V8-Powered 2009 Pontiac Solstice

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The Solstice was one of Pontiac’s last new cars, a 2-seat roadster. It was produced alongside the similar Saturn Sky from 2006 to 2010 and was the first Pontiac sports car since the Fiero of the 1980s. But this is no ordinary Solstice, sporting an L76 V8 engine with a 6L80e automatic transmission. Lots of other mechanical adaptations were made to create an unusual package. Located in Bozeman, Montana, this rare and interesting ride is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $65,000 OBO. Our thanks to T.J. for shedding some light on this tip for us!

Though the Solstice was initially only offered as a convertible, a Targa-style coupe was added to the mix for 2009 and the abbreviated 2010 model years. Only a few were built in the 2010s, the year GM shut down Pontiac and Saturn after losing business during the Great Recession of 2008-09. The coupe had a removable top, but it was too large to be stored inside the car. Buyers could also opt for a cloth top to fit into the trunk. The coupes were a rare commodity compared to the convertibles and just 1,266 ever rolled off the assembly line. Depending on the shade of red on this Solstice, it might be one of just 148 before the mechanical changes.

The seller has owned this Solstice for about ten years. We’re told it’s one of just 53 of these Pontiacs to be reworked by Performance Autowerks. Besides the rebuilt L76 and tranny that the Pontiac G8 GT used, CTS-V Brembo brakes are onboard along with GM performance suspension components. Custom 19″ VMW staggered wheels are all around. The mileage claim is under 1,700, which we assume is after the upgrades were done, and the time when that occurred isn’t mentioned.

According to Kelley Blue Book, your average 2009 Solstice coupe with no mods is a $10-15,000 automobile. So, does the rarity of the car and all its modifications warrant a $50,000 upcharge? That’s up to would-be buyers to decide, as the cost of doing all this work probably accounts for a good chunk of that. These interesting little sports cars should have had a longer production life when new.

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  1. Mitchell G.Member

    For $65k I’d prefer three pedals and EVEN THEN the price is absurd

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    • Terrry

      Rarity doesn’t always make them that valuable. On the other hand, if this was the exact same car in the exact same condition, in 20 years it might command a hefty price tag.

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    • CalXR

      Strongly agree. I loved my GXP, (although the top was an annoyance) but it would have been pointless without the third pedal. With a factory tune and a couple bolt ons it’s an easy 350hp; putting in that V8 that brings nothing to table … maybe some nicer noises? The LNF is admittedly not a nice sound. ;)

      If the swap was something interesting like an LS2 and the transmission something fun like a T56, then maybe it’d be worth $45k. Coupes always fetch good prices… but coupe + boring swap is not worth $50k over a convertible. :/

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    • Melton Mooney

      $65K will get you a mid-mileage 650hp, 200mph 2019 Z06 Corvette.

      The seller of this Solstice should be offering a free CAT scan with purchase.

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    • Jay E.Member

      Well put.

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  2. Terrry

    This version with the V8 is what the last GTO should have been, and I believe this is the only hardtop Solstice I’ve ever seen. My neighbor owns two convertibles. I have to say, the convertible (and Saturn Sky) look a little better to my eyes, but any of the two in good shape (with the right price) could find a home in my driveway.

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    • JDC

      Take a look online at some unmodified coupes. They generally look nicer than this one.

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  3. SirRaoulDuke

    “According to Kelley Blue Book, your average 2009 Solstice coupe with no mods is a $10-15,000 automobile.”

    Yeah, good luck finding a coupe for that little. The ones with the Ecotec 2.0 turbo, the GXP, regularly sell for $25k or more.

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  4. Chunk

    I do love me a project car, but this is just stupid. The original motor could make 450 horsepower without any real trouble; they replaced it with one that is rated at 355. Utterly pointless.

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    • John

      Lmfao, if you think the original engine can even hold a candle to an LS you are seriously mistaken.

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      • Chunk

        Lyfao all you want, but (A) I didn’t say that and (B) if you think that car would be better with more than 450 horsepower I think you need to think again.

        I have an LQ4 with a forged rotating assembly and an intercooled Eaton TVS2300 blower making 600 horsepower at the crank in a 4200-pound Delta 88; traction is serious problem in first and second gears. That little buggy weighs 3000 pounds; it needs big LS power like a Model T needs a parachute.

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    • Canadian Friend

      I am not disagreeing with you, this is only a question; Are you saying the original 2 liter turbo engine that was rated 260 HP can be modified to make 450 HP?

