Vet’s Truck: 1964 Ford F100


I’ll admit – I like nostalgia. The idea of your doctor or veternarian making house calls with their black medicine bag in hand is an image I’d love to see return to modern society, especially if the doctor in question is driving a classic Ford F100 up the driveway. This 1964 example here on craigslist has a V8 and three-speed on the tree, and for $5,295 looks like a great foundation for a build. 


You can see immediately this F100 is a short wheelbase model, and the proportions make this Ford even more appealing as what I like to call a “hobby hauler” – that is, a truck you can still use and park downtown without things like manual steering becoming a hindrance. The truck is in California and the seller claims the only rust is what you see in those spots of surface corrosion.


The interior fabric is original but well-worn despite the relatively low-mileage of just 60,156. My guess (with no evidence) is that this truck did local duty, not venturing too far out of its Sacramento zip code. The veterinarian looks like he was a fairly neat individual, despite wearing his seat cover through and not washing his truck! Still, the aged exterior is half of the appeal with this F100 and begging for clearcoat.


I can’t tell if those are California black or blue plates, but they have been there a while! This truck is appealing to me and I’m not even much of an old truck guy, but the short wheel base and well-worn appearance make this one a great candidate for a driver. The seller is performing some light maintenance work, including a re-cored radiator, so hopefully the sale will include some needed tune-up work.


  1. RayT Member

    Black plates, Jeff!

    And for once, they appear to be original to the truck….

    Very cool old hauler!

  2. JW

    Nice old truck.

  3. Mike

    Why can’t I find a truck like this closer to Missouri, man if I could I would be driving it right now. Man this is something I have always wanted was a early 60’s model F100, to add to my collection, I already have a 63 Chevy and 62 Dodge, this would be just prefect for the one I am missing!!!!!!

    I am sad now, can’t do anything else for the day!!!!!

    • z1rider


      I have a 65 F-100 long bed, 352, 3 on the tree, west Texas truck you might be interested in. Same color (what’s left of it) as this one. All original. I’m located in Kansas City. I’ll look for your reply in a day or so.

  4. dirtyharry

    These were so much better than the earlier versions, with the unified body. A reasonable price. The best thing is, you can use it with its present cosmetics and decide later what you want to do with it. In my case, maybe a new Indian blanket. AND, I don’t care what the odometer says, it really doesn’t matter.

  5. Vincent Stansbury

    If you zoom in there actually blue plates.

    • CaCarDude

      Those are the correct original issue commercial “Black” plates for this vehicle. The California blue plates were first issued in 1970. I like this model pick up, I drove one like this for a small co. doing major appliance delivery way back in the late 70’s, very dependable and a work horse. Would like to see this back on the road, clean it up and drive it as is!

    • Billy Bob

      Those are original Black Plates. Too bad I will have to remove them if I purchase it. Since I happily no longer live in CA.

      • Horse Radish

        I can see why you happily no longer live in CA.
        I am thinking about moving out.
        Sadly there will be three other people moving in for me , that are escaping a worse situation (Mexico, etc.), but don’t see the bad in the way this state is heading…..

  6. Scotty G

    That’s nice! It’s almost a Unibody without the overloaded-door-pinch that everyone talks about.

  7. Billy Bob

    I had one of these in the 80’s, I did the best thing I could for it, I put a big beefed up 440 and a torque flight in it. Man, that truck could really go.

  8. Rex Rice

    I bought my father-in-law’s ’64 F-100 when he grew too old to drive. Red with a white top, I repainted it with the original color, including the top. My with re-upholstered the seat using the original Ford logo. Three on the tree with a 292 V-8, we made several long and trouble free trips. I was hounded by a guy who wanted the truck so badly that he called almost everyday. Finally, I gave in and sold it to him. A year later, I saw the truck on the side of the road. Except for the chrome front bumper and the seat material my wife had used, I could hardly recognize it. It had been beaten to near death! Dents, faded paint, ripped interior…I was sick. The owner had purchased it from the idiot who had begged me for months to sell it to him. There should be a law…

  9. Jim

    Saw this running v8 at a salvage yard in NY

  10. Jim

    A better view

  11. cyclemikey

    Wow, this is a trip down memory lane. I drove a ’64 F100 for many years (a longbed) whose serial number was pretty damn close to this one. It also had original CA plates on it not far off from these (mine were P86 222). Same engine/trans, same everything.

    I traded that good old truck for a little Toyota, then drove Toyota Tundras for years, now I’m back with a big Ford F350. Round and round we go in the circle game.

    I really should buy this just for old times sake. If it had a long bed, I probably would. (the short beds are useless because you can’t fit a motorcycle in them. What good is that?) I have no doubt that old Y-block would make it up here to Oregon without a problem.

  12. Rustytech Member

    Hey look! The body lines match up on this one. $1300 more and you get a complete truck, and in better shape to boot. Wish it were on the east coast.

  13. Bob C.

    A friend of mine came back from California to Massachusetts in the early 90s with a 62 f100 stepside. Had a 223 six with a 4 speed. Awesome truck but man, was it a chore to drive.

  14. David

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