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Vairy Good Deal: 1962 Corvair Coupe


Thanks to reader Jason L, we get to see this very nice looking 1964 Corvair 110 hp coupe for sale on craigslist in the community of Poulsbo, Washington (northwest of Seattle according to CL’s handy map feature.)


We’re used to seeing all sorts of clapped out cars on Barn Finds, and we get to argue somewhat abstractly what they’re worth and how much work they will need, but sometimes the cars we find are just surprisingly nice and affordable. This is one of those.


This ‘Vair is amazingly clean looking, and at the remarkably reasonable price of $2,000 (or best offer!), I would be really surprised if this car is actually still for sale by the time this post appears. If I did not live on the other side of our great continent, I would already have been out to Poulsbo with cash in hand to make this deal.


A really big bonus – this Corvair comes with a fantastic looking original 1964 turbocharged Spyder engine. My first car was a five year old ’63 Spyder, a car I loved and drove to destruction. So many of them were driven that way there are not many left today, and finding a complete original Spyder engine like this one is pretty cool.


According to the seller, this Corvair has its original 110 hp engine installed. The seller says the engine does not leak, drip or smoke, surprising for an elderly Corvair. This car is licensed and drivable, and another surprise, the seller says there is no rust in the floor pans.


It’s not perfect, but at this price, maybe its flaws are not such a big deal; the brakes are weak and the turn signals don’t work. The interior needs work but the seller is including a pair of period correct ’63 bucket seats. This seems to be a really nice collectible that will not require too much work to be a driver.


What a cool looking car. I can’t believe how good this car looks and the price is almost too good to be true, so either something more serious is wrong with it, or this seller just wants to move it out in a hurry, hopefully the latter. Corvairs are fun to drive and ideally this car finds a new home with someone who will drop that Spyder engine into it and then drive it the way it was built to be driven, all the while giving the appropriate hand signals to Ralph Nader.


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    David, I’m like you–I’d be there with cash in hand if it were close!

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  2. Blindmarc

    That’s a great deal!

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  3. Alan (Michigan )

    Yeah, I don’t need a project, but would buy this anyway if not on the other end of the continent.
    Heck, unless it is trashed somehow, the turbo motor is worth this much?

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  4. Howard A Member

    While I never cared for Corvair’s, this deal seems like a no brainer for a Corvair nut. While they don’t mention the condition of the turbo engine,a guy would think that alone is worth it. Looks like worn front springs. I remember Corvairs that sagged in the front like that. Still, can’t go wrong here. I guess we’ll never have a Corvair thread without Ralph Nader being mentioned. That’s a shame, as the Corvair was a good car.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. I was never a big fan of Corvair either. Unless it was a Rampside. For some silly reason I always liked the Rampside or the Green Briar. The best use for a Corvair engine was Norm Grabowski’s ‘6-PACK.’ I understand that he actually rode that old Indian with that pancake engine a few times. Then he installed a side car…

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  5. Charles

    When they were new, I thought Corvair’s were turd’s I’d love to own this turd!

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  6. Bobsmyuncle

    I can confidently say this is a great deal. I’d love to make a move on it.

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  7. Ed Willaims

    I had a black 1965 Corvair with a red interior. It was a nice companion to my Corvair powered ’62 Volkswagen. I had a custom made t-shirt that said, ” Ralph Nader Racing Team”.

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  8. Nighttrainx03

    What a great deal if you lived on the west coast!! But to ship it to central PA. would be like 2k then your in over your head. I cant believe its still available for what they sell for around here.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Its only a grand or 1200 to get a car from California to Ontario Canada. I’d imagine a carrier would want a bit for a loose engine though. If not for that complication I’d been all over this. In fact I might make a couple calls.

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  9. rangeroger

    Damn, I’m only 350-400 miles from there, but I need to sell some things first.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Inversely stated.

      Buy now, sell other stuff later.
      Doesn’t seem to work for me, as I rarely seem to get around to the selling part.

      Still, it sounds good, and this sure looks like a decent car for the ask.

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  10. Fred

    Had an identical car in the early 70’s and was a card carrying member of the Corvair club. However, this particular one left me on the side of the road more times than any of the other 150 plus cars I owned. My Corvair powered dune buggy and ’66 with factory A/C were more dependable.

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  11. BillB


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  12. starsailing

    It’s a mini Bubbletop chev…what’s not to like? Back in High School I put in a red set of those Corvair buckets in my 61 Bel Air Bubbletop…AFTER……I had broken up with my girlfriend….Those are comfy buckets. Looking at a gorgeous 66 in St Paul Mn on Craigslist for only 4500….I keep giving money to son otherwise I would grab it ASAP!!!

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