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Vintage Race Support? 1962 Chevy StepVan


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are two old crash helmets inside this van; this has race support vehicle all over it! Whether motorcycle or small car I don’t know. It’s located in Midlothian, Texas and is listed for sale here on eBay, with bidding currently well under $150 and no reserve in sight!


Here’s the rear. Based on the modifications to the rear bumper, I’m thinking motorcycles, but who knows. It sure doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of corrosion, does it?


I like the rounded front end as well. I think another bike would slot nicely into the modified front bumper–but if you know me, I’m wondering about towing capacity and putting a car behind it! Leave the bumper slots for pit bikes!


Unfortunately, I’m guessing this is the original 235 six cylinder, and I’ll bet there’s not a lot of oomph there as far as highway towing would go. Has anyone put a V8 into one of these, or really hopped up one of these sixes?


image courtesy

Here’s the original brochure for these step vans. I didn’t realize how far forward the engine was!


Here’s a bunk with one of the helmets, ready to go!


You could refurbish this with a vintage flavor and you’d be ready to head to the track.


For a vehicle that a driver would spend all day in, I can’t say the seat looks that comfortable. Maybe a replacement would be in order. But perhaps you see some other use for this neat conversion–what would you use it for? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Ben T Spanner

    My friend has a 1959 which he has been using in his plumbing business for years. Its used for bigger jobs as it has bins of plumbing fittings. His is aluminum with separate small panes of glass at the outside edges of the windshield.

    It has the original six, 4 speed with granny low, and single wheels in the rear.The front end and brakes have been rebuilt several times. It easily cruises at 65 to 70.

    • paul

      dont they weigh a lot?


    That looks really uncomfortable. Old and smelly

    • Jimmy Member

      Just the way i like it

  3. Bobsmyuncle

    Pretty cool too bad all those haphazard windows and vents ruin the smooth lines.

    Makes me want to start racing vintage bikes!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Actually, I’m thinking that’s part of the charm…but then, I race in LeMons, so it kinda fits. :-) By the way, bidding is now at $207.50.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Yeah I can see that. I do generally appreciate form dictated by function.

  4. Terry J

    My bet is that this is actually a motor home conversion built in an early RV plant. I say that because I once had one virtually identical to it, even to the interior layout. It was built by an RV company (long gone) in Minnesota. If so there should be the RV manufacturing id tag on it somewhere. Expect it actually has a 261 cu engine like mine did. Can’t really tell by a picture since the 261 is just a raised deck truck version of the 235. At the time I owned it I was working in a Fleetwood RV Plant, so it got a nice refurbish in my spare time. Fun little camper. :-) Terry J

    • moosie Craig

      Johnny Cash, “One Piece At A Time ” ?

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    The 235 is a good motor although a 261 might provide a little more oompf. A V8 would drop into the chassis but there would be a lot of challenges getting it to fit inside the engine compartment itself. But I know some who would try. Good 1-ton chassis that will still run for years. The body, unfortunately will need a lot of work. These trucks were habitually rode hard and put away wet; there wasn’t much left by the time the owners were ready to get rid of them…

    Like 1
  6. Terry J

    When I mentioned that I refurbished mine I was referring to: along with the normal “old truck” rehab, there will be brittle and cracked waterlines/holding tanks. LPG Gas system to go through ( see the gas stove). There will be a gas/electric hot water heater and some type of furnace/heater. It will probably have a 110v and 12volt electrical system with a converter to go through. Ever seen the charred remains of motor home along side the highway? They can go up in a ball of fire very quickly. That said, someone with good skills in these systems could end up with a really cool rig. All the parts you will need are available at a nearby RV parts store. I liked mine a lot. :-) Terry J

  7. Norm

    Put it [ BACK ] out to pasture ,and allow it to completely decay .Sorry just my thought !!

  8. Chad

    It’s an aluminum body, so good luck waiting for ir to decay. LS swap candidate, airbag it, upgrade the brakes and that’s a mean tour rig. I wish I had the skills or cash for the project.

  9. Terry J

    Oh, Forgot to note: See the oil bath air cleaner in front of the distributor? Mounts down low as does the UPDRAFT carburetor. :-) Terry J

  10. Jim Rizer

    Would make a nice food truck!!

  11. RedRacer

    Looks pretty solid with only minor rust; would make a wonderful camper van/race car hauler for the young at heart

  12. guggie

    Had one of these years ago , lots of fun , went down the road fine ,upgraded to a motor home

  13. Ian

    Love it !! There is a very strong retro caravan/motorhome scene here in the UK and this would be a real standout . A period restoration or refurb would be great and away you go into the sunset. As as small trailbike fan too-the front bike slot would finish it off


    at that period in time, gm made a 292 truck engine that was almost identical to the 235 car engine i know what that motor could do because it made one 55chevy run off and hide from some later corvettes i was there

    • Bobsmyuncle

      At 165 HP and 260 ish TQ in its FINAL iteration in 1988 I don’t think any stock 292 was pulling away from anything but perhaps the most smog choked Corvette… EDIT the Corvette was running the 292??

  15. Terry J

    Hi Richard, You musta had a 261 truck engine in your ’55. Good torquer. 235 family. The 292 was a raised deck truck version of the next generation GM 6, the 194,230,250,292. Began with the Chevy 2 194 in 1962 and with the rest of the Chevy line up in 1963. Totally different engine family altogether than the old 235. Great motors as well. :-) Terry J

    • Dawg

      I built a 63 nova with the 292 6 a 4 barrell cam etc. Definite mover. The motor came originally from a 56 1 ton. Super torque. Nobody believed it would fit without a hood bubble

  16. PAW

    Deathtrap. Visibility to right practically zero due to window slats and lift-up bunk bed – crowned by gas bottle storage on the same side. Side impact and we have a BOOM

    BTW. 1st time I see aluminium exterior panels which have brown rust on them!

    Strong pass

    • Bobsmyuncle

      That’s just silly.

      First off as can be seen in one of the photos, the mirror is visible through the curved section of the windshield.

      Second, no truck checks their blindside using a shoulder check they use a mirror, so the bunk matters not.

      Third, propane bottles only explode in the manner you propose on TV.

  17. Frank

    Very rare in excellent shape for a 1962 you’ll see that all restored at the big auctions soon I’m sure. Very nice.

  18. cameron

    It has bumper racks on the front and back bumpers for dirt bikes (had the same set on an old Ford wagon) so it may have been used to as a camper to take to the ranch.

  19. Frank

    Sold for over 1500 pretty good price

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