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Vandalized Turbo Coupe: 1983 Audi Ur-Quattro

This rare 1983 Audi Quattro Turbo coupe, affectionately known as the Ur-Quattro in enthusiast circles, is one of the more modern offerings from the mysterious eBay seller that has piles upon piles of Porsche 356s in the background. The seller reports that this desirable 80s rally and performance car icon was vandalized decades ago and has been off the road ever since; the good news is that unlike many of the cars they sell, this one hasn’t been seriously injured in a violent wreck. The Quattro Turbo is largely complete despite the obvious cosmetic flaws and is listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $12,000 and no takers yet.

The seller specializes in wrecks and insurance write-offs of any manner of desirable sports cars, and the founder – who I believe is the father of the current management team – had the foresight to grab exotics like these when they were relatively unloved, or at least near the bottom of their short-lived depreciation curves. The history of this yard is captured in an excellent book simply titled Junkyard which takes you through the hidden storage buildings and dusty cars strewn throughout the property, thus proving that this eBay seller will have precious metal to sell for decades to come. While it was previously almost impossible to get a glimpse inside, they have added a website link on their listing descriptions so you can at least scope out recent arrivals.

The Quattro Turbo coupe looked similar inside to the standard, naturally-aspirated, and front-wheels-driven coupe, with the exception of the obvious “Turbo” badge on the steering wheel. The shame about many of the cars that this seller features is that even if they were damaged decades ago, the cars still would have arrived with supple leather, uncracked dashboards, and paint that wasn’t completely burnt off. You can see still see signs of this turbo coupe being largely intact and damage-free, what with the clean door panels, leather shifter boot, and very decent passenger bucket seat. Based on the condition of that seat and the back seat, I would hazard a guess that most of the driver’s seat damage happened as a result of the window being left open.

The engine bay is likewise complete, with the turbocharged five-cylinder now showing any signs of having been previously ransacked for parts. The seller claims the engine still turns over by hand, but describes the project as a complete restoration. With only a solitary mention of “vandalism” from 1988 as the root cause for why the turbocharged Quattro was abandoned, one has to wonder if the damage went beyond taking a bat to some body panels, as I can’t tell quite why else a car this desirable would have been totaled out. It looks like based on the interior photos that the speakers and radio were also yanked, with the glove box door damaged in the process. While bodywork is never cheap, I suspect you could still repair this one and be under the going rate for a genuine Turbo Quattro with under 40,000 original miles.


  1. alphasud Member

    Cheapest route would be to find another Audi coupe to donate its interior. And any exterior trim. Doors will fit but front fenders, bumpers, rear quarters are all bespoke. Engines and transaxles are stout in these. Probably need to rebuild the turbo, fuel distributor, warmup regulator in addition to cleaning out the fuel tank and replacing the pump. No fluid in the brake master so work is needed there as well. I will buy the buyer a case of beer for undertaking the challenge.

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  2. sir_mike

    $12000.for this mess??? it’s not a Porsche….

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  3. nlpnt

    Like the Buick/Olds “Aerobacks” this looks like a hatchback but isn’t.

  4. Cadmanls Member

    In its prime was quite a car, will be a tuff time putting it back. These were built out of the crazy days of rally car racing if I am correct.

  5. Ray

    A fair condition #4 is going for about 18K I don’t see 12K here even if you parted it out completely and I don’t see 6K taking it to fair condition. The new owner would be underwater real fast.

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  6. Dave

    This car is worth nearly zero. As Ray stated, you can find fair condition examples for 20k if you are patient. I remember when you could find very nice low mile examples for under 10k in the early 2000s.

  7. Troy

    Wife : you need to get rid of that car in the yard I’m tired of mowing around it!
    Husband : Ok honey I will post it on eBay but if it doesn’t sell I’m going to keep it ok.
    Wife: Ok

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  8. Danny V. Johnson

    $12,000, in your dreams. That is worst Quattro that If ever seen, except for one that was rolled off CA Hwy 18, in the San Bernardino Mountains.. An insurance adjuster would total it, in that condition.

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  9. Howie Mueler

    No bids yet, WHAT??? 954 other items for sale.

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  10. Michael

    It was vandalized in 1988 , in all these years no one deemed it a good idea to fix it. Makes you wonder if one should just leave it be. Nice $500 parts car. And what not even a title present?

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  11. Ganjoka

    Looks like 24 Hours of LeMons candidate but not for 12K

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  12. Frank

    Its a rare Audi and big bucks to fix. Looks like it hit everything but the Daily Double.

  13. t-bone BOB

    Located in:
    Los Angeles, California

  14. Jon G Member

    Those look like 550 Spyders in the background this time. I think this is the place that has Eva Braun’s Horst (please excuse spelling) and the infamous Mercedes 500k Caracciola(again sorry about spelling). The most valuable Mercedes on Earth.

  15. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I’m a court recognized expert as a forensic mechanic.

    Look at the photos of the underside on this car. Lots of apparent damage. The A/C heat exchanger and housing are both toast, as is the turbo cooler[?] on the other side. The oil pan is dented inwards. But worst of all is the oil covered DENTED oil filter, and I’ll almost guarantee it’s got a hole punched in it. Other views seem to indicate more damages and big dents to the floor.

    My take is this was stolen for a joyride and run off the road, perhaps while under pursuit. The damages are consistent with higher “off road” speeds, especially the lower left body side striking multiple hard objects.

    Based on the limited views in the photos, the lower right part of the windshield has damage suggesting unit body twisting or racking.

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  16. Pierre

    Please, don’t tell me anyone will pay 12000$ for this.

    • t-bone BOB


      Ended: Oct 15, 2021 , 3:57PM
      Starting bid:US $12,000.00
      [ 0 bids ]

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