VW Shop Sell-Off: 1963 VW Beetle

This 1963 Volkswagen Beetle is for sale as part of a Volkswagen specialist shop wind-down, and as you can see in the pictures, there is plenty to choose from for both air- and water-cooled enthusiasts. The ’63 is described as a one-owner car that is complete, but no word on the extent of any rust or whether the pan needs replacing. Find it here on craigslist with a $3,200 asking price and located in Port Angeles, Washington.

The Beetle does appear to have some rust at the leading edges of the door and quarter panel, along with plenty of surface rust. The upper reaches of Washington State and Oregon are some of my favorite places to visit because of the healthy amounts of vintage vehicles still on the road. It doesn’t surprise me at all to see this Beetle holding together, as there seems to be an appreciation for imported tin in the PNW.

The car looks plenty straight with a clean interior and seats that are still serviceable despite needing new upholstery. The dash and steering wheel remain unmodified from stock, and the door panels look to be in excellent condition. All switchgear appears to be accounted for and it’s pleasing to see matching paint inside the door jambs. Floors look good here, but viewing the underside before buying is a must.

I’ve always preferred the older Bugs for their big chrome bumpers and smaller taillights, and this one may even sport original fenders given the evenness of the paint and no tell-tale signs of later body parts with different market lights being added. There’s plenty to choose from on this property and the seller has already listed a few other projects on craigslist; seemingly worth a visit for any VW enthusiasts reading.

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  1. Brian Ach

    LOL yes the pan needs replacing

  2. djkenny

    Wow! I see really clean turn key ones withoutbreal Needs for $6000.

    3G’s? It’s it’s going to take $6000 to bring it to pretty good.

    $1000. To someone interested in a major restoration.

  3. DougB

    Wow, that’s way overpriced for something that’s been sitting outside for so long, even if complete. Does the engine even turn? Nothing special about the year to warrant higher pricing. Even if it were local to me I’d definitely pass.

  4. Jack Quantrill

    A fool is born every minute. Someone will buy this, and claim to have gotten a good deal!

  5. Philip

    Delusional in his pricing – WOW!!!

  6. Kurt

    Two too many 0s. 😬

  7. Del

    I bet there is nothing left underneath.

    been sitting wet grass to long.

    300 doar parts car

  8. djkenny

    The more I think about it, I’ve seen some rust free but in need of restoration mechanically and physiczlly fir a couple grand. Thus is a $150-350 manual parts car “maybe”.
    Letting it just sit out there and rot away doesn’t keep any value.

  9. Robbie

    $250 parts car. The wheels are sunk into the ground so much that the pan is probably touching the dirt .

    • art

      I checked annual rainfall for Port Angeles…15.4 inches, so Robbie is right, damp wet ground touching or near the floor pans = lots of rust.
      A shame, too because if this had been stored properly, it would be an easy restoration. Plus, why not at least top off the tires with air and move it out of the mud ruts? Must really want to keep it. :)

  10. bobhess Member

    This guy isn’t selling an Avanti too is he….?

    • Kurt


  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    Well, given the delusional money people are paying for those VW vans, this ask seems halfway reasonable.

    And, this was my first car, a ’63 with the ragtop sunroof, paid $350 for it in 1975.

    • Marshall

      My first car was a 1962 sunroof bug, for which I paid $400 in 1972. And believe me, “Howard” was in much better shape than this! My dad had a 1960 bug. I also had a 1961 bug, another ‘62 sunroof bug (which I decked out like Herbie), a ‘63, and ‘66 bug. Of course, this was all back during the 70s and 80s (“back in the day” as they say). All of them were in Western Washington, where I still live. And none of them were rust buckets like this one. It’s a shame, that this did not rust out on account of anything that happened while it was still in use, but because of improper outdoor storage. This is coming from somebody who LOVES early 1960s VW bugs.

  12. Kurt

    Rex if this was that car it would be worth more than we think. Rag tops are de rigeur here in California.


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