickers own this it looks like a car he bought on an episode

  19. Daniel

    The cab on these always reminds me of a pimple on a pumpkin. Very small cab for a very long body. Butt ugly.

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  20. Internationalman1967

    My philosophy is if you can’t say anything good about something don’t say anything at all. This classic is something you don’t see everyday and sure had stood the test of time. The cars today are nothing but computers and most are throw away junk.

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  21. rjc

    When you don’t care about the presentation of the car your are selling it shows badly, and creates doubt in the viewers mind about the quality.
    Clean it up , take pics (like 100) from all angles at different times of day to find the best light .Then choose the best pics to post. Find out the most Information about the car that you can, so you can answers at least the basic questions.
    Car selling 101.

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    • Cycle Salvage Kevin

      rjc, that applies to anything you’re selling. Facebook Marketplace today there were a few items (tractors & skid steers) that I had to ask several questions about and asked for more pictures. People, some but not all, are notorious for NOT providing enough pictures and info and then only answer ONE question if you’re lucky. WTF? Do they want to sell it or not? In my 20 years selling on eBay I’ve had less than 20 total the number of questions I’ve been asked. As a buyer for 21 years I’ve asked countless questions only to get nonchalant answers, if any at all. Again, WTF?

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  22. Sam Shive

    I like the Chevy TRUCK Seat, Most likely the same place the little bowtie engine came from. Put a REAL 383 in it.

  23. Kenn

    Question: Can an engine be both bored and stroked? If not, why not.

    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      That’s a technical question that has no relevance. The engine block can be bored while the connecting rods and or crankshaft which are separate components can be stroked, but when assembled they all become an engine; therefore bore and stroke are essentially one component. In short, yes.

    • Kevin

      Absolutely yes Kenn,you can bore,and stroke an engine. of course with limits, I could write much, much, more, and get very technical but I’ll save that for the “bigger experts”

  24. Kevin

    I feel ya,cycle salvage,I also have been buying a long time,(since 1986)my 1st car was a 70 cougar xr7 parts car,but I was 17 with big dreams…anyway it’s ridiculous how little information people want or can provide, Fakebook marketplace is the worst ive dealt with,craigslist is better, but still a pain, when I sell,I’m very thorough, honest, and several pics.and still get dumb questions, and time wasters scam artists etc.its unfortunately gotten worse over the years, not better, good luck to all in your endeavors.

  25. Kenn

    And God forbid, cycle salvage and Kevin, that you be labeled a “flipper”.

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  26. Pugsy

    Nothing wrong with being a “flipper”. They provide a service, dig up these cars and place them where they can be seen.
    My 69 El Camino is from a flipper. It had a lot of issues, but it’s also a 50 year old car.

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  27. Larry Member

    Reduced to $9,500

  28. Larry Member

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