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Vintage Racing Ready: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Old race cars are some of the coolest barn finds there are, especially when they wear period race garb like this 1965 Chevrolet Corvette. The seller claims it was locked away for several years just the way it was when it finished its last event, still wearing battle scars that are thankfully preserved here. The Corvette has been mechanically refreshed with its in-period racing livery left intact, for which a major tip of the hat is owed to the seller. Find it here on eBay with an opening bid of $29,995 and no action yet on the listing.

I love it when sellers include a picture of the car from way back in the day. Either it speaks to the level of effort they have made to piece together the car’s history, or they have a connection to it that goes deeper than your typical flipper. While the color scheme has changed slightly, you can still clearly see the racing livery theme this Corvette maintained while on the track. The big front air dam and the impressively wide wheels are hallmarks of vintage racing, and I’d be sorely tempted to recreate all of these original graphics.

The seller has focused on restoring the Corvette’s mechanical components, including a freshly rebuilt 427. Included is the original 454 rotating assembly, which the seller decided against using due to engine size restrictions if one wished to use the Corvette competitively in Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, or SVRA, events. This is a great group that I’ve seen live at Sebring, and some of the classics that come out to do battle with other priceless vintage racers is just some of the purest eye candy you will ever see.

The original M-22 gearbox has been rebuilt, and the suspension and braking systems refreshed. Original components were rebuilt and re-used when possible, but the radiator, water pump, and alternator are all new. The seller has also retained the original Torque Thrust D -style wheels and mounted them on road tires while a new set of American Racing Torque Thrust D were mounted on slicks as seen here. Really, it doesn’t get much better than a vintage race car set up to remain active in competitive events, and I hope the next owner uses this Corvette as intended.


  1. Rodney

    I have had four Corvettes and I want them less now than I did before I owned them. I know how old cars and especially old race cars drive: noisy, ride like a lumber wagon, heat coming in from the firewall, bugs in your teeth and dust blowing in your eyes. So can someone explain to me why I am in love with this old thing?
    Must be my tumor acting up again….

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    • Nitehawk770

      ITS NOT A TOOMAH! Just a rational love for old-school driving.

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    • 427vette

      The desire stems from being able to drive one of the best looking automotive designs around while simulating what is like to be inside a pizza oven😂

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    • GVW

      “…noisy, ride like a lumber wagon, heat coming in from the firewall, bugs in your teeth and dust blowing in your eyes…”

      Your description sums up exactly why I would want this car! haha.

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    • Walt

      Get a Harley

  2. Mountainwoodie

    I wonder what become of it between the time it raced in the picture with the dark blue and white livery/stripped gold and the flipped color scheme as it today. There’s also another dark blue and white maybe Corvette in the background with similar livery. Maybe it was part of a team.
    Hopefully someone will carry on

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Same apparent color scheme and close numbering, I think that it’s part of a team is a very good assumption. Fixed up, it could be a fun one to track and see what it can do.

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    • Air Boss

      The background #38 is a small block B Prod car.

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  3. Tom

    Throw some lights in it and drive it on the street!

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    • Art

      First thing that came to mind: get it back on the street and enjoy!

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  4. Air Boss

    Saw these through the mid-late 1970s in SCCA A (BBC) / B (SBC) Production.

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  5. Bob McK Member

    I wonder what it is worth. Hopefully I will learn something today.

  6. Howard A Member

    Cool, I built plastic models of cars like this. As close as I got,,,

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  7. gbvette62

    I remember seeing something about this car, and some info on the team, not to long ago (on the Corvette Forum maybe??). I think there were three cars on the team, this one, a second midyear and a 68-72, all painted in a similar fashion.

    Though this car is eligible for vintage racing, those old Thumper flares could be a problem. Most pre 72 Corvettes compete in race groups based on the 1972 SCCA General Competition Rules, which allowed the fenders to be massaged for extra clearance, but prohibited full on flares. Sometimes race organizers will look the other way, but normally a car with large flares, will end up racing with later GT-1 cars, like wide body Greenwood type Corvettes, old NASCAR stockers and tube frame race cars.

    I crew for a Corvette vintage racer. Last summer we came across a tired 63 race car, that also had a set of the old Thumper flares on it. While restoring it this past winter, the flares were replaced with stock fenders, widened 1 1/2″ to accommodate larger wheels and tires.

    This car has a lot of potential, and it would be great to see it racing again.

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  8. Del

    All those negatives mentioned and I still am not interested.


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    I was looking at the blond in their bellbottoms,OEM posi rear.

    • Tom Member

      Indeed. I am wondering, everybody else in the photo has their shirts off….what gives???!!!!

      Oh, cool car too !

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