Upscale Pony Car! 1968 Mercury Cougar

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Billed by Mercury in its sales literature as “the best-equipped luxury sports car in America,” the 1968 Cougar leveraged its selection as Motor Trend Magazine’s 1967 Car of the Year to attract buyers looking for something more substantial than a “fancy Mustang.” This particular 1968 Mercury Cougar in Spring Hill, Florida seeks a new owner here on eBay where a handful of bidders have pledged at least $1650 to own the modest 302-powered specimen of Mercury’s high-styled pony car. Thanks to for some details.

At one time everyone knew the Cougar as “the car with sequential tail lights,” a feature shared with Ford’s Thunderbird. The complex mechanism executing this electrical magic could impress Engineers and seven year-olds alike. This Mercury’s four-word listing, “dose start and will run,” leaves unanswered the question of whether the awesome turn signals work or not, but thankfully a solid-state replacement is available.

I’ve driven a Cougar of this vintage with the 210 HP 302 cid V8. Suffice to say the new owner will need to spend some additional money before it will burn the tires. However, for weekend cruising or daily driving, the small-block offers adequate thrust and (depending on your muffler choice) wonderful V8 exhaust tones. On the other hand, a rebuilt 302 can make 360 HP or more and high-performance Cougars did well in Trans-Am road racing. Options abound with this setup, from decent highway MPG to drag-racing. Because it’s not a special model, simply make a plan and build it your way!

The ’80s wheels and High School stance recall a simpler, pre-Internet era when you bought a paper repair manual instead of Google-searching forums and YouTube for vehicle-specific guidance. The slick hidden headlights certainly compete with the sequential tail lights as the Cougar’s coolest moving parts. Rebuilding the rusted leading edge of the hood may represent one of multiple rust repairs required on this big cat. With a virtually non-existent description indicating nothing especially desirable, this Mercury may sell for a song and a dance. Speaking of songs, close your eyes and picture yourself piloting this Cougar after its overhaul. What song is cranked up as you unleash this Cougar on the open road?

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  1. Matt steele

    I always liked the look of these..and was a chevy guy

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    • Y Block Bill

      glad you said was! I was a mopar and chevy guy too till I blew 5 chevs up by giving them a hot supper once. I could never blow up a ford or mopar!

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    • alfred perry

      Hey is this the same Matt Steele that graduated from Auburndale and owns a garage on Avenue G, in Winter Haven, Just curious if it is I bet you still had your 57 chevy,

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  2. Dave

    Who among us didn’t want to own the real life cars that inspired the Hot Wheels Sweet Sixteen? It just has to look cool, not burn the tires off.

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  3. KevinLee

    My choice of song would be Highway Star by Deep Purple. Or not. Probably just listen to the music from the exhaust.

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  4. Skorzeny

    YYZ by Rush.

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    • crazyhawk

      And check out Rush’s “Red Barchetta”. An awesome car song!

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  5. local_sheriff

    Never seen that sequential flasher unit in detail until I clicked in the youtube link provided.It sure is a fascinating 100% analog device! Regardless of the sequential lights, I’ve always liked 67-70 Cougars since I first saw ‘On Her Majesty’s secret service’ way many years ago.There was also a 70 xr-7 around town as I grew up with an awful, yet übercool houndstooth vinyl roof, in excact colors as this pic I found!

    Anyway, I regard this gen Cougars as FAR more desirable than equivalent Mustangs, it’s much more of a classy vehicle. Always wondered why the Mercury get so little attention compared to the far more mainstream Ford.

    As for the 68 here it seems all possibilities are open.Given it’s no xr-7 or GT version , no one should feel bad for it being turned into a resto-mod or pro touring Mustang killer!

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  6. Dave

    I would crank up “Baracuda” by Heart, cuz I likes it!

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  7. ctmphrs

    Radar love.

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  8. 433jeff

    Under 2 grand, hideaways, 302, tailights, low rust? Turquoise?!thats not bad for the cash, these are 😎

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  9. Harry A Hodson

    From experience, ( 7 Cougars owned) it’s not the sequential unit that fails, rather the turn signal assb/ harness in the column.

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  10. Steve

    Wish it was closer. It may just had been my summer project.

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  11. Fiete T.

    I absolutely hate Cragar S/S wheels…but like Cougars

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  12. David

    The very first song for me would have to be “Tick Tick Boom” by the Hives! Fry that rubber, its looking old anyway. LOL

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  13. Del

    First gen Cougars are only ones worth owning.

    Song be “Born to be Wild”🍺

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  14. Mark

    The very first car I ever owned was one of these,.same color (Aqua Blue) with matching interior. A 67 with a 289 V8 and C4 tranny. I remember buying it my Junior year in High School for 700 dollars from some girl that was moving away and going to college out of state and wanted something smaller. Anyway I had a school mate that offered to help me build a new balanced and blueprinted 302 w/ a 289 assembly that had domed pistons, full raise cam, edelbrock high rise, holly 750 double pumper, headers and dump it in this Cougar. I had some of the best times of my life in this thing.

    My choice of songs would probably be either “Fantasy – Aldo Nova” or anything from the 1st Boston LP.

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