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V8-Powered 1957 Land Rover Pickup

Update 1/18/20 – This cool old Landie has resurfaced here on eBay. Looks like it sold back in April and the new owner in Minnesota has relisted it with the old photos. Hopefully, it’ll find a new home where the owner will enjoy it!

From 4/29/19 – One of my dearest friends is a guy named Ben, and at one point, he was very into owning British cars and trucks. During this time, we’d often discuss installing an American-built V8 engine into one of his vehicles, due to the appeal of cheap power and maintenance – something that certainly isn’t synonymous with British vehicle ownership. Seeing these swaps is always a delight, and this 1957 Land Rover Series 7 that is here on eBay is yet another UK model with a heart from the USA.

This Land Rover is available in Nampa, Idaho with a clear title, and the seller claims it was a recent barn find. The prior owner was an elderly Idaho man who took care of it and drove it until he passed away. Supposedly, the previous owner claimed that the truck could “climb trees,” but the seller will not guarantee this claim.

Under the hood, you’ll find a small block Chevrolet engine, though the seller has not been able to verify if it is either a 283 cubic inch or 350 cu.-in. unit. The engine pairs to a 4-speed manual transmission and a two-stick transfer case. Fortunately, the swap runs well and also drives.

The interior of this truck is about as basic as they come, but it does have a very neat 8 Ball shifter. Unfortunately, the cabin is the reason for this truck’s sale – the current owner realized that after purchasing, they were far too tall to comfortably enjoy its quarters.

At the time of this article being written, bidding for this unique truck is at $5,000 with the reserve not met. Would you take a chance on this V8 swapped Land Rover, or is it not your cup of tea?


  1. Derek

    Series 7, y’say…? Hmm…

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  2. Redwagon

    I’m out.

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  3. Chuckster

    I would hate to see any vehicle he did not take care of

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    What’s up with the head and taillights? I’ve seen those kind of taillights on street rods, can’t remember the maker.

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    • BR

      ’50 – ’51 Buick.

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      • Lance

        Not quite. You’re close though. They’re 58 Chevy.

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  5. h5mind

    The lawn edging as fender flares is a classy accessory.

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  6. Tony T

    Chuckster …. <>


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  7. CRM Member

    Ain’t nuthin you cain’t ruin by droppin’ in a small block Chevy….

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  8. Trevor

    No undercarriage photos? Also how is that fan not hitting the radiator? Wow

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  9. ben

    The frame is aluminum which has a habit of rotting. The wiring looks scary among other things. I would run away.

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    • RivaDella

      Not really alu, the frames are steel, AND THEY RUST!!! Often and in many places…..the “bulkhead” is one of the most common spots; and they are available from many suppliers, as are entire frames. The body panels are mostly alu…..
      But yes, runaway from this one is good advice (esp at this price!!)
      PS: do love the taillights…..why didn’t I think of those?

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    • Bob S

      The body is aluminum, and doesn’t rot, but the frame is steel which is notorious for rotting. This depends on the climate, and whether the vehicle is driven on salted roads. I had two 88s, and one 109, and I kept the frames scraped and painted (not a big effort), and they were in great shape when I sold them.
      BTW, I am 6 ft 2″, and I didn’t have any problem.

      I also owned a BJ40 Landcruiser, (4 cylinder Diesel). It was one of the best 4x4s I have owned, but its weakness was tin worm eating the body. I would like to have put the Landrover body on the Toyota frame and running gear and had the best of both worlds. The running gear on the Toyota, was much better than the Landrover. I didn’t have an O/D, but a friend of mine did, and it made these little trucks an excellent highway machine.
      I still have fond memories of working on my Landrovers (all my spare time).

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  10. Sidedraught

    Wouldnt be hard to put this right cosmetically, have it looking like a nice little series 1, but keep the V8, I would buy this if it were close to me.

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  11. meme

    This not a series 1 or a series 7 its a late model series II. series 1 did not have headlights on the fenders.

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  12. Andrew Petruczenko

    Its a Series 1. The lights in the fenders are an addition they made. You can see the vestiges of the lights in the breakfast (radiator support panel).

    Straight up panels without the hip bulge is the dead giveaway on a S1.

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    • david

      really? i thought they only made that addition on series 2s

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  13. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Less than a year after buying it, the new owner put it up for sale again with the same pictures!?!? Hmmm…

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    • rdxblast

      True. I remember this vehicle.(Cos, I was so close to buying it :) ) I spoke to previous owner and its no longer a series 1 factory vin once you swap the engine. He sent me a picture of Idaho rmv issued vin tag. I dont think we can register it back with authentic series 1(Even with the series 1 engine).

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  14. jerry z

    What a pile! That’s rougher than 36 grit sandpaper.

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  15. Redwagon

    Idaho to Little Falls Minnesota. Its getting closer but I’m still not interested.

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  16. TimM

    Can you say “Cob Job???” The dash is terrible and if the dash looks like that I can only imagine what the other work looks like!! Sorry but it’s just the way I see it!!

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  17. Cooter914 Cooter914 Member

    Don’t recall seeing “concours ready” anywhere in the ad. Did see “project” mentioned though. Either you like to tinker on interesting stuff or y’all don’t. Never spent much time condemning other’s questionable taste when I had plenty of my own to contemplate. 😎

    I must now go check the lights on my trailer. I still have half a book of checks so I should be fine. 🙃

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  18. Classic Steel

    Whats the interior ceiling height ?

    More curious on future Old Rovers..

    I am 6.3 and I know that other cars like newer Camaros are out as you have to lean to the right to see red lights and your head almost touches the ceiling 🤣

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  19. Piros1

    We had a couple of Rovers when I was growing up a 1964 and a 65 and both had aluminum bodies and galvanized trim. I am not that knowledgeable on Rovers but this one sure looks like it has a steel body. If you look close the hood and fenders both have what appears to be surface rust. I could be wrong but sure looks like rust. That said I wouldn’t want anything to do with this rig unless it was given to me. Looks like a serious money pit and I have a yard full of them.

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  20. Ward William

    A simple coat of paint would have cost next to nothing and doubled it’s sale price.

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  21. RivaDella

    At least it still has the tow bar…..

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    • Piros1

      By the looks of it that will be the primary source of power!

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  22. Rattlehead

    non staggered valve cover bolts would lead me to believe the engine is a 283. if the balancer were visible that would help. 350 with 327 heads is possible or possibly a 327. remember it was an old guy that put it together and i’ve heard more than one wrinkle neck say ” 283 is the best damn engine chevy ever made”. by the way Chevrolet stands for Cheap Heap Every Valve Rattles Oil Leaks Every Time.

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