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  5. MoragaPulsar

    The Solstice was the WORST car that I have ever experienced – why? the very low seat and very high beltline created the perfect bathtub. Half my face was seemingly below the belt line and I’m 6ft tall, I couldn’t wait to exit this coffin. Just me, but I love cars where your elbow and arm have a fighting chance to poke out the window.

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    • Big C

      That’s a GM exclusive. Same with the Camaro.

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  6. Andrew

    Way over priced and an automatic, HARD PASS

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  7. Moke Ozinga

    This guy probably needs the extra money to pay for his $700k median house mortgage in Bozeman.

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  8. JoeNYWF64

    & i thought the side windows in the camaro were way too short.
    (& way too big in the ’86 corolla listed below.)

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  9. Claudio

    I only enjoy driving a convertible, the solstice had no usable trunk space and this one is an overpriced Hardtop , good luck selling this one …

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  10. rbig18

    The tires and rims on this look ridiculous to me. Does not help car.

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  11. Christopher Thomas

    65 grand at bring a trailer opens a lot of possibilities. No dice on this thing

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  12. RIX260

    There are a dozen cars out there, that I can think of off the top of my head, for $65K, that are far more desirable than this one. Although a coupe may be rarer, the roadster at $15 – $20K is a far better looking car (to me) and a lot more fun to drive than a coupe. GLWTA.

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  13. sign guy

    When I first saw that side view photo, I thought the car had been in a accident and the front end got pushed in!

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  14. CCFisher

    I think tuning the stock 2.0 turbo would have been more in keeping with the car’s character, and it wouldn’t have destroyed the car’s long-term value. The coupes were scarce when new and made more than one “future collectibles” list.

    As for the price, the seller is ‘shrooming. Buyers tend to shy away from customs like this, no matter how well executed, unless the mods are executed by well-known expert. Handling is bound to be wonky, since the Solstice wasn’t intended to carry a V8 around, cooling could be an issue, and repairs will be a headache.

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  15. Canadian Friend

    Although they were – obviously – very similar and even though I was never a fan of any Saturn vehicle ( to me they looked dorky), in my opinion, the Sky has a better look than the Solstice.

    The front grill, the lights, they made the Sky look better in my opinion.

    Having said that, that L76 V 8 in a Solstice, which is a car that weighs under 3000 lbs must be a lot of fun!

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  16. Roy Foster

    I have been a Pontiac fan for years, but when they came out with the Solstice, they didn’t take into account that were tall people out there who would want a sport coupe. I tried to sit in one and my knees came up on either side of the steering wheel! Just no leg room at all and the seat was fixed in place. Just so dumb. I had a G6 GTP and that was a great car.

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  17. Phipps

    Why in the hell have an automatic in that build?

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  18. JDC

    I think the Solstice coupe is one of the nicest looking cars that came out of Detroit in years. That said, this one looks terrible with all the ridiculous add-ons (especially those hideous wheels.

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  19. Frank Barrett

    Crazy price, but unlike more popular cars, this seller had almost zero comparables and never looked beyond the Solstice brand and what he has in it. Hey, it’s Montana, man!

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  20. G Lo


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  21. Dan of Romero Crater

    And not a single word about those 19 ft. Wheels. Donkey donk

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  22. John

    For all the naysayers, you must not know who Mallet is or ever seen a GXP or Sky with a high horsepower LS. That original 4 banger can’t even hold a candle to an LS.

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  23. Bboycaptain

    Honestly probably controversial but I like the Saturn Sky’s design a bit more

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  24. Justin

    If only it was a Mallet you might see it in the fortys.This one,high hopes at that asking price.

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  25. Scott 41000 Collins

    Agree 100% on the Mallett…more sorted out, max HP of 900, and you can get one for way less than this.

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  26. Marshall King

    I believe it was Hennessey that built a Solstice that ran a Hennessey V-8 to the tune of somewhere around 550-600 HP. Want to say it was called The Solstice Monster or something like that. Very few were made. Saw one at the New York Auto Show way back when. Very cool little car with a LOT of power.

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    • Marshall King

      Yup–called the Mallot! Just couldn’t remember the name.

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  27. Dan of Romero Crater

    I’m surprised nobody noticed the 19 ft donks in the article. But seriously. That turbo’ed 2.0 4 popper ecotec wasn’t All that shabby.thats 250hp with an automatic, and 260 with a stick.
    Or the GM performance package gave you a 290 hp with the stick, Plus a ton of other options.

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