Vague Trade: 1970 Ford GT Kit?

I’ve seen the real thing twice. A 1967 perfect example at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles, and another at the annual Indianola Days car show in Indianola, Washington. It was one of three cars that came. But seeing a Ford GT40 in real life is perhaps Nirvana for us car enthusiasts. The one found here on Craigslist, thanks to reader AMXBrian, looks to be a far cry from that experience.

Sill, with only a couple polaroid quality photos, no information about the actual car itself, and the seller looking to only trade (for basically something with wheels) – this barn find is still intriguing. Perhaps the lack of information lets the mind wander on which way you could restore and pay tribute to one of the greatest car lineages in history. Like an artist staring at a blank white canvas, the choices are endless.

That might be waxing poetic the actual hard work that will go into making this fiberglass semi-survivor into a thing of beauty. Luckily, the basic bones of the kit (externally) are close enough that you could modify it to look reasonably close to the real thing. It looks to be a FiberFab Avenger GT-12 – made by the US-based kit car company until nearly 1980. Their original Avenger models were more GT inspired, but the GT-12 was much closer look to the real thing. Made from 1966 to 1978, the GT-12 (and GT-15) kits were considered enormously popular.

Obviously, a kit like this is akin to putting a Bugatti Veyron shell on, well, a VW. It’s like cutting a picture of a Picasso out of a magazine, taping it to your wall and telling everyone it’s the real thing. What I would do is unabashedly have fun with it. Make it a tribute to a racer – bumps, bruises and all – and proudly tour it around town. This Fiberfab GT is far from fabulous, but it sure might be fun!


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  1. Rick

    Yep, an Avenger or a derivative thereof. The door hinges make me think it might have a tube frame, in which case makes it a Valkyrie, some of which had mid engine V8’s. As long as all the parts are there it could be a cheap project (though what he wants to trade for is worth way more than the car). Replacement parts are non-existent of course.

    • Frank Molby

      I had a Fiberfab Valkyrie, back in the early 70’s, and it was about 60% completed when I sold it. The only thing that was Fiberfab was the body and frame, and the transaxle direction conversion. All the other components were from other cars, like ford door hinges, etc. it was a mid engine v8 Chevy, corvair transaxle. So parts are available if you could find an assembly manual.

      • Jim Kelly

        I’d like to find a Fiberfab GT15. A GT40 replica made for a Covair running gear. It would seem to be better suited for A/C than a VW powered one. Thanks for your help. I’m still looking on line.

  2. SquareLeft

    This one looks like a Fiberfab Avenger GT, but I’ve never before seen one with an opening ‘hood’ – or – let’s say ‘bonnet’, since these were rear-engined cars. I’ll fire off a link to this page to my friend Barry, who’s deep into the kit-car world. Maybe he can identify it with more confidence than I can!

    • Rick

      Gotta fill the gas tank somehow :-) On the Avengers, tanks were at the front.

  3. Dan in Texas

    Wow, when you put the photos next to each other, and compare, it looks less and less like a GT-40, and more like something I would have attempted to draw. And that is not a pretty sight.

  4. Metoo

    The Craigslist $1.00 asking price is fair.

    • Dickie F

      The purchase price of $1 may not be that fair.
      If you add up your time to retrieve, transport costs, restoration elbow grease and the divorce …..

      Well you may deserve it if you want to stoop so low …

  5. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    According to the Craigslist ad, this kit car sports(?) a four cylinder engine. I just don’t understand the total lack of effort some of these sellers put in to selling a car. Crappy photos, little to no information. This guy puts more effort into telling you what he wants and just about zero info about this car. How hard is it to take some decent pictures of a car? Some information about the manufacturer would be a plus, not to mention a little of the car’s history. This ad wouldn’t encourage me to even want to look at the car if it was next door.

    This guy couldn’t sell a beer to a dry Irishman with a fist full of hundred dollar bills.

    Like 1
  6. Steve A.

    Missing title too? Wow. Just wow. LOL
    Plus, looking for a muscle car such as a camaro or cuda to trade??? Maybe a rusted out hulk of one. MAYBE. What does this guy think he has??? Obviously not really interested in parting with it. That or just hoping to find a sucker.
    Some folks just got a lot of nerve I guess.

    • Joe Howell

      Some folks just got a lot of nerve I glass :)

  7. gaspumpchas

    Fordguy and Steve, correct…”testing the waters” WTF kind of garbage is that?? Wants to trade for something worth much more.Plus what was pointed out above, I can’t believe its worth much. Either its for sale or it isn’t.
    I try to stay upbeat and positive and Love Barnfinds! Some people just make you want to shake your head…

  8. Robert W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Farr, you are far more forgiving than most of us I’m guessing.

    Pretty sure the $1.00 us NOT the price.

    Hard to say what I’d give since there is by design, little info.

    No title, no info on what it was built around, say a VW engine, or built for anything bigger.

    I don’t get warm and fuzzies from his ad, sort of wondering why you do?

    Yes it could be fun, I agree, but based on his ad, not sure I’m up for the trouble I’m likely to have to go through.

  9. giade FLIGHTNING

    may be not Quite intriguing, but interesting.

  10. Terry J

    I’ve seen 2 real Ford GT 40s. One was on display at the Ford dealer in Walla Walla Washington circa 1967 and the second one was racing at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia in a points race for vintage race cars circa 1985. On about the 5th lap the cars came tearing down the hill on the long fast curve in front of the grandstands, but the GT 40 was not in the pack. Since the pits were opposite the stands and away from view, we assumed he pulled into the pits. To our horror, it was soon announced that he had rolled it . Alas, one reason they are so rare today. I’m glad it was not in our view. It still creates dark memories, but can you imagine seeing such a thing happen? :-( Terry J

  11. Adam Wright

    I bought one of these once, the guy claimed it was on a 356 chassis. It wasn’t when it arrived but it did have a 356 motor. I stared at it and thought about keeping it, then I sat in it, very tight, very crude, and being on a bug chassis probably not much fun to drive. I sold it, after I pulled the motor.

    • Joe Howell

      That one wasn’t too bad. The front end looks good but that high rear fender line just doesn’t please the eye like a GT 40. I’m guessing the VW/356 engines vertical fan required the higher profile. A flipped Corvair drivetrain to make a mid-engine set-up would have made possible a cheap air cooled GT40 look a like.

  12. ArtSpeed

    I didn’t realize they’d legalized pot in VT. Whatever it is, this dude is smokin’ a lot of it…

  13. Paul o.

    I built a fiberfab avenger gt 12 back in 1970. That is what this vehicle is. Rear engine VW motor and VW floorpan.Fun vehicle to drive on the streets..

  14. Jim Kelly

    Would like to buy a Fiberfab GT15 with Corvair running gear. Anyone know of one for sale?

  15. Clay Jones

    So I stumbled on this page while researching Fiberfab. I ended up with what I was told was a GT15. It has a mid engine small block Chevy with 4 speed transaxle. Tube frame, so I guess it’s a Valkyrie. Never finished up. Starter and runs, needs throttle cable. Body is still in primer, windshield and rear hatch glass are installed. Has seats, no carpet or door panels. I ended up with it in trade deal.
    I was hoping to get to get my money back out of it, from the sounds of it there maybe some hope!

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