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V8 Super Saloon: 1969 Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3

This 1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3 still looks regal decades later and even after being left in a barn for many years. This super-saloon retains its powerful M100 engine but will need a fair amount of rust repair to return to dependable use. The interior is also in uncharacteristically bad shape for a vintage Mercedes. Find the 300SEL here on eBay with bidding at $1,275 and no reserve.

I’ve always loved the W109, not only because it’s such a conservative sedan with big power but because the proportions are just perfect. It’s not too big, not too small; it looks like a luxury sedan, yes, but the size still makes you believe it can dance when asked. The forest green paint might be original as it matches the hubcaps, and the tires thankfully still hold air.

The bamboo interior has been absolutely gutted, and I’m not sure how to explain what happened here. Mercedes’ interiors are usually the high point of even long-standing cars, but this 300SEL experienced some sort of atmospheric conditions that effectively beat the stubborn seating surfaces and carpets into submission. Count on a total interior restoration.

And the sad part is, the rust is not insignificant. eBay photos show it in the sills, the trunk floor, the door jambs, and other places. The Mercedes is located in Ohio, a climate we certainly don’t associate with being hospitable to vintage vehicles. The engine is still a sweetheart and will likely clamor to life with some quick start-up diagnostics. Will this rust bucket be rebuilt?


  1. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    The state of that interior is just bizarre.
    Whatever caused it must have affected rubbers, carpets and just about everything else on the car.
    Really odd.

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  2. art

    A once beautiful automobile. I do not believe I have ever seen one, of this vintage, in such terrible condition. This car has extensive corrosion. In one picture, in the front passenger foot well, you can see through the floor. The interior is almost inexplicable. It’s as though the car sat in the desert for 20 years baking and then was sent to swamp country where it sat partially submerged for the remaining 30 years. But looking at the bumpers, they look almost decent. This poor stately car is beyond restoration due to the sheer cost involved.
    Why did someone allow this to happen and how?

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    I say restomod that sucker to modern AMG level spec. . Completely modern underpinnings with a 500HP motor…suspension…shave the bumpers…LED lighting everywhere.Custom rims that look exactly like the steel wheel & hubcaps …only a coupla inches wider.

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  4. Solosolo UK ken tilly UK Member

    Several years ago a Mercedes auto repair shop owner brought one of these into my classic car dealership asking me to sell it for him on consignment. I was quite excited as I thought it was a beautiful car and should make the business a fair amount of profit when sold. That was until I inspected it closely and found rust, just about everywhere. A great car with terminal disease that I just had to say “No thanks” to.

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  5. hatofpork

    Send it back to Stuttgart with a check for 200k. It’ll be fine.

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  6. Nick G

    Flood victim?

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  7. Superdessucke

    Definitely moisture exposure on the interior, and the rest of it too obviously. The interior seems awfully roached for just leaving the windows down, though I suppose if they were down and the car was outside for 10 or more years, maybe that much damage could result? I don’t know. The damage seems pretty evenly disbursed so I’d guess they were all down if that’s it.

    Could have been parked for a long time in an area which periodically flooded over the years. I think that’s more likely.

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  8. marc

    Looks like a bear got trapped inside. Complex fuel injection and air suspension will empty your wallet. While the interior is trashed that will be the cheapest part of restoration. Good used interiors are out there and new upholstery is available.

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  9. Stevieg

    As much as I too always liked the lines & proportions of these, I have been burned a few times, 3 to be exact, with Mercedes products.
    I truthfully don’t know enough about them to be a responsible owner, other than they are expensive to maintain. One that needs this much restoration? I regretfully have to pass.
    I wish the American manufacturers made a car this beautiful & luxurious with our ability to maintain them on the cheap. That would be a winner, in my eyes. Cadillac used to do it, but not in a few decades. Lincoln? Not since the Mark III ended in 1971. Chrysler pulled it off too, back in the 1960’s. Now they all just look tacky to me, like something Snooky would enjoy (is she still around lol?).

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  10. Eigil

    This is a parts car, no question. Too many good bodys available to justify a tear down, weld job and re-as-sembly. 30 min left at $1500.

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  11. Chebby Staff

    “Baboon interior” is more like it…..

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