Used Car Lot Find: 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

It’s not often you’ll find a 40-year-old used car on a regular car lot, and even less frequent that you’ll find one that looks as nice as this 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass. It’s for sale here at Scottie’s Auto Sales in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and the asking price is $5,900, despite some text stating $8,995 under some of the pictures. The ad also states that it only has 38,087 original miles. Let’s look a little closer at this car lot find–and thanks to Barn Finds reader Mike R. for sending in this beauty!

Try as I might, I cannot find any factory 1977 Cutlass with this shape of window opening and no vinyl roof. The VIN decoder here says it’s a Cutlass Supreme. Please feel free to correct me in the comments if I’m wrong, but I looked through the factory brochures that I could find on the internet and other sources and all the cars I saw with this “opera” window shape were originally equipped with vinyl roofs. That being said, I love the shape without it, and would try to source some appropriate trim to surround the window with so it looked correct. I also love the color.

The Oldsmobile styled steel wheels with trim rings and (heavy!) cast center are some of my favorites of the era. Unlike the “Magnum 500” type that many manufacturers used, the Olds wheels were just that — only Olds! And having been around when these were new, I agree with the choice of raised white letter tires, too.

These appear to be the original optional bucket seats. Just look at that classy trim on the top cushions. How many shades of tan plastic do you see in this picture? I count 5, but I may be conservative and be giving the General too much credit.

Whoa! Orange to go with that tan! I’m surprised to see the steering wheel in such tattered shape when the rest of the interior plastics look pretty nice. What do you think about the 38,087 mile claim? The digits on the odometer do seem to line up well in this picture.

While we don’t know much about the mechanical condition of the car, it’s good to see the air conditioning compressor still wearing a belt, and there’s nothing in this shot that has me doubting the mileage. We know from the VIN decoder that this is a 350 cubic inch V8 making 170 horsepower with a four barrel carburetor. So what do you think? Is this Cutlass “supreme”, or would you leave it on the lot!


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  1. Wade Anderson

    I had a 75 Cutlass 442 Colanade on the inside of the doors it had a S in the middle of the door it had a 350 4bbl in it also had a white vynal top you could order a car back then to your specs

  2. Jay E.

    A lot of the time I am appalled at the $5000.00 asking price for what literally were disposable beaters when they were new. Then a BF like this comes along and I think that this one would be fun to own. Nice looks, good engine and just enough hotrod infusion to make it fun to drive.

  3. nessy

    One of the best looking cars of the year. As for the vinyl top, sure you could order a Supreme without it. However, most did have the top. You can see the trim is missing around the opera windows. My guess it the top was removed due to rust and the car was repainted. The roof areas on these cars when ordered with the vinyl tops really rusted underneath and around the rear window so watch out for rust covered under bondo. All the bright work trim on the hood and body has been removed as well which looks silly without it. It’s had paintwork done for sure. Great looking cars.

  4. Utes

    Leave it sans the vinyl roof !

  5. David Frank David Frank Member

    (Someone has to say something about “Scotty’s used cars”. Scotty is not the only Scotty with a collection of…?)

    That’s a really nice Olds. The Orange was a typical choice for the day. This makes me appreciate living in California and still having cars like these around.


      Umm that’s not orange its red that has faded. The steering wheel gives that away. Take a magnet as i suspect this car to be a bondo beast.

      • CCFisher

        It’s truly orange. Never underestimate the 70s. If the Bradys could have avocado green appliances with orange counters, Olds could put an orange dash in a tan (or white) interior.

  6. Poptheclutch

    Is it just me or does that olds really stick out looking new and all those silver cars that look the same look outdated!?

  7. Joe M

    I’m not seeing a low milage car. The picture I would like to see, would be a better picture of the console. The arm rest looks worn. Some of the vinyl interiors in the 70’s wore well, but the fading seems exessive. I agree the steering wheel makes no sense for a low milage car. I didn’t think this would be an original color but looking at the dash, maybe it is. I think this was a clean 100K car, and I think the dealer figured it out and lowered the price. Otherwise still a cool 70’s big coupe.

    • Andre

      I believe it is original and called Mandarin Orange.

  8. CCFisher

    The window shape is correct for all Cutlass Supreme coupes. Either this car was equipped with a vinyl roof that has been removed along with the associated trim, or the car was ordered without vinyl and the original chrome trim around the rear side window was removed. It wasn’t unusual for that trim to be damaged or knocked off while scraping ice.

