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V8 4-Speed! 1950 Custom Citroen 15C9

Everyone gets into recycling old designs at some point, and now, for your viewing enjoyment may I present the 2022 Stellantis Citroen Elongotus. Almost had you fooled right? Well, the Citroen part is right but what we really have here is a stretched and customized 1950 Citroen 15C9 that has quite a few custom touches to proclaim. This most unusual discovery is, fittingly, found in Las Vegas, Nevada and is available, here on craigslist for $23,500.

Before its metamorphosis, the Citroen 15C9 was better known, generically speaking, as the Traction Avant with the 15 series, large four-door sedan being produced between 1938 and 1956. By large, that would be 16.2 feet, sizeable for a French model of the time. Our example has had another 1.8 feet added to its bumper to bumper length. Original power would have been a 2.8 liter, in-line, six-cylinder engine driving the front wheels.

Without knowing for certain, it appears that the extra length grafted on to this Citroen has occurred in the cowl area. The seller mentions that it has a “replaced” frame but doesn’t state replaced with what. There are several underside images included but they are not that conclusive unless you are really familiar with the understructure of a 15C9. The topside, however, looks great – there are no visible surgery scars and the entire portrayal comes off surprisingly well; it’s definitely long, but it works. The finish has been beautifully applied and there is mention of an installed sunroof. Yes, this is, as the seller states, “a one-of-a-kind Citroen.” Here is a video of this saloon slinking around.

Under the stylishly long hood is an Oldsmobile 307 CI V8 engine connected to a four-speed manual transmission – how unusual! An Olds 307 is about the last thing I would expect to find and it is made that much more notable by the inclusion of the shift-it-yourself gearbox as opposed to an automatic which is so often standard fare in a custom. The engine has a stock appearance and there is no word regarding upgrades. The seller claims, “THIS 1950 CITROEN 15C9 CUSTOM RUNS, DRIVES AND STOPS GREAT“. The suspension, brakes, and differential are courtesy of a ’57 Chevy. While an  Olds 307 is hardly as robust as a GM LS series motor, this mashup brings back memories of this 1964 Citroen DS from January.

The interior has been tastefully and professionally outfitted and includes a genuine wood dash/instrument panel. It is not stated if the upholstery is leather or vinyl but either way it presents perfectly. It does not appear that this Citroen is A/C equipped.

The seller mentions that this custom sedan is garage kept, and that’s good to know, but at eighteen feet, the next owner will need to take that math tidbit into consideration when planning storage. Now that I have encountered a second V8-powered Citroen, I need to get on the stick and talk Stellantis into making a Citroen Hellcat version, it’s the next logical move, right?


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    You featured this car on July 20,2020,when it was for sale
    in Glendale,CA.
    This was in the Eureka,CA area for years & years.I think
    it was owned by a college professor at Humboldt State University.
    I saw it at a gas station in Eureka about four years ago.
    It may be strange,but it sure is weird.

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    • Eric

      Yup. It was listed on eBay for $18k obo – didn’t sell, from what I can remember.

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  2. Raymond

    307 Oldsmobile v8 why the 307 olds such slow v8 takes 14 sec 60mph no gas mileage always running hot not best motor at all

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  3. Al Kameeno Member

    would look better without the big black toolbox hanging in the back of it (for luggage?)

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    • Mikefromthehammer

      It is actually the trunk (back when trunks were the same as your normal steamer trunk tacked onto the back of automobiles).

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  4. Chris In Australia

    Worst wheel trims ever.

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    • Fred W

      Back in the day we would have called those “JC Whitney ” wire wheel covers

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  5. Tony T

    1957 Chevrolet (drum) breaks? WWT?

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  6. Martin Horrocks

    So take a $30000 piece of history and transform into scrap. Dumbest custom ever.

    This 6 cylinder version of the Tracion Avant was known as the “Queen of the Road”(for reasons of French grammar, cars are feminine gender. So “King” isn’t an option), and loved by gangsters, rally drivers and Charles de Gaulle alike.

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    • KenB

      “Scrap” would apply if this were on a pile of wrecks in a junkyard. You may not like it, but a lot of work went into it… different strokes for different folks (and FAR from scrap)!

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    • Tman

      Reminds me of the Munstermoblie.

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  7. JP

    Weren’t Citroens of this era all “traction avant”? How did they turn it into rear wheel drive? Or is it actually sitting on a ’57 Chevy chassis? Ok, it’s a kit car, got it.

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  8. Greg Millard


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  9. Nick G

    It looks like a Citroen SS 100.

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  10. Malcolm Boyes

    I have no idea how this drives but I love “real” Citroens. That said..losing the box and tho Go$ awful wheel covers would go far to give this the touch of class it needs to carry off the looks.

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  11. Matt Davis

    I would rat the hell out of this thing!

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  12. James Bishop

    Feed it to the SCRAPENATOR at least it would be doing something worthwhile . Or maybe you can put some road kill bags on it and call it the 2021 Beverly Hillbilly’s upgraded grocery getter .

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  13. Billy Oleary

    c’est un scandale!!!

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  14. Larry D

    That trunk attached to the rear ruins the lines and looks of this car. The wire hubcaps are a close second.

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  15. John

    A complete abomination. Indescribably awful.

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  16. Steve Clinton

    “1950 Custom Resto-Rod Citroen” is a blatant misuse of the term ‘resto-rod’.

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  17. Steve Clinton

    Wait a minute! According to the license plate, this is a “Citreon’!

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    • MikeH

      That pretty well expresses it. This is no longer anywhere close to being a Citroen. It’s a a Citroen.

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  18. Tman

    Should turned into another Munstermobile. Coffin on the back. Chop the top off. Put dual Buick nailheads under the spacious hood. Paint it black and red and yellow flames on the sides

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  19. Richard Kirschenbaum

    Sad to see another example of what is perhaps the single greatest leap forward in automotive technology butchered. These were great cars, literally a Cord 810 without flaws that saw service in every area, taxis, police cars, family and estate cars. and any other automotive application you can name, an exotic car for the price of a Buick and without bugs! They were popular with gangsters and French Resistance because they could leave a MB 170 in the dust on winding roads and in the streets of Paris. Citroen was always about the product, not the profits. The development of this car temporarily forced the company into receivership and Mr. Citroen into ruin where died in 1935. The ship did not go down, but the captain walked the plank.

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  20. Lance

    Taste is in the eye of the beer holder.

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    How to destroy a perfectly balanced C15.

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  22. Milt

    The pimps in Las Vegas will be fighting over this one!!

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