    This one appears to have been repainted, and much of the trim commonly seen on these cars was left off: no hood ornament or windsplit molding, no side trim, no series nameplates. The bumper fillers are intact, which would be unusual on a high-mileage car. Still, if I were checking this one out, I’d take a magnet.

    • Vin in NJ

      I agree.. Repaint due to the lack of trim

  9. Billy Bob

    Steering wheel’s of this era had a metal rim in center enclosed with plastic. High heat exposure heats the metal center causing the outer plastic to crack. Very common problem for cars that have been stored outdoors.

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  10. Rob

    I would at the price inspect the paint job for hours, to make sure its not covering bondo and rust. Then I would snatch that 70’s mobile right up. Next step would be hunt down all the chrome that is missing. Around the little windows. side trim etc. 100,000 mile care or 40,000 mile car. As long as it runs as good as it looks. I would buy it.! Oh, and hunt down a steering wheel. Those plastic shards can leave some nasty splinters!

  11. Mike B

    While the drapes may not match the carpet here, the exterior is certainly a reminder that this was one of the classy cars of it’s day. A college friend drove a white one without the vinyl roof. She was a real beauty. The car was nice too.

  12. Jerryl

    I had one of these. They quickly rusted out below the half vinyl roof. The dashes split in cold weather. Note the damage on the left side of the dash. The transmissions and front ends were often very bad as well. This one has has been repainted, deleting all of the trim which made it look good. I traded mine for 4 a 1980 Datsun 210 SL as soon as it was paid off. I went from the worst car that I ever owned to one of the best ones that I every owned. The savings in gas covered the car payments.

    • LucilleCaddy69

      The worst car you ever owned? The Cutlass was the highest selling car from the mid 70’s through much of the 80’s. They couldn’t be all that bad.

  13. glenn

    there is one like this but in butternut yellow for sale and must nicer at dealer in deland fl for 6999 i think at kaiser buick

  14. Gary

    I had one too a green 77 cutlass supreme…350…console…buckets…a $100 car that I bought years ago and drove coast to coast…awesome car for it’s time…
    Rusted beyond hope it finally was scrapped in 1989…engine and driveline still running great…!

  15. Three Pedal Steve

    This was the best selling car in America in 1977. The next year it was downsized and the sales record moved to the Olds 88. I am surprised to not see more survivors.

  16. Steve

    My mom had a white one with blue vinyl top. Beautiful car. My sister drive it till the wheels fell off. Literally.138000 miles. Great car,wish I could own this one!

  17. Mike

    They wouldn’t have made a red car with an orange dash so it’s a factory orange color IMO. No front bumper and grill pics which is where the car is least atrractive. For big bumper cutlasses, the 73-74s salons are nicer. Does this one have front swivel seats?

  18. David Miraglia

    love the 77 Cutlass, but I do agree that the price is too high. Closer to 1,500 would be better

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    • Ralph Robichaud

      What makes you an authority on value and pricing.?? I ‘m not insulting you,here, but I , along with countless other readers would like to know how you arrive at your conclusions, and on what facts you base your statements.

      • Jay E.

        When it comes to prices this is not a fact based comment section, it always asks for our opinion on prices, condition and what we would do to make the cars better. While you might not like someones suggestion, they are encouraged to give one, even if it isnt accurate in your opinion.

    • LucikkeCaddy69

      Value is what we are willing to pay for something.

      • Ralph Robichaud


  19. Chuck Foster 55chevy Chuck Foster

    I had a light green 73 Cutlass Supreme in mid 80s, great running car but thirsty, I always liked the grilles on these later ones. Vinyl top as well, didn’t last long in weather, I can’t remember what happened to it, probably traded in.

  20. John Vreeland

    I went to the prom with my bro in laws brand new 77 maroon and white vinyl top supreme. Great car. Great date.

  21. Willte

    Had a 76 Cutlass Supreme, body was the same as 77. My guess at the very least it’s been repainted, not sure what you would find under that paint job.
    These cars were known to rust in the trunk lids and door bottoms. Someone definitely filled the badging holes in the front fenders and trunk lid.

    • Roger

      The rear bumpers were rust plagued on a lot of GM vehicles back then,I knew a young lady who owned one like this except brown with cream colored top and the bumper rusted off of it,later on I owned a ’78 Cutlass Supreme and the bumper rusted completely away where it bolted to the shock assemblies,found a used replacement and painted/undercoated the mounting area and it was still good when I sold it.

  22. John

    My best friend bought one in the same color back in the mid 80’s for $75.00! It had a ton of miles and there wasn’t a straight panel on it, but it was a tank. He ran it into the ground.

  23. Fuelish Pursuits

    With a Massachusetts sticker in the glass, she ain’t that cherry unless the magnet insists. Still a beautiful car — at ask, even if it’s a bondo buggy, she’d get you a half decade of garage kept clean cruising for way less than a modern good used car…

  24. Wrong Way

    Looking at that steering wheel I would be very suspicious of the mileage claim! Think about it!

    • DweezilAZ

      I don’t know, Wrong Way: 40 years of time and heat and cold could have a negative impact on even the most meticulously kept car.

  25. Ron G

    At $5900, I’d take it. This car has been repainted and by the way it looks to me, definitely had a vinyl top, although I like it better this way. I don’t think it’s got 38,000 miles, more like 138,000. Still,it’s a pretty nice car as long as it’s not full of bondo.

  26. Maestro1 Member

    Mandarin Orange is correct and somebody needs to jump on this car. Fix what needs to be done and drive it. Gas mileage will be marginal. I would install sway bars front and rear (I can’t remember if the car came with a rear stabilizer standard) and fix the air if it needs it. Oldsmobiles are great cars. GM was stupid in dropping the line. But then in the last decade GM was generally stupid. Enjoy the car.

    • EricN

      Maestro 1 GM is still stupid. Must be in the DNA.

  27. Troy S

    I would leave just as it is, looks good to me without the chrome or vinyl top, especially with those wheels. Has that cruiser look to it, neat looking shifter too. Very nice.

  28. Tom Member

    If I recall correctly, the BIG mistake on a repaint on these cars is that the person doing the work took off a plastic piece that was painted to match that was placed in front of the rear wheels on the flare as a chip guard. The mistake was not knowing how important these plastic pieces were to that area. most were removed when repainted and not long after the repaint that area was getting “sand blasted” or road rashed so badly it really spoiled the new paint job. So, I did not look closely BUT if those areas are not blasted and ARE in good condition I would question the repaint as having been done recently which is not good in that this car, if redone recently, could well be falling apart a year from now. Be-ware. Love these cars. Not crazy about the color on this one but hey….that’s my opinion.

  29. Ken

    Looks to be a dechromed repaint. Paint looks to be an unbuffed single phase. doesn’t have to be a bondo beast, could have been metel patched. It was somones pride-n-joy. The rust spots on those were bottom of doors, trunk, front and rear of rear wheel wells and tops of rear bumper. The chrome that went around rear opera windows was a cheap plastic trim.

  30. nessy

    Mandarin Orange was available on this beauty, however, this color does not look factory. It’s looks more reddish with metallic. The plush pillow Brougham interiors with the wild fabric patters are my favorite. I would much rather a Brougham and forgo the buckets and floor shift. Make mine a black Brougham with the red puffy interior and T Tops please….

  31. Ralph Robichaud

    To Jay E- I agree that what will be expressed here by readers is going to be largely opinions,but when I read price/value suggestions that are so far out in left field as to be ridiculous (my opinion and that of many, many readers) I will not let it be unchallenged.. in this case, again a matter of opinion, nowhere in North America is this Cutlass a $1500 car. Let’s be real, or close to real. If someone does not like a vehicle, it does not make it valueless or of minimal value. So ,if it happens to be one’s opinion, let that person be kind, and….zip it.

  32. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    All I can say is:

  33. Danno
  34. jaymes

    thank god it dosent have a vinyl top, i had to cut the roof off of mine, but yea the evpensive supreme trim is missing, maybe its in the trunk

  35. John Humason

    This is a Cutlass Supreme. The non-Supreme Cutlass coupes that year had the less formal semi-fastback roofline with the triangular side windows. I ordered one very much like this in ’76 – Carmine red, no vinyl top, and those Olds rally wheels (but not the orange interior), but had to back out of the deal because of shady crap pulled by the dealer. I really wanted the car, but ended up going a different direction after that experience.

  36. mars2878

    the car is orange, it stuck out like a sore thumb on the lot as I drove past it.
    it may have a Mass sticker in the window but it is for sale in Rhode Island, the lot is all of 3mi from the state line.
    By time I was able to drive by the lot again that day it was dark. so when I got home, I looked it up & shared it you all.
    minus the missing trim, if it is as solid as it appears, then I think its worth the money.

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